5 Best Touchscreen Gloves to Use Phones in Winter

Stepping out without wearing gloves in the winter can be brutal for your hands. And when you do decide to wear gloves, you cannot use your phone which can be annoying if you need to check something online or reply to a text message. The solution, you ask? Touchscreen gloves!

best touchscreen gloves

Touchscreen gloves for phones are quite popular as they serve two important purposes — protect your hands from the cold and allow you to use your phone at the same time. Quite ‘hand’y, eh? If it sounds like something you would want to get, here are some of the best touchscreen gloves that you can add to your wardrobe.

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1. Vgogfly Winter Gloves: Best Knit Gloves

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of touchscreen winter gloves for both men and women, your search ends here. The Vgogfly gloves for touchscreens have a soft and warm interior that will protect your palms from cold temperatures outside. They are fleece-lined and have an anti-slip coating on the outside to improve the grip when holding something in your hands.

These gloves for touchscreens from Vgogfly have a simple, yet attractive design. While functionality is important, the design can also play a large role in deciding which gloves to pick for a lot of people. Due to the soft materials used in the interior, you get a comfortable fit even for long durations.

Of course, the main reason you’re getting these gloves is that they are gloves that work with your phone. The first three fingertips on each glove, i.e. the thumb, index, and middle fingers are touch-capacitive so you can only use these 3 fingers with your phone. The reviews say that while the touch functionality works, it’s only good for the occasional use but not reliable for typing long texts.

2. HiCool Winter Touchscreen Gloves: Best Running Gloves

The HiCool touchscreen gloves are made from polyester and spandex, hence, are thinner than knit gloves that you would usually find. They also feel quite different when worn and may not be as soft or cozy as woolen gloves. However, they’re good for running or working out along with added grip in the form of silicone pads.

If you want to work out in the winter or your work involves lifting items outdoors, these smartphone gloves from HiCool are something you should consider. They have silicone grip pads on the palm and the middle, ring, and little fingers to provide additional friction and grip to hold things. Despite being slightly thin, they do a good job of keeping your hands warm.

As for the smart aspect of the gloves that allow you to use your phone, that capability is only present on the thumb and index fingers which is a bummer. However, the reviews say that the conductivity is really good so you won’t have issues typing long messages. If you’re going skiing or climbing, these are the perfect pair of gloves to carry with you.

3. Geyoga Winter Women’s Gloves: Best for Women

While most gloves are unisex, some women may not prefer the look of generic gloves so this is where these Geyoga winter gloves for women come into the picture. They have a feminine look to them that will suit women along with the fact that they’re gloves you can text with. You also get 4 pairs in the pack which is a bonus.

Here’s another pair of fleece-lined knit gloves, but this time for women exclusively. There’s an elastic cuff on the wrist which adds to the aesthetics of the glove. Just like the previous pair, though, these gloves also have conductive fingertips only on the index and middle fingers. The conductive surfaces work well, though.

The Geyoga gloves look good and are functional which combined with the affordable price tag for 4 pairs makes them a great deal. There’s one downside to these gloves, though, which is that it’s one-size-fits-all so a lot of buyers have mentioned that they’re a little too big for them.

4. Emitglam Insulated Thermal Gloves: Best Insulated Gloves

While all the gloves mentioned till now just relied on the fleece or polyester to keep your hands warm, this pair from Emitglam has 3M insulation for extra warmth. This makes it a premium product that we would highly recommend to anyone looking for a pair of touchscreen gloves that provide the best warmth.

The Emitglam insulated thermal gloves are waterproof gloves with touchscreen functionality. And that’s not even the best part about them. Apart from the 3M insulation that you get for additional warmth, these gloves have conductive surfaces on all fingertips so you can use your phone with all your fingers.

You don’t have to resort to using just your thumbs which is a big benefit. They’re also the best texting gloves as per the reviews so you know which one to get if you can’t stay away from your phone. The brand is using a 5-layer fabric for additional protection and the waterproofing ensures you can use these gloves even when it’s snowing or you go skiing.

These are easily one of the best pairs of touchscreen gloves that you can get, all factors considered.

5. Savior Electric Heated Gloves for Touchscreens: Best Hand Warmers

If you think a single layer of insulation isn’t enough to keep your hands warm, you’ve got to check out this pair of electric heated gloves from Savior. These are rechargeable, battery-operated gloves that have a heating element inside the gloves. When your hands are cold, you just have to press a button and your palms will instantly feel warmer.

The Savior electric heated gloves are about 5 times more expensive than a standard pair of touchscreen gloves. However, this is because they have a cool feature that you won’t get with any other pair of gloves — the ability to warm up your hands in the cold. There are 3 different temperatures that you can choose from and the entire back of your hand gets warm.

You can use these gloves while skiing or even when driving in the winter. Of course, you also get the touchscreen functionality with these gloves but only on the thumb and index finger which is slightly disappointing. If you are willing to spend over a hundred bucks on a pair of gloves, you can surely consider these from Savior.

In terms of value for money, though, we would still recommend the Emitglam insulated gloves since they should keep your hands warm adequately while giving you the ability to use your phone with all 10 fingers.

Use Your Phone With Warm Hands

If you use a standard pair of gloves, you won’t be able to use your phone when you’re outside. And if you wish to use your phone, you would have to remove your gloves which isn’t ideal during the winter. So, the best solution is to get a pair of touchscreen gloves so you can text your friends even when you’re out in the cold.

Last updated on 15 December, 2022

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