6 Best Wallet Cases for OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro with its super smooth back and the cool bezel-less display is a sight to behold. Holding the phone without a cover can be quite a risky affair, especially during our daily commutes. All it takes is an unexpected nudge to the elbow to send it spiraling to the floor.

Best One Plus 7 Pro Wallet Cases And Flip Covers

To avoid situations like that, a phone case with a good grip is the only option. And if you want 360° degree protection, a flip case aka wallet case is the only way forward.

I know, I know, wallet cases tend to steal the original look of your phone. But on the upside, they allow you to carry a few of your essentials like credit cards, cash, and also other cards. So, on some days, if you do forget to carry your wallet, well, you’ll have something as back up.

Besides some wallet cases boost the looks of your phone manifold.

So yeah, if you’re thinking of buying wallet cases for your new OnePlus 7 Pro, here are the best that are available out there.

1. Foluu Canvas Case

Foluu flip case for the OnePlus 7 Pro is built using canvas to provide you with the necessary grip. A TPU bumper case holds the phone, and Foluu claims that the material will not yellow over time. The volume rocker and the power button is covered, meaning that you wouldn’t find much dust inside the case. Plus, there are precise cuts for the front camera and the microphone at the top and the charging port at the bottom.

Other than that, this flip case also doubles up as a kickstand for you to watch movies or read your books handsfree. Plus, it also comes with a stylish slit to carry your credit/debit card.

1 Foluu One Plus 7 Pro Canvas Case Review

The case doesn’t add much bulk. This one is priced at $10.99 and is available in three colors — Gray, Blue, and Black.

2. Redluckstar Folio Cover for the OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Are you looking for a traditional wallet case? If yes, your search ends with the Redluckstar Folio Cover. It comes with three card slots and a separate pouch for cash. You can also double it up like a kickstand.

The case is made of TPU leather, whereas the phone holder inside is a clear case made of TPU material. The fitting is snug, and the cuts are to the point. And these same features have been reiterated by several users on Amazon.

2 Redluckstar Best One Plus 7 Pro Canvas Case Rev

However, do note that the clear case and the wallet do not come apart. So, if you do want to get a clear case for your OnePlus 7 Pro, you’d have to get one separately.

The Redluckstar Folio Cover is priced at $10.99 and is available in three different color — Tab, Brown, and Black.

3. SLEO Retro Wallet Case

If you want the phone case to ooze the same superior looks like your new phone, you can take a look at the Sleo Retro Wallet Case. This one has all the feels of real leather. From the double-edged stitch to the texture, you get them all in this case. It carries the usual bells and whistles associated with wallet cases like separate slots for cards and cash.

Sleo cases are generally known for their good looks and durability and have decent readings for the price.

This one is also available in three colors and as priced for $12.99.

4. Real-Eagle OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Another conventional wallet case which you can consider for your OnePlus 7 Pro, is the Real-Eagle leather case. Priced steeply at $147.99, this one is a faux leather case. Unlike the one above, it doesn’t have a bunch of slots. Instead, it comes with a single card slot and a pocket to hold cash or other paper bills.

The case is sturdy and well built, and several users on Amazon have pointed out this one. Real-Eagle leather case comes with a three-month warranty period.

Real Eagle Best One Plus 7 Pro Canvas Case Rev

Furthermore, the magnetic cover makes sure that the lid doesn’t fly open when you keep the phone face down. Typical of most flip cases, the front lid prevents grease and scratches from appearing on the screen. However, don’t keep cards in the front slot at all times as it may lead to a permanent mark forming on the phone’s screen over time.

You may also want to check out the CSTM Protective Folio PU Leather for $9.98. It too has some pretty good reviews. The best thing about this case is the nice little double stitching at the edges, which gives it a premium look.

Cstm Protective Best One Plus 7 Pro Canvas Case Rev

Did You Know:

You can unlock three Fanatic wallpapers through the Gaming Mode on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

5. KEZiHOME Leather Card Holder for OnePlus 7 Pro

If bulky flip covers are not your thing, you can invest in the KEZiHOME Leather card holder case. It doesn’t have a front flap. Instead, the card pouch is located at the back. You won’t be able to carry much in the pouch, but it should do well for your primary card and a few dollar bills.

The leather looks top-notch premium and will surely accentuate the look of your phone. So far, the reviews have been pretty good, with users praising its build and fittings.

Kezi Home ​ Leather Card Holder Best One Plus 7 Pro Canvas Case Rev

So yeah, if you’re looking for something minimal, the KEZiHOME Leather card holder case is the one you should go for.

It’s priced at $16.99.

6. EReach Card Holder

Lastly, we have the EReach Card Holder for you. This one is not one of the traditional flip covers. Instead, the pouch for cash is located at the back. With full frame protection and a rich leather back, this one maintains the slim profile of your OnePlus 7 Pro and also ends up giving it a chic look.

Plus, you can also use the card slot as a kickstand from time to time. Neat, right?.

Style or Utility?

Unlike the good old days, wallet cases aren’t just another name for boring these days. With new styles and designs, some of these cases are unique in their own ways. They enhance the look of the phone multiple folds.

So, which one these are you going to buy?

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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