8 Best Android Apps for WhatsApp Stickers

GIFs, stickers, and emojis do the job better than plain text when it comes to expressing emotions. With WhatsApp introducing Stickers, this popular messaging service joins the ranks of Hike, Facebook, and Telegram.

8 Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers

WhatsApp features almost a dozen sticker packs covering a range of emotions. But if you are someone like me who spends a chunk of their time on this messaging platform, the chances are that you are already bored of them. The good news is that WhatsApp keeps its doors open and allows users to add third-party sticker apps.

These sticker apps are usually small and light, and you can add them easily to your collection. You don’t have to open the app separately. All you have to do is add them to WhatsApp, and you’ll be good to go.

But before we check out some of the best Android apps for WhatsApp Stickers, let’s take a brief look on how to access them.

How to Access WhatsApp Stickers

It’s worth to be noted that stickers are supported from WhatsApp version 2.18.329 and above on Android and the iOS users should have v2.18.100 or higher. To access them, tap on the emoji icon and then on the Sticker icon (next to the GIF icon).

Whatsapp Stickers Android89 2
Whatsapp Stickers Android89 3

You’ll have to download the stickers first, upon which they will show up in the main menu. Also, when it comes to installing third-party sticker app, you needn’t go all the way to the Play Store.

Whatsapp Stickers Android89 1
Whatsapp Stickers Android02

You can do so from WhatsApp itself. Go to the Sticker Store, scroll down and tap on the Get More Stickers option.

1. Right WAStickerApp

Right WAStickerApp brings home a remarkable collection of reactions as stickers. From Superman’s famous ‘Pow’ to Batman’s ‘Boom’ – it has an unusual collection of onomatopoeias from the comic world.

Whatsapp Stickers Comics Pow

You can find some commonly used expressions — Hello, No!, Oops, and Wow. The next time your boss questions you about the project report over WhatsApp, you know which sticker pack to use (**wink wink**).

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 24
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 4

To add this sticker pack, open the app and hit the Add to WhatsApp button. The ‘reactions’ will now be available on the stickers menu.

2. Cinema Stickers for WhatsApp

Do you want to express the wrath of Maleficent or the weirdness of Emmett Brown (from Back to the Future)? If yes, the Cinema Stickers app is an excellent sticker app for the movie buff in you.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 6
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 7

It has around five packs, and all of them addresses different themes such as female heroes, spooky heroes, among others.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 5
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 9

Since this app has five different packs, you’d have to add them individually to WhatsApp. To do so, tap on the little Plus icon and then hit Add.

3. Anime Stickers for WhatsApp

From action-packed fight scenes and beautiful backgrounds to weird expressions and amazing stories, the world of anime is a beautiful one. If you’re into Anime, you’d certainly love this cool sticker box.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 10
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 11

Anime Stickers comes loaded with stickers from a host of popular series like Naruto (see Naruto wallpapers) and My Hero Academia. Compared to the rest of the apps here, this one has the highest number of stickers. It weighs 19MB which is a bit much considering that it’s a companion app.

However, if storage isn’t an issue, you may consider adding it to your collection.

4. PUBG Stickers for WhatsApp

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG as it is more commonly known has gone beyond the term popular. If you are a fan of this battle royale game, adding a small 3.4 MB app won’t hurt, right?

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 1

The collection isn’t too big. But on the bright side, it has its share of catchy phrases like ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ and ‘Red Zone.’ Hopefully, the developers will add more stickers in the future updates.

5. WhatsApp Stickers – Halloween

Halloween took place a few days ago, but that doesn’t stop the likes of us from scaring our buddies. WhatsApp Stickers – Halloween has been developed by Telegram LLC (yes, the ones who created the Telegram app).

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 12
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 13

It has a pretty good-looking set of stickers – from comic pumpkins to sleeping skeletons. This app has a total of 10 sticker packs.

6. StickoText

StickoText doesn’t follow any strict categorization. It’s a simple sticker pack with a mixture of images in several colors and styles. From happy siblings to shocked expressions, you’ll find many relatable faces in this one.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 15
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 16

In addition to the stickers, StickoText lets you make stickers from your gallery images. If I were you, I wouldn’t set my hopes too high for this feature.

7. WhatsApp Stickers

Talimedia’s WhatsApp Stickers has one of the most generic names for an app. Thankfully, when it comes to the stickers, the creativity was not lost.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 18
Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 17

From Mario and Pokemon Go to The Emoji Movie, you’d find an astonishing number of quality sticker packs within this app. Also, the images are well-defined and sharp.

8. Bigmoji

Yes, emotions can be complex and complicated through the plain text. However, on some days demand using a broad smile or a stuck-out-tongue sticker. And that’s where Bigmoji comes to your rescue.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 25

These stickers are the enlarged versions of the emojis we use in our chat apps. However, I wouldn’t have minded a thin black border on the emojis.

How to Delete WhatsApp Stickers

To delete a particular pack, navigate to My Stickers and tap on the Delete icon for individual packs.

Best Android Apps For Whats App Stickers 19


So, which one will it be? Will you go for a single pack or install one and all? Do keep in mind not to uninstall the parent app even if you have downloaded the stickers. While sticker packs can be fun and lighten up your conversations, these apps tend to consume storage on your phone. So be watchful of the storage space before you go bonkers over the stickers for WhatsApp.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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