5 Best TP-Link Deco M5 Wall Mounts for a Clean Setup

The TP-Link Deco M5 is one of the efficient and affordable mesh Wi-Fi routers. You can place the three satellites strategically around your house and increase the Wi-Fi network inside. However, these circular satellites have a large footprint, and keeping them just about anywhere means you lose out on precious desk space. You risk them disconnecting, especially if you have a curious kind around. Deco M5 wall mount brackets help solve this issue.


Best TP-Link Deco M5 Wall Mounts for a Clean Setup FI

These wall mounts help hold the TP-Link Deco M5 satellites against the wall or ceilings, keeping them out of easy reach. Plus, some mounts also have built-in cable management and keep the long cable out of reach. Cool, right?

Besides that, these wall mounts for the Deco M5 are affordable. So if you want to keep the satellites out of reach, here are the best TP-Link Deco M5 wall mount brackets you can buy. Let’s check them out. But before that,

1. Allicaver Compatible Wall Mount Deco M5

The Allicaver wall mount for the Deco M5 is a simple three-pong wall bracelet, and if you are looking for vertical wall placement, this is the one you should have. It has a simple top-open design and you’ll need to slide the Deco inside the bracket. The metallic build ensures a durable build, and the smooth surface means the TP-link satellite will remain scratch free.

It sports two holes on the body, and you’ll need to drill it to the wall. The good news is that the company ships screws and dry-wall anchors for easy installation. This wall mount fits the Deco M5 to hold it well and you can easily mount it to the wall. At the same time, the open design means there’s no loss in signal quality.

The Allicaver wall mount is highly affordable and fits the Deco M5 like a glove. However, note that there’s no place to route the cable, and you will need to take the aid of cable clips to keep the power cable in place.

2. Brainwavz Wall & Ceiling Mount Holder

If you are not a fan of drilling holes in walls, you may want to check out the Brainwavz wall & ceiling mount. The highlight of this wall mount is the adhesive-backed 3M VHB tape at the back. It allows you to stick them on plain vertical walls. However, before you stick the mounts, you’ll need to ensure that the wall is clean and free of any residue.

Brainwavz’s wall mount is lightweight. Thus, it sticks to the wall. At the same time, it can hold the weight of the Deco M5 well. However, we’d advise you to let the mount sit for a day before you put in the satellite.

That said, it’s a two-prong wall bracket. One of the brackets sports a small hole for you to route the power cable. But apart from that, there is no space for wire management.

3. Stanstar Wall Mount for TP-Link Deco M5

The Stanstar wall mount for TP-Link Deco M5 is almost in the same price bracket and does away with the hassles of drilling holes in sticking adhesive tapes. It comes with a holder for the Deco M5, the extra length of cable, and the power adapter. Once you fit the device and the adapter in, you can plug it into a power outlet and get going.

However, it may block the connected power outlets, especially if they have vertical alignment. That said, it has an easy installation process. Plus, the Deco M5 fits the holder like a glove, and several users have pointed it out in their reviews. And the grooves inside ensure that you have a clean setup.

Stanstar ships two wall brackets for the price of one. However, if you want to mount all three, you can go for the three-pack option. It’s a popular choice on Amazon, and users like its strong build. At the same time, the open design ensures no drop in the Wi-Fi signal. Just make sure to plug in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal, and the Deco M5 satellite will do the job of relaying it further.

4. OkeMeeo Outlet Mount for TP-Link Deco M5

Another wall mount that eliminates messy cords and helps you attain a clean look is the one by OkeMeeo. It features a clean look and has a dedicated holder for the power adapter, power cable, and satellite. Like the one above, it plugs in directly to power outlets, thus removing the hassle of drilling holes onto dry walls.

Installing the Deco M5 satellite is an easy job. Once you slide it inside the holder, you will need to route the cable and plug in the power adapter.

This wall mount fits the TP-Link Deco satellite like a glove. The fit and the easy installation process have been praised by several users.

5. Koroao Sturdy Wall Mount Ceiling Bracket

Last but not least, we have the Koroao wall mount. These come in a pack of three and are perfect for the default TP-Link Deco M5 pack. The highlight of these mounts is the simple design. It comes with a slew of holes in the back, and you can either hang the mount from a hook or drill them to walls. The latter comes into the picture if you want to hang the satellite from the ceiling.

However, this design has a limitation. For instance, there is no space for routing the power cable. They fit well and hold the satellites well. At the same time, the holes at the back give you the flexibility to hang the mount as you like.

So far, these mounts have amassed several positive reviews on Amazon, with users loving the easy-to-use and easy installation process.

Mount Them

The circular shape of the Deco M5 takes up precious space on counters and tables. The low profile design also makes it susceptible to drops and falls. And these mounts help you securely mount the satellites without dop in the Wi-Fi signal. And well, things look tidy as well.

So which of these wall mounts will you buy?

Last updated on 03 September, 2022

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