6 Best Vertical Laptop Stands for Desk

A messy desk can be made ideal with smart cable management solutions. Getting a vertical laptop stand is one of the best solutions to keeping your desk organized if you have a multi-monitor rig connected to a laptop or just a single monitor. That will help you maximize the desk space and also lend a clean look to your work desk.

New 6 Best Vertical Laptop Stands for Desk

Vertical stands for laptops come in several different designs. While some let you affix two laptops simultaneously, others have a more elegant design for better airflow. However, you’ll need some cable management sleeves and boxes to get rid of the clutter.

If you are looking for quality vertical stands for your laptop, here are our best recommendations.

1. Jarlink Vertical Laptop Stand

The Jarlink laptop stand helps you to keep your laptop in an upright position, and it doubles up as a phone stand. Yep, you read that right. There’s a smaller groove on the side for smartphones. The grove for the laptop is adjustable and can be tweaked as per the thickness of the laptop. If we talk numbers, it can vary between 0.9-inches and 2.8-inches.

The stand’s bottom has non-slip padding to prevent skidding. At the same time, the area that stays in contact with the laptop is lined with silicone strips to prevent scratches.

The build is solid and can take the weight of most notebooks and laptops. People who have bought this laptop stand are happy with their purchases.

However, the secondary stand won’t hold the phone or tablet on its own. It will lean slightly against the laptop. So, in case of a phone call or a message, it will cause the whole rig to vibrate. While this is not a deal-breaker, you might want to consider this point before buying.

It’s available in Black, Gray, and Silver.

You can also check out the upgraded variant of the Jarlink Vertical Laptop Stand. This one has two full-sized groves and is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Microsoft Surface Tablets.

If you are looking for a simple and minimalist laptop stand, you should check out the one by HumanCentric. It’s a fixed stand and can fit laptops, which are up to 1-inch in thickness. The midsection of the stand is raised to keep laptops and notebooks from toppling over. Like its counterpart above, there are anti-slip padding on the feet and protective pads on the insides of the stand prevent unnecessary scratches.

The best part is that the open design doesn’t block any ports and allows the air to flow freely. The mechanism is simple. The weight of the laptop provides the necessary clamping force required to hold the device in place.

The stand is sturdy and can take the weight of most laptops seamlessly, be it a 16-inch MacBook Pro or a Lenovo Thinkpad. If you are a Space Gray MacBook Pro owner, rest assured that the color will sit nicely with the stand.

Reviewers have praised it for its sturdiness, lightweight design, and quality of the material used. If your laptop is too light, the stand won’t provide the necessary clamping, which may cause it to wobble around a bit.

3. Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

With over a thousand reviews and ratings over 4.5-stars, the Twelve South BookArc is a clear favorite of many MacBook owners. Not only is it super elegant, but it also does a good job of holding your Mac in place. This stand is designed exclusively for Macs and sports an open design. The arc optimizes airflow and the small slits at the foot of the stand can be used to route power cables and other wires.

If you have different MacBook models, you can get one of the interchangeable inserts. For now, the inserts are available for the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air. The best part is that the inserts are available in different shades.

As noted earlier, the BookArc has accumulated quite a number of great reviews. It has over 70% positive reviews with users happy about the lightweight and sturdy nature of the stand, not to mention, its elegant looks.

Last but not least, the part that comes in contact with the laptop is lined with silicon. Plus, the rubber feet prevent scratches on the desk.

4. Omoton Double Desktop Stand Holder

If you are looking for a 2-in-1 laptop stand, you can’t go wrong with the one by Omoton. It can keep two laptops (or a laptop and a tablet) in the upright position and is sturdy as well as compact. The best part is the width of the groves are adjustable as per your liking. Like its counterpart above, the insides are lined with non-slip silicone top prevent scratches.

So, if you have a work laptop and a personal one, this stand makes the most sense. You can have both hooked to a single display and use them alternatively as per your convenience.

As noted earlier, the width can be adjusted. That makes it suitable for notebooks and laptops with a width greater than 14mm and less than 42mm.

The stand is heavy and can easily bear the weight of two laptops without being wobbly. Several users noted that.

5. Rain Design 10038 mTower

Another stand that is designed with MacBooks in mind is the Rain Design 10038 mTower. Made of anodized aluminium, this stand will surely jazz up the look of your desk and at the same time, it won’t spoil the beautiful looks of your Mac. Similar to the BookArc, it also ships with rubberized inserts for a better fit.

It features a wide base that prevents the whole rig from flipping over. And the rubberized lining on the insides will ensure that your laptop remains in pristine condition.

Apart from MacBooks, this stand is known to fit other laptops like HP Envy and Dell XPS 13 9370 just as well.

People who have bought this product are happy with their product, thanks to its durability and build.

6. Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

If you are looking for a contemporary design, the Macally Vertical Laptop Stand is your best bet, thanks to its sharp looks. The open design ensures that your laptop holds its cool. And the universal size means that it will fit most of the new notebooks with ease. If we talk numbers this stand lets you fit any laptop between 0.63 and 1.19 inches.

The nuts are on the underside of the dock and they can be adjusted as per the laptop’s width. And the anti-scratch feet help to keep the stand firmly rooted in one place.

However, it’s not invincible. An accidental knock or two may cause it to topple over. Nevertheless, it has earned its share of praises, thanks to its build, easy assembly, and value-for-money proposition.

Reclaim Your Desk Space

Apart from laptops stands, you can also invest in wire management accessories like cable ties to route the power cables properly. Apart from that, investing in a few inexpensive desk accessories like letter collector and desk drawer lends a clean look to desks and tables.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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