7 Best Wall-Mounted Cable Organizers and Racks

Imagine this — a massive 4K TV in your entertainment room runs your favorite Netflix show while the Dolby Atmos soundbar below it is blasting sounds like never before. As you sit down to enjoy the immersive experience, you see all the HDMI cables from the TV and soundbar littered all around the TV unit. Bummer? Well, I am sure it is. Hiding power cables and connecting wires is by no means an easy job. Thankfully, there are ample wall-mounted cord organizers in the market that allow you to clean up the cable clutter effortlessly.

Top Best Wall Mounted Cable Organizers and Racks

There are dime a dozen cable organizers out there. From cable management boxes to under-desk organizers, you name it. However, these accessories are not as effective as you’d want them to be when it comes to hiding cables and cords on walls. Say, for instance, the cables hanging from your TV, router box, or even the connectors for your LED lights.

Hence you must know the perfect wall-mounted products to hide these cables and wires with ease. So, without further delay, let’s see some of the best wall-mounted cable organizers out there. But first,

1. Cablox Premium Adhesive Cord Organizer

The Cablox is a unique piece of accessory. This cable management system packs around 7 adhesive-backed boards attached to walls, sides of desks, and tables. The uniqueness of this product is that each board sports several plastic pegs. All you need to do is thread your cables around the pegs. It’s a universal cable holder and can hold cables up to 0.43-inches or 11mm in width.

These wall-mounting boards find use in several scenarios. From TV wires to PC connectors and USB extension cables, these can pretty well hold up many cables.

One of this system’s main advantages is that you needn’t open and close multiple cable clips or velcro ties. You need to pluck the cables, and that’s about it. So even when you plan to install some new equipment for a short duration on your TV unit, you’ll be able to that minus the clutter and buying new ties and cable clips.

2. D-Line TV Cable Raceway

D-Line’s raceways are another clever cable management accessories. These D-shaped cable tubings are designed to hide cables and cords. So if you have cords hanging from your TV unit or have several cords snaking across your house, this is the one you can consider buying. The best part is that you can open the top half to add and remove cables in the future.

Installing the raceway is easy and straightforward. The tubings are adhesive-backed, which eases the installation process. Once done, you can thread the cables and wires through it. Or, if your house has stone walls or brick walls, you can even drill screws to hold the raceway in position. And well, it’s easy to cut as well.

The width of the tube is decent and should be able to hold a good number of wires. And guess what? The raceway can even be painted.

The D-Line TV Cable Raceway is quite popular on Amazon hand has more than 11,000 user reviews to its credit. As per Fakespot’s estimates, around 71% of the reviews are trustworthy and reliable.

3. HumanCentric Cable Box Mount

The HumanCentric cable Box Mount proves to be a good buy if your router or cable TV box is occupying unnecessary space on your corner table or desk. This metal wall-mount has a simple design. While one side sticks to walls, behind TVs, or desk via screws, the other side has a handle to hold the router and the extra length of wire. The build is solid and durable.

The good thing is that you can also use it to mount power strips or other network equipment. You just have to make sure that it’s wide enough to accommodate it. For now, HumanCentric ships these wall-mounts in three sizes.

It’s worth noting that the wall-mount doesn’t bundle non-slip pads on the insides. So you might want to fix a few and then carry on the rest of the installation. And for the rest of the cables can easily be managed via cable clips or zip ties.

Alternatively, you can also check out the HideIt Uni-SW Mount. This one is also a wall-mount designed to hold routers, modems, and streaming boxes.

OmniMount’s On-Wall Cable Management is similar to the D-line raceways, only that these cable covers have a low profile design. The latter makes it easy to blend into walls and floors. However, that’s not the only highlight of this product. For one, it has guided clips that let you route cables and wires with ease, thus preventing them from getting tangled.

Secondly, the top slides off so that you can easily add or remove wires from within. All-in-all, you get a clean and clutter-free look, without spending a bunch of money.

The product is pretty durable and this has been backed by several users on Amazon apart from their reviews. They have praised its easy installation process and the fact that it can hold many wires.

Though a few have pointed out that it can be difficult initially to take off the faceplate, the going gets easier later.

5. Joto Cable Management Sleeve

If you are looking for a more flexible cable management solution, you can’t go wrong with Joto cable sleeves. These are not wall-mountable organizers in the strictest sense, but the good thing is that they can be easily wrapped around cable and wires to give them an organized look. Each sleeve measures around 130-inch and you can trim them as per your preference to hold around eight cables of moderate thickness.

This comes with a zipper and not velcro strips. That adds to the durability of the product. So whenever, you need to take a cable out, just unzip the sleeve.

The Joto cable sleeves are quite popular on Amazon and have received a fair amount of good user feedback. At the time of writing, these neoprene cable sleeves had more than 8,000 user reviews.

6. Wiibrook Wire Management Clips

While cable clips do not let you hide and conceal wires, they let you tame unruly and chaotic wires with ease. The one here by Wiibrook is not just any run-of-the-mill cable clip. These clamps come with a removable band to hold the wires in place. The removable band means you can easily take it off and add/remove cables as per your requirement. Though these come with adhesive, you can also mount them in walls using screws to manage heavy cords.

The clamps are thick and durable, and the odds are that they will last you a long time.

If you change and move your equipment around quite frequently, these cable clips will prove to be a good buy.

7.EyeIslet Self-Adhesive Cable Clips

So far, all the products mentioned above were for a group of wires. But if you want to route a single cable through walls, you can’t go wrong with EyeIslet’s Self-Adhesive Cable Clips. The good part about these clips is that they are transparent and do not stick out like an ugly thumb. Secondly, these are adhesive backed and doesn’t take much time to be installed. Just fit the wire inside the clip, fix the clip to the wall (or the other way around), and you will be sorted.

It has a diameter of 0.27-inches and should hold standard HDMI cables, charging cables, and monitor power cords. But if I were you, I’d check the width of the cord before buying, for this clip is known to have zero flex.

Apart from walls, these clips also find good use under desks and tables.

Speaking of charger cables, you can also have a look at the Akwox Wooden Cable Organizer. This one can be attached to walls and can be used to hold extension cords, charging cables, etc.

Tame the Madness

Even though we have entered the wireless era, the dream to have a clutter-free desk or a wire-free wall is still a distant dream. Thankfully, with the right wall-mounted accessory by your side, you can at least tame the jungle of wires. The key here is to prepare a roadmap beforehand about how you want to organize the chaos. Once you have that, organizing them correctly won’t take much time.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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