6 Best TV Stands With Swivel Mount

TV stands with swivel mounts come into the picture when you want to swivel your TV freely without moving the TV. It is especially true if you have a large entertainment room or want to avoid reflections and glare from lights. The swivel will let you turn the TV freely, while the heavy base ensures that the TV stays well anchored to the table.

6 Best TV Stands With Swivel Mount

TV table stands are renter-friendly and do away with the hassle of drilling holes in walls. Plus, you needn’t worry if the drywall can take the Tv weight. The only limitation is that the TV stands occupy more space than wall mounts. But the good news is that they are fairly easy to install.

That said, if you are looking for a flexible TV stand with a swivel mount, you have come to the right place. In this post, we have lined the best standalone TV stands you can buy.

Let’s check them out. But before that,

1. Fitueyes Swivel Universal TV Stand Table

  • Capacity: 27-55-inch: Weight Capacity: Upto 88lbs

If you want to save money and want more flexibility than the built-in TV feet, the Fitueyes TV stand is the one you can check out. It offers a pretty good set of features and can hold TVs up to 55-inch and 88lbs in weight. The latter means it can take up the weight of heavy TVs without being top-heavy. As for the size, several users have had great feedback in mounting their 55-inch TVs.

It offers 2 levels of height adjustments. Plus, the swivel range is pretty decent at 40-degree. However, the swivel range depends a lot on the size of the TV.

It’s steady, and the weight is evenly distributed across. However, the installation process can be challenging since the instruction manual lacks clear instructions. That said, it’s affordable, and if you have a small TV, then the Fitueyes stand is the one for you.

2. USX Mount Universal Swivel TV Stand

  • Capacity: 26-55-inch: Weight Capacity: Upto 66lbs

If you are looking for a smooth swivel action, you can’t go wrong with the one by USX Mount. It’s an affordable tabletop TV stand, and the wide TV size berth means you can safely mount your 55-inch TV without worrying about weight distribution. It can hold up to 55-inch TVs without toppling down. It has 5-inches of height adjustment. And the rubber feet ensure that the stand doesn’t move.

As noted earlier, the swivel action is super smooth. A user has pointed out that you can change the position with just a finger. The company advertises a 40-degree swivel range, but it would depend on the size of your TV. You may not get as much range for a bigger TV.

Several users have pointed out that the installation process is straightforward. It comes with bells and whistles like cable management routes and multiple VESA options.

If you go through several TVs in a short time (some of us do) and want a universal stand that can fit most of them, then it’s a good buy.

3. MountUp Universal Swivel TV Stand

  • Capacity: 37-55-inch: Weight Capacity: Upto 88lbs

MountUp’s TV stand is suitable for those who want a simple and affordable stand with minimum fuss. It’s easy to install, and the company provides many screws in various sizes to ease the installation. It’s a solid stand and can take the weight of TVs without buckling. Plus, it offers approximately 3-inches of height adjustment.

The base is around 10-15-inch deep, and you will need an appropriately sized TV cabinet or table to place it. Other than that, the metallic portion of the TV is slim, and you should have no issue placing it near a wall.

As noted earlier, swiveling the TV is smooth. So whether you are watching from your bed or your sofa, tap it gently on one side. For the record, the company advertises a swivel limit of 25 degrees.

It’s a solid TV stand, and if you are looking for a bang-for-the-buck deal, this is the one you should buy.

4. Hemudu Store Universal Swivel TV Stand

  • Capacity: 32-65-inch: Weight Capacity: Upto 88lbs

If you have a slightly bigger TV, you may want to have a peek at the Hemudu TV stand. The highlight of this TV is the height adjustment. It offers 4 height adjustments and a 40-degree swivel on each side. The swivel and height range will vary as per the size of your TV. If you have a smaller TV, the range will be as advertised.

It’s a well-made stand and some with a relatively easy installation process. Several users have remarked that the parts are well marked and labeled, and if you have had previous experience with installation, it should be a cakewalk.

The tempered glass base is thick and holds the TV’s weight. Some have mounted their 65-inch TVs with minimum fuss. However, we urge you not to go beyond the weight limit for safety reasons.

It’s a popular TV stand with a swivel mount on Amazon and has more than 7,000 user ratings.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Perlesmith Universal Swivel TV Stand.

5. VIVO Swivel Bolt-Down TV Stand

  • Capacity: 32-55-inch: Weight Capacity: Upto 110lbs

The Vivo Swivel TV stand is more expensive than the ones above. However, it comes with a unique feature—a bolt-down approach. This comes to the picture if you have an exceptionally heavy TV. For the record, it can hold up to 110lbs of weight. Other than that, it brings a 30-degree swivel angle.

The best part about this stand is that you can tweak the swivel bracket to achieve a more swivel range. The company believes that it can swivel a full 360-degree. But then, you will have to take cable management into account.

It’s a versatile TV stand, and if you have less space on your mantle, then the bolt-down approach is the next best thing. Again, the installation process is easy and pain-free. And the solid build means the stand can hold the TV securely.

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If your TV sits on top of a cabinet or you have to move the screen frequently, then TV stands with a swivel mount are your best bet. The height adjustments give you enough leeway to adjust it as per your preference.

If you want the best price-to-feature ratio, you should have a look at the TV stand by Hemudu and MountUp. They are affordable, and the height and weight capacity are decent to give you the flexibility to mount your TV as you like.

Last updated on 25 July, 2022

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