Top 5 USB Power Outlets in the UK

With the advent of technology, smartphones, and other consumer tech products have become somewhat of a commodity. And, with more and more gadgets at your disposal, you may soon run out of power outlets at home to top up all devices seamlessly. As such, you may want to invest in USB wall sockets with fast charging. Of course, with several identical options available, choosing one will be no mean feat. Don’t worry, though. We’ve done the research and here are the best USB wall sockets to simplify the purchase decision.

best USB wall sockets in the UK

USB wall sockets with fast charging are quickly becoming a must-have accessory for smart homes. You can pick one based on USB ports, charging speed, color, finish, safety features, etc from the list that follows.

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1. BG Electrical Wall Socket

  • Number of power outlets: 4
  • USB port power:10W
BG Electrical USB wall socket

BG Electrical is one of the more popular home accessory makers in the UK. As such, we aren’t surprised to see the company’s offering topping the charts. Available in several finishes, you can pick one that matches your home or office furniture.

BG Electrical’s attention to detail is commendable. To that end, the company’s wall socket has a rounded edge with black inserts. It definitely looks sleek and stylish. The socket’s brushed steel color with matching screws will perfectly complement a house’s decor. The lacquered surface resists fingerprints like a pro and the power outlet will look pristine, even if you have little ones running around with greasy fingers.

In terms of ports, the socket gets two power outlets and two USB-A ports. Each port is rated at 5V. While it won’t win any awards for charging speeds, it should be good enough to charge your smart accessories like a watch, earbuds, stylus, and remote. That said, the lack of a Type-C port can be a deal-breaker for some.

2. AET USB Power Outlet

  • Number of power outlets: 2
  • USB port power: 10W  
AET USB wall socket

If you are working with a tight space and only need one USB port, you should go with the AET USB Power Outlet. Unlike some competing wall sockets, the company’s offering stands out, thanks to its polished chrome finish. What’s more, the finish blends perfectly with any style of decor.

Not everyone wants a power socket with multiple USB ports. For one, the added ports will take up space. Moreover, they might stick out like a sore thumb. As such, if you want to charge your Bluetooth fitness tracker or any low-powered device, you should get the AET Power Outlet. The unit’s diminutive form factor can be easily concealed behind a desk or a sofa.

The AET wall socket is smart enough to auto-detect the USB device. It’s made of metal, which is more durable than competing plastic wall sockets. If anything, some users have faced issues with the installation process. Consequently, we recommend getting help from an electrician to complete the job.

3. Okdeals Waterproof Wall Socket With USB

  • Number of power outlets: 4
  • USB port power: 10W in each port
okdeals USB wall socket

Do you want to buy a USB power outlet for your backyard? Although most wall sockets work fine, we advise getting a waterproof one from Okdeals. It covers all the basics and protects USB ports from water damage too.

Made of polycarbonate, Okdeals power plug doesn’t score big in the design department. That said, it is highly functional. It resists UV rays, corrosion, dust, and moisture. The plug socket also comes with IP66 certification to give you peace of mind during a pool party.

The wall socket also has two charging indicators to confirm an active charging status. Unfortunately, the port selection is limited to two USB-A ports only. Once you are done charging your devices, use the supplied cover to close the socket. You can install it vertically too. Apart from your backyard, it’s suitable for a laundry room, toilet, garage, garden, and basement.

4. Veltz USB-C Plug Socket

  • Number of power outlets: 4
  • USB port power: 20W via USB-C port and 18W via USB-A port
Veltz USB wall socket

If you are used to fast-charging your phone or Bluetooth earphones, the aforementioned USB power outlets might not cut it. Thankfully, Veltz’s plug socket ships with a USB Type-C port. It also offers the convenience of fast charging on the go. Let’s check out the product in detail.

The Veltz USB-C power socket is made of brushed steel, and it looks quite premium, especially when pitted against a polycarbonate wall socket. The biggest selling point of the Veltz power socket is the inclusion of a Type-C port rated at 20W PD (Power Delivery). Even the 18W USB-A port is compatible with Quick Charge 4.0. As such, it should be able to juice up your devices in no time.

It also has all the standard safety certifications to prevent overcurrent and overvoltage. It also keeps temperatures in check, and offers short-circuit protection. To no one’s surprise, the wall socket has amassed a lot of positive reviews, thanks to its sleek looks and fast charging capabilities.  

5. CNBINGO USB Power Outlet

  • Number of power outlets: 4
  • USB port power: 10W in each USB port
CNBINGO USB wall socket

Do you want to replace all the old wall sockets at your home or office? CNBINGO offers several power outlet packs with USB functionality. It’s available in a handful of shades like Black, Grey, and White to match your room decor.

CNBINGO is another double-plug socket with USB-C and USB-A ports. It doesn’t offer fast charging, though. The power outlet also comes with independent switches to turn off the electricity supply for a specific socket.

While the large sockets take care of your home electronics like heater, AC, and washing machine, the USB ports can charge your phone, tablet, and other Bluetooth devices seamlessly. The power socket is made of fire-resistant PC and glass material, and the company promises prevention against color aging and easy cleaning.  

Keep Your Devices in Charge!

With most manufacturers omitting a charging brick with a smartphone or a Bluetooth headset, it makes sense to invest in several wall sockets with built-in USB ports. While they may not offer the fastest charging speeds, the setup should suffice for smaller gadgets, like your smartwatch, earbuds, and other accessories.

Last updated on 27 June, 2023

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