Best TVs for RV Use in 2023: 12V, Lightweight, and More

RVs and motorhomes are the most fun way of transport for many, but the outdoors can sometimes get boring. It’s natural to miss your favorite sitcom episode after an activity-filled camping day. If you’re looking to add a dash of entertainment to your RV travels, we have compiled a list of the best TVs for RV use.

Best Smart TVs for TV Use in 2022

While you can always use a regular Smart TV, many TVs are specially designed for RV. Since motorhomes don’t have typical 110W power outlets, RV TVs rely on 12V inputs and some extra durability features. Before getting started:

Now, let’s get to the list of some of the best RV TV options.

1. Tyler Rechargeable Portable TV

  • Screen size: 14-inch | Flatscreen: Yes
  • Resolution: 1080p | Power: 110V AC, 12V DC, Battery
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, RCA, AV IN, Antenna
  • Wall mountable: No | Smart features: No
Priced exceptionally well, this portable TV from Tyler features a 14.1-inch 1080p LCD screen, which is big enough to consume content yet small enough to fit into relatively tight spaces. You can use the built-in HDMI port to connect a streaming device and stream online content directly to the TV, or you can use the USB port to plug in a pen drive for offline playback. The TV also supports an Antenna tuner and RCA inputs for older cable connections.

This TV supports regular 110V wall sockets and 12V DC input from your car charger. But the best part is that it comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can run this TV without any power input for up to 4 hours. You also get two integrated speakers in the TV but don’t expect them to be sufficient for a family movie night.

Since it doesn’t need to be connected via wires all the time, you can use it in different locations and even take it out to your camping grounds. It comes with an IR remote for adjusting essential functions from a distance. All these features make it one of the best small TV for RVs.

Talking about downsides, the TV doesn’t come with any smart functionalities, so you’ll need to invest in a streaming device to stream online content. Additionally, the LCD screen used here has narrow viewing angles, and many users feel it’s meant for only 1-2 people viewing it head-on. So keep that in mind when buying this TV for your RV.

2. SuperSonic SC-2412 LED HDTV

  • Screen size: 24-inch | Flatscreen: Yes
  • Resolution: 768p | Power: 12V DC, AC
  • Connectivity: VGA, DVD, USB, HDMI
  • Wall mountable: Yes | Smart features: No
Another excellent option for motorhomes, Supersonic’s TV lineup brings the versatility of a built-in DVD player with the TV. For online streaming, you can connect a streaming stick via the HDMI port, and for offline use, you get a USB port and even an SD card slot. You can also use this TV as a monitor for your personal computer, thanks to the built-in VGA port. It doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery but can take input directly via a 12V DC adapter.

You can choose this TV in various screen sizes ranging from 13-inch to 32-inch. We recommend the 24-inch model, as it’s the biggest screen size that can work on a 12V DC input. The TV supports a resolution of 1366×768, which is lower than 1080p but should be more than enough for most video content.

The built-in DVD player can handle multiple disc formats: DVD, CD, CDR, CDRW, DVD+/- R, DVD+/- RW, VCD, and SVCD. Note that the TV has no built-in Wi-Fi functionalities, so you’ll need a Wi-Fi-enabled streaming device for online content.

Most Supersonic TV reviews mention the screen quality to be apt, although the built-in speakers are nothing to write home about. The pricing still makes it one of the best flatscreen TVs for camper vans. For a better sound experience, you can consider these best USB speakers that can be powered via this TV’s USB ports.

3. Samsung M50B Smart Monitor

  • Screen size: 27-inch | Flatscreen: Yes
  • Resolution: 1080p | Power: 110V AC
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi
  • Wall mountable: No | Smart features: Yes
If your travel plans include good Wi-Fi availability, Samsung’s smart monitor lineup can be an excellent smart TV for RVs. You can enjoy streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu directly from the monitor without needing any external device. You can also use this monitor for web browsing, document work, and video calls without needing any other device.

The 27-inch LCD panel is the brightest one on our list so far, with support for HDR10 playback, ensuring the best streaming experience. You can also use Airplay to cast content from your Apple devices, and all Samsung devices can seamlessly mirror their screens onto this monitor.

While this TV monitor supports the best features, most of them need a working Internet connection to be used. In case you’re out of Internet connectivity, you will have to use a USB drive or a laptop to play content on this TV. Further, there are no offline playback modes like DVD or TV Antenna.

There are in-built speakers here, but they sound faint. There’s no headphone jack, but it has Bluetooth, making it easy to connect to external speakers. Also, it doesn’t support 12V DC input, so you’ll have to use an inverter or a wall socket to power it. It has a more sturdy build than regular slim TVs, making it an excellent Smart TV for your RV.

4. Sylvox RV TV

  • Screen size: 32-inch | Flatscreen: Yes
  • Resolution: 1080p | Power: DC 12V/24V
  • Connectivity: VGA, RF, USB, HDMI
  • Wall mountable: Yes | Smart features: No
Another favorite of motorhome owners, this Sylvox RV TV has some additional durability features for usage on the road, passing a 4G vibration test, and featuring a 6-pin DC plug that won’t fall off even when driving on rugged terrains. It can run on 12V DC power but also comes with an adapter to convert regular 110V AC power to DC power for indoor usage.

The TV features a 32-inch flatscreen display, which is big enough to be used for bigger groups. You can use the HDMI port to plug in a streaming device or use the ATSC tuner and FM radio functions for patchy Internet areas. It also comes with a USB port for plugging in your thumb drives, and there’s a headphone jack available to plug in wired speakers if needed.

This TV also features a box speaker design, which is louder than most flatscreen TVs. You can mount it onto a wall or use the table stand to prop it up. The mounting accessories are included in the package, and you also get an IR remote with the TV.

However, this TV has no smart features, and you’ll have to rely on a streaming device for any internet content. Regardless, thanks to its extra durability features and good display, it’s a good RV TV option.

5. FREE SIGNAL Transit Platinum Smart TV

  • Screen size: 28-inch | Flatscreen: Yes
  • Resolution: 1080p | Power: DC 12V, AC
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, DVD, USB, HDMI
  • Wall mountable: Yes | Smart features: Yes
The latest ‘Transit Platinum’ lineup from Free Signal TVs has it all. It features a rugged vibration-resistant chassis for hassle-free usage on or off the road. It can run on 12V DC input straight out of your RV or use the bundled adapter to run off standard wall plugs. Plus, it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and comes with pre-loaded apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Pandora, etc. For offline use, you can use this TV’s built-in DVD player or plug your thumb drive into its USB port.

Free Signal TTransit Platinum series of smart TVs features a unique ‘Flex-Environment’ engineering, which ensures reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures and humidities, making them a perfect match for motorhome usage. This feature list easily makes it our top pick for the best TV for RV.

You can buy this TV in screen sizes ranging from 22 inches to 40 inches. The 28-inch model we’ve selected features a 1080p display and should be sufficient for movie-watching. While the display isn’t as good as what you would find on regular smart TVs at this price, it’s still one of the best smart TV for RVs.

While it’s a smart TV, it doesn’t run on Android. So, you don’t get access to the comprehensive Play Store library. Also, you’ll need a good internet connection to use any of the streaming apps. Furthermore, the 110V AC adapter is an optional accessory. So if possible, order it with the TV itself for a hassle-free setup experience.

FAQs About RV Televisions

1. What are the differences between RV TV vs. regular TV?

The primary difference is that most RV TVs feature some vibration resistance and better durability to protect the screen and internals from harm. More importantly, RV TVs are designed to work with 12V DC input, i.e., the circular car charger we can find on most motorhomes.

2. Can you use a regular TV in RV?

Well, Yes and No. Most regular electronic devices require the standard 110V input to run. You can use them in the RV as long as you can power them using an inverter or battery pack. That being said, the regular TVs we use in our homes don’t have any special durability features, which might result in them getting damaged, especially when being used in rugged terrains.

3. Does an RV TV require Internet?

RV TVs come with many input methods. You can tune in to TV channels via an antenna, use the DVD player, or a USB drive. All of these methods don’t need Internet connectivity. However, you need a Wi-Fi connection if you want to stream content online on apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Remember that not all RV TVs have built-in Wi-Fi and might need a separate streaming device to access the Internet.

4. What TV size is best for an RV?

It depends on what kind of setup you’re looking for. For single-person viewing, anything from a 13-inch screen to a 24-inch screen would be sufficient. For families or groups, a 32-inch TV might be needed. It’s always better to measure up your space and decide on a TV accordingly. Remember that TV screen sizes are measured diagonally, so cross-check for the entire TV dimensions for optimal fit.

Choosing the Best TV for RV Use

Choosing the best TV for your motorhome can be a challenging task. Most TVs for RVs come with limited feature sets and sub-par displays. Although they offer you the peace of mind of added durability and support for 12V inputs.

However, if your travel plans don’t include long hours of non-stop driving or frequent visits to bumpy roads, you can also consider buying a regular Smart TV, which will give you better screens and more features.

Last updated on 02 January, 2023

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