4 Best USB-C to Lightning Adapters That You Can Buy

If you have several devices, the odds are that you have an equally impressive spread of charging cables and adapters. While they ease up the charging process, it’s quite a hassle to carry them all together when you are on the road. While a powerful USB-C adapter with Power Delivery makes more sense, at times, the humble USB-C to Lighting adapter also turns out to be equally important. This is especially true when you want to charge your iPhone through a USB-C port or when you want to connect your wired Apple EarPods to your MacBook.

Best USB C to Lightning Adapters That You Can Buy

The good thing is that most of these USB-C to Lightning adapters are inexpensive. Plus, the small form factor means they can easily fit into your accessories bag without any trouble.

So if you are in the market looking for some quality USB-C to Lightning adapters, here are our top recommendations. But first,

1. Anker USB-C to Lightning Audio Adapter

The Anker USB-C to Lightning adapter connects your wired EarPods. Once connected, you can easily hook them to your laptop. It’s an MFi-certified adapter and works as advertised. At the same time, the small form factor translates into easy portability.

As noted above, this is an audio adapter and won’t do the job of charging your phone or transferring data to and from devices. It works out of the box, but you may need to change the default sound output on your Mac at times.

That said, it’s durable. Provided you handle the ends properly and do not bend them, it should last you a long time.

2. Ugreen USB-C to Lightning Audio Adapter

The Ugreen USB-C to lightning adapter brings a polished look to the table. The cable is braided, whereas the ends have aluminum polish, which adds a premium look to the device. At the same time, it should go well with the space grey variant of Apple MacBooks. Like the one above, this one is designed only for audio and can’t transfer files or power the connected device.

It does its job well, and the braided exterior helps to keep the cable from fraying in the long run. The UGreen USB-C lightning adapter is sleek. However, it might not fit if your phone has a thick armored cover.

So far, this adapter has received a decent amount of user reviews with users liking it for its compatibility with both iPads and MacBooks.

3. Arktek Store USB-C Adapter

Arktek Store’s USB-C to Lightning adapter is designed for charging your phone or tablet. It gets your phone around 1.5A of power and can be used to top-up the battery through your computer. Unlike the ones above, this one is not designed for audio; neither can it transfer data.

That said, it’s an inexpensive device, and a duo of these cost less than $10. However, don’t expect the world out of these devices. While they are good for charging your phone’s battery occasionally, they are not built to last.

This one is a good pick if you are looking for an affordable solution.

4. Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable

The Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable may not strictly be an adapter, but if you are looking for an easy way to charge your iPhone and USB-C devices during emergencies, this is the one that you can buy. Compared to the ones above, it’s not as expensive and brings the convenience of charging your devices with Micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning port.

However, this 3-in-1 cable has a few limitations. For one, you won’t get the same charging speed as the in-box cable. Plus, cables with multiple adapters at the top are not as durable as their actual counterparts and break down sooner.

If you are often on the road and want a single cable to act as the backup, then the Anker Powerline II cable will serve your requirements fine. Again, it’s for occasional usage.

So far, it has received a decent number of reviews, with its user base praising it for its convenience and durability.

Bonus: Meenova USB-C to Lightning Adapter

The Meenova Lightning adapter is the opposite of the ones above and lets you connect a USB-C cable to your iPhone. It’s built for charging and supports up to 30W of power. The latter means that you can fast charge your iPhone at 18W. The gadget itself is small and compact and can be easily carried in your wallet or accessory bag.

Aside from the above, the Meenova Lightning adapter can sync data between your phone and computer. However, it can’t play music through USB-C headphones or read data from a USB-C card reader.

Nevertheless, it’s an inexpensive adapter and does its job as expected. This makes it good enough to have it in your car or travel bag as a backup.

Switch Like a Pro

Thanks to the rise in wireless earphones & headphones and the seamless way in which you can transfer data to and fro from your phone to your MacBook, such adapters are not as popular as they were before. Nevertheless, they prove useful if you want to connect your wired Apple EarPods or in the worse scenario when you forget to bring your power cable.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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