4 Best USB-C to Lightning Adapters for Apple Pencil (1st Gen)

The Apple Pencil 1st Generation was one of the first Apple stylus. It’s still going strong after 7 years for many prefer to use it with the 2022 Apple iPad 10th generation. However, the adoption of a USB-C charging port in most modern tablets and devices means charging this Lightning port-powered stylus is not easy. Thankfully, there are a few USB-C to Lightning adapters for Apple Pencil 1st Generation to ease the process.

Best USB-C to Lightning Adapters for Apple Pencil 1st Gen

These are simple devices that let you plug in the Apple Pencil at one end and a USB-C charger at the other. These are simple and affordable adapters. All you need to do is stow them safely when not in use, and you should be in the clear.

So, without further ado, let’s check some of the best USB-C to Lightning adapters for Apple Pencil 1st gen. But before that,

1. Arktek Charging Adapter

The Arktek USB-C to Lightning adapter is perhaps one of the most affordable products on this list. Interestingly, the maker ships two adapters in a single pack. So even if you lose one, you still have the other as a backup. Its function is straightforward. You’ll need to insert the Apple Pencil at one end and connect it to a USB-C port, like the charging port of your 2022 Apple iPad or a low-power USB-C wall adapter.

The steel grey color ensures that this accessory complements the look of your Apple product. It works well and delivers the required charging speed. However, note that it’s a charging-only adapter, and you won’t be able to use it on your Apple earphones.

It works as intended and as long as you have a USB-C device or cable, it should get the work done. It’s popular on Amazon and has more than 5,900 user reviews on Amazon. People love its easy-to-use nature. Again, it won’t work on headphones or USB readers.

2. Jiunai 2 Pack Adapter

Another 2-pack USB-C to Lightning adapter you can buy is the one from Jiunai. Unlike the one above, it doesn’t have a USB-C head. Instead, you will need to insert a USB-C cable (see best braided USB-C to Lightning cables) on one end and the Apple Pencil 1st gen on the other. It’s cleverly designed and has a small circle at one end to indicate the Lightning end.

It’s a super small device, and it’s fairly easy to lose it. The lack of a lanyard hole makes the matter worse. Hence, it’s recommended to keep a small accessory box or a travel case with you. When not needed, you can store this tiny accessory in them.

Like its counterpart above, it’s popular on Amazon and has received its share of love from its user base. It works as intended and is a great replacement for the traditional charging method. It is especially true if you have a USB-C-powered iPad.

3. Apple USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter

Up next, we have the Apple USB-C to Lightning adapter. It’s slightly more expensive than the products mentioned above. However, you get the assurance that it’s an in-house product that will last you a long time. However, you get a single adapter for the price. The design is simple and comes with inserts at both ends for Lightning and USB-C.

This is a necessary accessory for the iPad 10th generation. It comes with the usual limitations. Being a small product, you’ll have to take extremely good care of it. After the charging is complete, you will need to keep it safely in a charging case or an Apple Pencil stand. Lastly, since it’s from a known brand, you get the assurance of durability.

4. Hiicopa USB-C to Lightning Adapter

The Hiicopa USB-C to Lightning adapter is expensive compared to the one above. Here, you get two pieces for the price of one, and that’s a pretty good deal. The design is similar to the above, and the mark at one end ensures that you do not damage your cables by plugging the USB-C cable at the wrong end.

That said, it provides a stable fit for the Apple Pencil 1st Generation and the USB-C cable. The fit is snug. Plus, the white shade of the adapter means that it will blend in seamlessly with the Apple Pencil.

It has raked its share of positive reviews from its user base, with people appreciating its simple function. There’s no rocket science involved. Just plug and play. Simple, see.

Charge in Style!

While most iPads with Lightning port lets you charge the Apple Pencil easily, you risk knocking the pencil around. Because at the end of the day, a delicate stylus jutting out of a slim and sleek tablet poses a serious risk of getting knocked around. These simple but highly functional adapters take that pain out and let you charge your Apple Pencils in the comfort of your desk.

So, which of these will you buy?

Last updated on 09 November, 2022

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