10 Best Ven­om HD Wall­pa­pers That You Should Get Right Now

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There's a new anti-hero in town and no, we are not talking about Deadpool. Venom, the mysterious badass anatgonist, is back with a vengeance!

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now
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Venom, last seen in Spider-Man 3, is set to get his first solo film this year. Yes, we are going to see more of his powerful abilities in Sony's new production. Interestingly, the plot for Venom will take place outside of the very popular Marvel Cinematic Universe (see best Wallpapers from the Marvel Universe).

In fact, the reception to the second trailer of Venom was so huge that it amassed more than 64 million views in just 24 hours. Amazing, right?

So, before we get a glimpse into the dark world of Venom, let's indulge in some quality wallpapers.

1. Them Eyes

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 9

Love to keep things minimal? If yes, this Venom wallpaper would be your best shot. The image which has Venom's iconic white eyes and the black background speaks volumes about his powerful and violent nature.

2. The Crossover

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 2

Tom Hardy stars as Venom and Eddie Brock, the journalist who used to work for the Daily Globe. He is joined by Michelle Williams (Ann Weying) and Jenny Slate (Dora Skirth).

3. Those Million Fangs

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 4

This wallpaper portrays Venom in all his viciousness with his trademark sharp fangs, sharper-than-sword claws and his long swirling red tongue. The white spider-sign on the backdrop is the perfect throwback to the character's immense hatred for Spider-Man.

4. The Spider, the Symbiote & the Carnage

Venom Spider Man Carnage Marvel Comics 1920X1080 44212

Looking for a comic book-like wallpaper? If yes, this one is one of the best ones. The yellow backdrop will take you back on the path of nostalgia. At the same time, it'll make you wonder who comes out victorious at the end? Was it the dark and brooding Venom or the web-slinging Spider-Man? Or was it the unforgiving Carnage?

5. The Black Wonder

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 3

A wallpaper with a black backdrop not only looks super cool but also lends an unusual dramatic effect. Not to mention that the dark background will make the desktop icons glow just like the eyes of this dark and brooding hero. Plus, does it not speak about his villainous nature in capital letters?

6. That Growl

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 6

Did you know that the movie is rumored to star another alien symbiote? Riz Ahmed will play the role of Carnage, one of the dangerous supervillains of the Marvel universe.

7. The White Spider

Iz Md Zgt

In the comic book world, Venom is seen in a pitch-black costume with a white spider symbol, symbolic of his struggles with good and evil. However, in the movie, Venom seems to have abandoned the spider-symbol.

8. A Bit of Red in the Dark World

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 1

The above wallpaper is the ideal concoction of color and darkness. If you are Marvel comic fan who loves black as much as red, this wallpaper is your best bet.

Did you know that Peter Parker was one of the first hosts of the symbiote?

9. Uncontrollable Power and Ferocity

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 8

This black-and-red wallpaper indicates the powerful predatory nature of the symbiote inside Venom.

Did you know that Venom usually speaks using the first person plural (we), thus signifying the two separate entities within him.

10. The Flying Vigilantes

Best Venom Hd Wallpapers That You Should Get Right Now 7

If you ask me, the beauty of wallpapers shouldn't get overshadowed by icons and desktop shortcuts. That's the reason why I love wallpapers which have the theme on the right.

This wallpaper is a perfect example of that. Not only does it let you keep all your icons, it also shows you your favorite superheroes in all their glory. Plus, black always rocks, does it not?

Which is Your Favorite?

Venom is one of the first films in Sony's Spider-Man universe. Interestingly, this film doesn't star the Spider-Man. I found it a bit strange especially when Spider-man plays such a big role in the creation of Venom.

Can Venom exist without Spider-Man? Well ... only time will tell.

So, which wallpaper did you download first?

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