7 Best Under Desk Cable Management Accessories

If you have a multiple monitor arrangement or a wide array of desktop accessories, you might not find it easy to arrange all the cables. Even if you invest in some accessories like cable management boxes or sleeves, the under-desk scenario becomes quite chaotic. Thankfully, there are quite a few under-desk cable management accessories that allow you to organize under desk cables.

7 Best Under Desk Cable Management Accessories and Solutions

These cable management accessories help you build a clean and clutter-free workspace. From tap-up cable boxes to heavy-duty cable clips and cord organizers, there are plenty of options out there.

So, let’s see some of the best under desk cable management accessories and solutions without further delay. But first,

1. Jiulory Cord Organizer

The Jiulory Cord Organizer is a bunch of nifty cable clips that you can use to hold loose wires such as phone chargers, data cables, or HDMI cables. The interesting thing about these cables is its design. Unlike many clips that require the assistance of adhesive strips or screws, this has a clamp-like design that allows you to perch it at the edge of your desk.

Plus, cable grooves on both ends won’t let them dangle around. You can use any cable on these clips — right from the USB-extension cables to mouse and keyboard cords. Also, you get an opportunity to get creative with those nifty clips.

A pack of three costs around $10. So far, users have appreciated it for its user-friendly functionality.

2. The Anchor

You might want to check out The Anchor to hang your headphones for an easy reach under your desk and also hide them out of sight. Suggestive of its name, it allows you to hook your headphones under the table. All you need to do is stick it to the bottom of your desk, and that’s about it. Once done, route the charging cable on the under-side of the table via adhesive clips to attain a clean look.

The quality of the stand is solid, and many users have vouched for the same. The good thing is that it sticks well to both wooden and glass surfaces. You can either use the 3M adhesive pads to stick it. Or, you can drill it to your desk’s underside if you want to fix it permanently.

Note that sticking a headphone holder only manages to hang them out of sight. However, if you plan to route the headphone cables, you’ll need to figure out how to do the same without tugging or pulling them.

The Anchor works best if you have a pair of wireless headphones or an audio interface or DAC/AMP combo nearby. You can either hang two headphones or a headphone with a rolled cable next to it.

3. Adhesive Cable Management Clips

If you are struggling to manage the power cables from your monitor, UPS, and PC speakers, among others, you should take a peek at Soulwit’s adhesive cable clips. These clips are flat and are designed to hold several standard-sized wires together. The backs are lined with strong adhesive and sticks to walls and desks without any issues. These are especially important if the power outlet is at a distance from your desk.

These cable management clips snap shut and stay put for a long time. Apart from walls, you can even use them on the underside of tables and desks.

So far, these clips have received some rave reviews from its user base and people appreciate the solid adhesion of these clips. Plus, these do not just open on their own. You have to pry them open.

As it goes with any cable management plans, you will have to plan so that the results look good. And if you have an extra length of wire, consider getting some cable ties to hold the extra length before fixing them to walls.

4. Annvchi Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Under desk cable management trays are the perfect option if you don’t like attaching wire clips to the wall. Most of these wire baskets run the length of your desk and can carry the weight of most cables and power strips, and the one by Annvchi is no different. They measure around 40cm in length and are broad enough to hold standard cables and wires, thereby letting you declutter the undersides of your desk.

The Annvchi under desk cable management trays are made of steel. They feature an open design to let you add and remove wires conveniently.

Like the Headphone holder, you can either drill screws or attach adhesive strips to hold these baskets in place. If you have heavy cables and power strips, it would be ideal for fixing them in place.

While the wire basket is of decent quality and is built to last, the same can’t be said of the included adhesive tapes since they tend to fall apart pretty soon. Should you opt for this wire basket, the best bet would be to invest in quality adhesive strips.

5. VIVO Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Another effective under-desk cable management tray that you can consider buying is the one by Vivo. This one is a solid, low-profile tray with a clean look. Surely enough, it’s built to take the weight of monitor adapters, power bricks as well as thick cables. Unlike typical wire trays, this brings an attractive and, more importantly, a clean look to your desk’s edges.

It’s a bit costly than other options, but it brings ease and convenience. For one, installation is quite simple. The holes in the tray are big enough to put the screws in smoothly.

Secondly, the tray is well-built and is durable. If you must know, Vivo is popular for delivering good quality standing desks and desk converters.

It has collected its due share of reviews as part of its Amazon reviews. The users liked its sturdiness and easy installation process.

If you have a standing desk by Monoprice, you can also check out the Monoprice Cable Tray Organizer.

6. SimpleCord’s J Channel Raceways

J Channel Raceways are another clever way to hide thick cables or messy cords, and the one by SimpleCord is no exception. These are easy-to-mount raceways, and you can mount them easily to table sides or under-desks with adhesive tape. And this makes them ideal for home and office usage. Cleaning the table surface before sticking the mounts really holds them at place for a long time. After that, put the wires through the opening at the top, tie a couple of zip ties to bind the cables together, and that’s about it.

The open design means you will be able to take the cable’s ends at the point of your choice. These raceways work the best if you have one of those office tables where three sides are closed. This allows you to attach these raceways around the sides. And your desks get a clean and clutter-free look.

It’s worth noting that the SimpleCord J Channel raceway is quite popular on Amazon. Several users have praised the strong adhesive.

7. TAP-UP Cable Box

Cable management boxes help you hide all the wire clutter, yet they look a little odd. Also, they occupy some space under the desk. If you want an interesting twist, you should check out the Tap-Up Cable Box. As suggestive of its name, you can attach it to the underside of your table. Surely enough, you can use it to store your monitor or laptop’s power adapter or a power strip.

The best part is that it doesn’t involve any drilling or sticking any adhesive material. It uses a clamp, and if your desk is around 2-inches thick, you can clamp it to your desk. What’s more, it also comes with a nifty silicon cord holder to route your cables.

The clamp is made of steel, while the rest of the body is built from silicone. Both these make for a strong structure. That said, I’d refrain from keeping heavy items together in it. It measures approximately 13.8 x 5.1 x 6.7 inches and will accommodate standard-sized power strips or adapters.

Again, it’s a tad expensive than its counterparts above, but then you also get an interesting design.

Tie Them Right

It would not be wrong to say that cable ties are the building blocks of cable management. Before you embark on any cable management project, get hold of such clips to hold the cables and wires in place. And if you have plenty of cables on your desk surface, do get a couple of adhesive-backed cable clips to help you organize the cables better.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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