5 Best UV Phone Sanitizers That You Can Buy

Smartphones often carry more dirt and germs than you realize. A recent study states that an average smartphone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. If you do not clean them regularly, they can harbor germs, microbes, and bacteria that thrive on surfaces. UV phone sanitizers destroy a majority of them and disinfect your smartphone in the process.

Best UV Phone Sanitizers That You Can Buy

All you need to do is slip the phone inside a UV phone sanitizer and wait for the disinfecting cycle to complete. But how do UV phone sanitizers work? These boxes emit UV-C rays which damage the DNA structure and stop them from reproducing. However, commercial-grade UV sanitizers are not as effective as their hospital counterparts. So, to make the most out of them, you may have to leave them inside the box for a little longer than the prescribed time.

That said, UV phone sanitizers should not be used as the first line of defense. Rather, they should be used as a backup to keep your everyday essentials like phones, keys, glasses, and remotes germ-free.  Again, there’s no clear way to tell whether your smartphone is disinfected. You can perform a UV strip text to ensure that the UV phone sanitizer meets its claims.

Here are our recommendations for the best UV phone sanitizers that you must buy. But first,

1. HoMedics UV Clean Phone Sanitizer

The HoMedics UV Phone Sanitizer is a small box that can fit most modern smartphones. The highlight of this device is its fast turnaround time. It can disinfect phones with UV rays in a short time. You have to plug the box into a power outlet, slip your phone in and switch on the power.

However, this device box comes with a small catch—the UV rays work on a single surface at a time. You will have to turn the phone to disinfect the other side. Nevertheless, it’s a portable device. You can carry it along with you during your travels.

While this affordable UV box is one of the most affordable devices, it has limitations. For example, some users have complained that the device is not easy to use and is not durable. On the upside, you can fit most of your everyday essentials in this box.

2. Tronicmaster UV Phone Sanitizer Box

The Tronicmaster UV Phone Sanitizer Box may not be as fast as the UV box described above. However, it comes with the advantage of being durable. This box can fit phones up to 7.76-inches. So even if you own an iPhone Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, it will fit into the box.

It’s not as fast as the one above. But you can expect a clean phone in under 10 minutes. Here too, you will need to turn your phone.

This device needs continuous power to function, and you will need to connect it to a power outlet. That said, you can also use it as an ad-hoc charging station, all thanks to the USB ports at the front. But you may not get the same charging speed as your GaN charger. That said, it’s a nifty feature to have.

The box is built well, especially for the price. Apart from your smartphone, it can also sanitize other small items like keys and glasses.

3. Senerport UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Box

The Senerport sanitizer box addresses a few major limitations of the above products. In this product, you can lay the phone at an angle so that you do not have to turn it. The angle ensures that the UV rays can clean both surfaces of your phone. Secondly, it comes with a mix of USB-A and USB-C ports on the outside. That makes it a perfect desktop accessory that doubles up as a charging station.

The company also advertises a Qi-wireless charging pad on the base. While it works well for compatible phones, the company has not specified the charging speed. The box is big enough to house bigger phones and a few other accessories like earphones, keys, etc.

4. VcuTech UV Sterilizing Box

Another UV Phone Sanitizer that you can check out is the one by VcuTech. This box has been cleverly designed and comes with a small cut to route the charging cable. The idea is to charge your phone while it’s inside. There’s also a wireless charging pad on the top and USB ports at the sides. So, at times, when it’s not functioning as a UV box, it doubles up as a charging station.

Again, the same rule applies here. You won’t get fast charging like your GaN chargers and wall adapters through the USB ports. The UV lights are at the top, and you will have to change the side for a full clean.

For now, the VcuTEch UV sterilizing box takes about 10 minutes. It doesn’t have a bulky design, and you can leave it on your coffee table or bedside table.

5. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

The PhoneSoap 3 phone sanitizer is perhaps one of the most popular phone sanitizers out there. It’s more expensive than the products above and is known to be more effective against germs and bacteria compared to the ones above. It does away with fancy features like wireless charging. Instead, it bundles nifty features like 360-degree sanitizing and a short turnaround time. For now, one cycle takes about 10 minutes. And yes, you can charge your phone (wired) while you keep your phone inside.

It’s easy to use and comes highly recommended by its user base, primarily for its easy-to-use nature and performance. Again, it’s big enough to hold the Pro Max variants with ease.

Here’s to Cleaner Phones (and Keys)

Hygenic routine and cleansing need to go beyond your body and extend to your gadgets too. Everyday things like smartphones, earphones, and keyrings can quickly turn into a carrier of germs and microbes. However, employing a UV sanitizer often will sanitize your phone. After all, we all need a break from answering emails and scrolling through Twitter.

Last updated on 06 November, 2022

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