6 Best Trifold Cases for Apple iPad 10th Generation

The Apple iPad 10th Generation brings home a new design in an amazing range of colors. These tablets bundle the new A14 Bionic chip and USB-C charging. You can use the iPad for entertainment and educational purposes. That’s why it’s necessary to grab a trifold case for iPad 10th Generation so that it works out whenever you want to work on assignments or just want to stream movies.

Best Trifold Cases for Apple iPad 10th Generation

These trifold cases can be folded and propped up at the angle of your choice. At the same time, full coverage means you get 360-degree protection. The front and the back of your tablet, especially the screen are protected.

So if you are in the market for some iPad accessories, here are our recommendations for the best trifold cases for the Apple iPad 10th generation. But first,

1. ProCase Transparent Trifold Protective Case

The ProCase trifold case brings the best of both worlds. It has a transparent back to show off the new funky color of your 10th gen iPad. On the other hand, the cover easily doubles as a kickstand when needed. It will do its duty of protecting the screen from scratches and marks. At the same time, the microfibre lining ensures that the screen doesn’t bear the direct impact, especially when you place it face down on flat surfaces. Also, you can store your 1st gen Apple Pencil.

While it has an Apple Pencil slot at the top, the 10th gen iPad won’t charge it. That said, the soft TPU frame makes the case easy to hold, and helps deflect the effects of drops, especially at the corners.

Again, the trifold at the front case means you can prop your tablet in two angles, depending on your work.

2. ZtotopCases Trifold Stand

The ZtotopCases Trifold Stand brings a translucent case to the foyer. The translucent layer allows the Apple logo to shine through. On the other hand, the leather cover adds its share of elegance to the case. It’s sturdy and protects the iPad 10th Generation all around.

This trifold case for the Apple iPad 10th Gen is foldable in two angles. The best part is that it’s a slim case and doesn’t add much to the overall bulk. The magnets at the lid ensure that the case closes when not in use. Since it’s a smart case, the tablet will automatically go to sleep when the cover closes.

3. DLveer Trifold Case

Another tri-fold hardback cover for the iPad 10th Gen is the one by DLveer. The highlight of this device is the many angles, which allow you to type and watch movies with ease. All you need to do is fold the cover in both directions to achieve the angle of your choice.

Like the one above, this is a leather case, and the odds are that it will last you a long time. The cutouts are in the right places.

DLveer cases are known for their lightweight yet sturdy build, and this one is no different. If you plan to use this iPad for educational and entertainment purposes, this affordable case is a good buy. However, it’s a full case, and you won’t be able to see the color or the logo.

4. ESR Ascend Trifold Case

If you’d like a case from a known brand, you can have a peek at the ESR Ascend case. ESR cases are known for their durability and sturdy build. And the one for the 10th Gen iPad brings together a frosted back panel and a full-front cover. However, this cover has only two stand positions.

That means you can only prop it up in viewing mode and writing mode. There’s no dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil, and you have to invest in a dedicated Apple Pencil case. This case is designed to protect the tablet from scratches and marks. Plus, the raised edges around the camera shield the lens from micro scratches.

ESR has a slightly pronounced branding on its products and it’s no different for the Ascend case.

5. ESR Pencil Case

If you are planning to buy the iPad 10th Gen to doodle and take notes, the ESR Pencil Case will prove to be a good pick. There’s a small nook at the bottom of the case to hold the Apple Pencil when not in use. While it will not recharge the Apple Pencil, but will keep it stay safe and secure.

Like its counterparts above, the trifold design ensures you can prop up your iPad at different angles. It’s a polymer case and will protect the tablet from the elements and the effects of everyday usage.

Aside from that, this ESR case for the Apple iPad 10th Generation comes with nifty features like raised lips along the camera module. And the slightly matte surface helps you grip the tablet better.

6. Apple Smart Folio for iPad

Apple’s Smart Folio case is another trifold case for iPad 10th Gen. This one gives you the advantage of adding a splash of color to your tablet. The best part is that you can match it to the color of your iPad. So if you want your iPad to scream Watermelon all the way, it can be done.

It’s a folio case, and while you may not get the bumper protection like some of the above cases, you will have a proper fit. At the same time, the smart wake feature means the tablet will go to sleep when you close the lid.

Like most Apple accessories, the Smart Folio has premium pricing. However, if you want the best fit and the eye-catching color, It will prove to be a worthy investment. Besides that, Apple cases are highly durable and will easily stand the test of time.

Wrap It Around!

These were some of the trifold cases for Apple iPad 10th Generation that you can buy. The idea is to find an appropriate case with a slot for the Apple Pencil, especially if you want to jot down notes and doodle. After all, when taking important notes, you wouldn’t want to hunt for it in your bag.

Last updated on 21 October, 2022

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