6 Best Stands for MacBook Pro to Type Comfortably

If you use a laptop as your daily driver, you must know that working long hours has a detrimental effect on the neck. Laptop stands help to prevent just that by raising the laptop’s height to use it with a healthy posture. Some stands wobble and jiggle while typing on the keyboard and the experience is no different for the MacBook Pro. Thankfully, it’s not the end of the world. There are some of the best MacBook Pro stands to type comfortably.

These laptop stands have a stable base and absorb the brunt of your typing force. So even if you type away furiously, these stands maintain the required stability.

So if you are looking to raise the height of your laptop, here are our recommendations for the best stands for MacBook Pro to type comfortably. But before that,

1. Nulaxy Laptop Stand

The Nulaxy laptop stand is one of the affordable stands with a simple design. It has 6 height settings, and you can choose one based on your comfort. All you need to do is to latch both the stands equally, and you will have a stable stand at your disposal.

One of the main advantages of the Nulaxy stand is that you can fold it and carry it in your laptop bag. It is lightweight, portable, and comes with an open design for better heat dissipation of laptops. You’ll find non-slip pads at the top and the bottom. Plus, the lip at the front prevents the laptop from slipping.

The Nulaxy laptop stand works as advertised, and several users have applauded it for its stable base. It’s sturdy and can easily hold the pressure of typing.

2. Ctirel Portable Computer Stand

If you need a gentle slant to prop your MacBook Pro, you may consider the Stirel portable stand. This one elevates the height. It is sleek and easy to carry in laptop backpacks and tote bags. You can fold it into a compact shape.

You can use it to raise the height by around 3-inches and helps to type comfortably. There are minimal wobbles and jingles. The anti-slip pads make sure that the laptop stays anchored to the stand.

Apart from being a stand for the MacBook Pro, you can also use it to prop your tablet while sketching or reading books. However, the lips are at the side edges, and it may get in the way for some users.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Lenrue Store Laptop Stand for the Apple MacBook Pro.

3. Lifelong Store Laptop Stand for Desk

Lifelong Store’s laptop stand is one of the popular products out there, all thanks to the affordable price tag and the easy-to-use nature. It’s well constructed and has the means to keep the MacBook Pro from sliding. It’s worth noting that the 8-height settings give you more control over your laptop’s height.

It folds flat and can easily go inside your laptop bag. It’s sturdy and ergonomic. There’s a dedicated phone holder to prop your phone horizontally or vertically. And these two features make it apt for home offices.

More importantly, the typing experience is comfortable. It doesn’t shake or wobble, and the non-intrusive lip doesn’t come in the way of typing.

If you want a sturdy laptop stand without spending a bomb, this Lifelong Store laptop stand for the MacBook Pro proves to be a good buy.

4. Rain Design 10032

The Rain Design 10032 laptop stand is one of the uncomplicated stands out there. It gives you good height advantages and elevates the height by around 5-inches. It has a simple design. However, it’s not portable, and it’s one of the main limitations.

That said, it works as advertised and balances the MacBook Pro like a pro. However, you will need to adjust your typing style since this stand adds a considerable height.

It’s a sturdy stand. However, the upper layer is not as sturdy as the ones above. You may not have a smooth typing experience in comparison.

5. Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook

Twelve South’s products are known for their ergonomic design, and the ParcSlope for the MacBook is no different. It’s stylish and props up the MacBook Pro in a gentle slope.

The open design guarantees proper airflow. At the same time, the low height means you get to type at a comfortable angle. However, the ParcSlope may be a little unstable for the bigger 16-inch MacBook Pro. On the upside, it has a solid construction, and the sturdy base makes sure that you can type comfortably without any issues.

No More Shakes

So these were some of the laptop stands that can offer a better keyboard angle and a comfortable typing experience. But, if you spend a major chunk of your day typing, you may want to invest in a quality wireless keyboard. This way, you can elevate your laptop to the desired height without making any compromises.

Last updated on 11 March, 2022

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