6 Best Bedside Lamps With USB Port under $50

A bedside lamp is a great addition to any home. Not only does it improve your room’s aesthetics, but it also allows you to read or work comfortably at night. That said, most rooms only offer one wall outlet near either side of the bed. So, you might not have enough sockets to plug in say, your phone, and a lamp. That’s where bedside lamps with USB connectivity come into the picture. 

Bedside Lamps with USB

As their moniker suggests, these lamps come with a built-in USB port, among other things. So, if you were looking to free two birds with one key, read on. Below, we’ve listed some of the best bedside lamps with USB. 

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Now, let’s take a look at some bedside lamps with USB connectivity.

1. Dreamholder Table Lamp

Dreamholder Bedside Table Lamp With USB

Dreamholder has a stellar deal for all bedside lamp enthusiasts. In fact, the company is currently selling a set of two bedside lamps that look the part of a premium product. The Dreamholder table lamp features a modern aesthetic with a black metal base. As such, the lamp has a hefty anchor holding it down, so it shouldn’t topple if you accidentally yank it with your hand.

That’s not all, as the lamp also comes with three USB Type-A ports that can charge your devices at a 5V/5A maximum output. And folks at Dreamholder even added two protruding phone holders on the metal base itself. So, if you do end up using a port to charge your phone, you can position it tidily on the lamp itself. 

We should also add that the device will continue to charge your phone even if the lamp is turned off. That’s great, as you won’t have to frantically readjust the cables when you’re ready to go to bed.

Further, the lamp even features a 3-prong, 937W AC outlet, which can be used to charge your laptop, among other things. All things considered, you cannot go wrong with the Dreamholder bedside lamp with USB, and the customer reviews paint a similar picture too.

2. Briever USB Table Lamp

Briever Bedside Table Lamp With USB

If you don’t fancy a metal base, or just need more AC outlets, then you should take a look at the Briever USB table lamp. For one, the unit comes with a walnut-colored wooden base that should blend well in most bedrooms. Further, the company even bundles a lampshade with the product, so you can read your books at night in cozy, diffused lighting. 

That’s not all, as the Briever bedside lamp comes with three USB ports that can output at 5V/5A. Consequently, you can charge a plethora of devices by connecting them to the lamp seamlessly. Do note that much like the Dreamholder table lamp, the Briever bedside lamp can also relay power to the USB connectors when turned off. 

The icing on the cake is that the device gets two AC outlets, which opens up a world of possibilities. So, you could have the lamp power a humidifier to set the perfect mood to go to bed at night. At the same time, you could charge your laptop to get a headstart in the morning.

What’s more, the lamp is compliant with E26 bulbs, which are aplenty on various e-commerce websites. Suffice it to say, the Briever USB table lamp is a great addition to your bedroom. 

3. Iporovon Dimmable Table Lamp

Iporovon Bedside Table Lamp With USB

Iporovon has a great bedside lamp in its portfolio too. For one, the device features a minimalistic design that will complement a monochromatic backdrop. Further, the unit comes with a small storage box of sorts too. So, if you tend to scribble before going to bed, you could keep a couple of pens in the holder. 

That’s not all, as the unit ships with two USB ports that can output at 5V/2.1A. And, much like other competing products, the base features two racks of sorts that can be used to anchor your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, Iporovon has also furnished the device with an AC outlet, so you can charge your laptop, or a gaming console like the Nintendo Switch too.

Best of all, the Iporovon bedside lamp with USB comes with a free LED bulb. As a result, you won’t have to procure a separate bulb when purchasing a bedside lamp either. What’s more, the base of the unit ships with a knob to dim the intensity of the LED bulb too. Per the brand, the bedside table lamp can operate across a color temperature of 2,200 – 4,500 Kelvin. As a result, you should be able to feast your eyes on different types of white light. 

Unsurprisingly, customers speak highly of the bedside table lamp, with many applauding the unit’s sturdy build quality and features. Rest assured, buyers on the lookout for a minimalistic bedside lamp with USB will find plenty to like here.

4. Chime Eolian Bedside Lamp

Chime Eolian Bedside Table Lamp With USB

If you want a bedside lamp to completely upheave the ambiance of your room, then you must get the Chime Eolian Bedside lamp. The lamp offers a one-of-a-kind design and comes with a dome on top of the base. The dome features a slew of textures and looks the part of a planet wandering in the cosmos. 

That’s not all, as the unit comes with a G9 bulb and can be assembled quite easily. Further, the base of the lamp comes with touch controls, and you can tap it to turn the unit on or off. At the same time, you can also tap the base to variate the light effect. As things stand, the lamp comes with three different color palettes and can output white light, warm light, and neutral light. 

The cherry on top is that the glass dome has been handmade, so no two lampshades will offer the same texture. You also get two USB ports with the device that can charge your phone as you bask in the shimmer of the lamp. Rest assured, buyers looking for a unique bedside lamp with USB ports will find the Chime Eolian lamp right up their alley. 

5. Macally Table Bedside Lamp

Macally Bedside Table Lamp With USB

If you don’t want your bedside lamp to take up too much space, you might be wooed by Macally’s offering. Right off the bat, you should know that the bedside table lamp is quite compact. In fact, the unit measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.6 inches. To give you a better picture, the Dreamholder bedside lamp was much bigger at 6.1 x 6.1 x 18.1 inches. 

That’s not all, as the lamp comes with the most USB ports out of any other offering on the list too. As such, you can connect up to four devices to the lamp at once, which is great (see best power strips with a USB Type-C slot). We would also like to point out that the bedside lamp comes with Smart IC for the USB ports. As a result, your devices will be protected from overcharging or short circuits when plugged into the Macally bedside lamp. Do note that out of the four ports, two offer a 1A output and two deliver a 2.4A output.

That’s not all, as the lamp also gets a dimmable LED function. To that end, you get three dimmable presets with the lamp, along with a 2,700K white LED bulb. You can variate the intensity of light by simply tapping on the lamp’s surface as well.

Needless to say, the lamp has been rated particularly positively by users, with many citing that the dimming function is superbly responsive. Rest assured, Macally’s offering is a great, compact bedside lamp with USB.

6. Roriano Touch Control Table Lamp

Roriano Rural Leaf-shaped lamp

Last but not least, we have the Roriano bedside lamp a second look. The lamp features an intricately designed metal base that resembles leaves sprouting from a vine. The unit even comes with an amber glass shade that looks like a flower. What’s more, the shade helps diffuse the light from the E26 bulb too.

So, you’ll always be greeted with warm and cozy lighting whenever you turn on the lamp. What’s more, despite its rustic design, the lamp comes with two USB connectors that offer a 5V/2.1A output. You can even dim the lights and use one of three different brightness presets with the unit. 

If anything, the lamp is a tad heavy. On the upside, customers have spoken highly of the lamp’s capabilities and aesthetics. So much so, the unit has received well over 1,300 user ratings with mostly positive reviews. All things considered, the Roriano touch control bedside lamp is a great device with multiple USB ports.

FAQs About Bedside Lamps With USB Ports

1- What color should bedside lamps be?

If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, then you’ll want a colorful lamp that attracts eyeballs. Else, you will be better off buying a lamp that blends with the frame of your bed, or the color of your walls. 

2- Should bedside lamps be taller than the headboard? 

For the most part, you’ll want a lamp that can cascade light onto your mattress so you can read comfortably at night. As such, you’d want your lamp to be slightly taller than your headboard.

3- What type of lighting is best for the bedroom?

Warm and neutral white light is usually recommended for a relaxing and soothing ambiance in the bedroom. 

Light It Up

A multi-functional lamp is a crucial accessory to limit clutter on your bedside table. At the same time, these lamps can give your room a makeover. Consequently, buyers looking to simplify their night-time routines cannot go wrong with bedside lamps with USB connectors.

Last updated on 10 February, 2023

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