5 Best Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

It’s hard to design and manufacture cases for foldable phones since it involves several tiny parts. So it’s not easy to get long-lasting cases for devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4. There are some exceptions, though. If you have been waiting to hit the buy button on a transparent case for Galaxy Z Fold 4, now is the right time to get one from our hand-picked list below.

best cases with S Pen slot for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Although Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn’t offer the same exciting color options as the Flip 4, some may still want to boast about their favorite exterior color to the world. If you are among them, get a clear case from our list.

Note: No matter which transparent case you select, it will show a yellow effect over time. With high-quality cases, the effect may kick in after a few months (compared to weeks) to ruin the case. Don’t buy into any manufacturer’s tall claims about the anti-yellow effect.

Before you glance over the list, check the best slim cases for Galaxy Z Fold 4.

1. Makavo

Makavo is one of the affordable Fold 4 clear cases on the list. The case comes in four color options and helps you protect the screen and camera from scratches.

Even though your standard phone case has good protection, it may not prevent damage to the device when it falls on one of the corners. Makavo has worked on it to offer shock-absorbing corners to protect your phone from drops and impacts. The case has a slim profile, and is also compatible with wireless charging. Makavo claims an anti-yellowing effect for a long time. For the asking price, you can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Naneno Clear Case for Galaxy Fold 4

Naneno case looks and feels better than Makavo’s offering. It’s a thin, transparent case to show off your Fold 4’s vibrant color and deliver a firm grip in daily use.

Naneno case is made of TPU and PC Hybrid material, and it’s only 1.5mm thick. It’s compatible with wireless charging and has raised protection for the camera module on the back. The TPU part helps with grip, and the polycarbonate back offers sturdiness and solid protection from all types of surfaces. Sadly, there are no other color options to choose from. You are stuck with the default clear case.

3. Spigen Air Skin

Spigen needs no introduction, right? The company is known for manufacturing high-quality cases and accessories for smartphones, wearables, and laptops. The Air Skin case for Fold 4 is no exception.

Spigen is one of the partners of Samsung’s official accessory program, and the company has completely revamped its offering for the 2022 Samsung’s foldable phone models. Based on user feedback and reviews, Spigen has worked on case size to make it thinner. It also has raised edges around the screen and camera to protect the device from drops and scratches. It’s compatible with wireless and reverse-wireless charging. If you have used one of the Spigen cases in the past, you will feel right at home regarding fit, finish, and overall quality.

4. i-Blason

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an ideal device to take notes, draw, or add annotations. If you plan to get an S Pen with Fold 4, check the i-Blason clear case with a dedicated slot to place your stylus.

So far, we have talked about standard clear cases for Fold 4. But what if you get an S Pen in the future? Instead of carrying it separately in a bag or pocket, you should get an i-Blason’s transparent case compatible with an S Pen. Thanks to i-Blason’s smart design, you can safely store and eject the pen within the case. It may widen the outer screen look, but it’s a tradeoff you must face to enjoy the S Pen with Fold 4 on the go. Raised lip and raised bezel keep the outer screen and camera from touching the ground. The case carries MIL-STD 810G protection certificate. I-Blason is compatible with wireless charging as well.

5. Presidio Case for Galaxy Fold 4

Presidio is the most expensive case on the list, and with a price hike, you get better protection, resistance against the yellow effect, and up to 13-foot drop protection when the case is open.

Presidio claims to use Prefect-Clear coasting to better resist the yellow effect. It keeps your case stylish for a long time and delivers better protection in tough times. Presidio is durable, slim, and comes with a built-in antimicrobial treatment from Microban to reduce strain and bacteria on the case. The raised bezels around the screen and camera prevent scratching and shattering when your phone falls face-down.

Although Presidio makes tall claims about the anti-yellow effect, you should know that the transparent case will eventually catch the yellow tint. Presidio does offer a lifetime warranty, which is way better than the standard six-month or one-year warranty from other case manufacturers.

Show Your Galaxy to the World

You can always get a slim case or a rugged one for your Fold 4, but if you want to enjoy the exterior color, hit the buy button on one of the clear cases from the list above. S Pen users can go with the i-Blason case, while others should choose between Spigen and Presidio.

Last updated on 23 August, 2022

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