5 Best Stands for the Apple Mac Mini

The Apple Mac Mini is a versatile, compact device. If the space on your desk is limited, you can prop the Mac Mini vertically, just like a laptop, with the help of a stand.

5 Best Stands for the Apple Mac Mini

Such stands help you save space and also enable easy airflow. Furthermore, you can access all the ports quickly.

So if you want to prop up your Mac Mini vertically, here are our recommendations for the best stands for it. But before that,

1. JOKItech Aluminum Laptop Vertical Stand

The JOKItech stand is wide enough to accommodate the Mac Mini vertically. The real hero of this stand is the heavy base that anchors the stand to the desk. So even if you connect and remove peripherals frequently, there will be minimal wobbles. And several users have verified this claim as part of their reviews.

It’s a versatile stand, and you can adjust the thickness as per your preference. When required, you can prop your laptop as well. Adjusting the thickness is a relatively easy and smooth process.

At the same time, the insides have padding to prevent scratches and scuff marks. However, we’d urge you to drop the Mini carefully inside the stand. Furthermore, the JOKItech stand comes with anti-skid silicone strips at the bottom.

The JOKItech stand has amassed many positive reviews on Amazon, with users loving its sturdy and stable build.

It’s available in three color options—Black, Space Gray, and Silver.

2. Cxmount Desktop Stand for Mac Mini

If you are looking for a low-profile stand for your Mac Mini, you can’t go wrong with the Cxmount stand. It has a heavy base and keeps the Mac Mini from toppling over. At the same time, the base is heavily rubberized, which prevents the stand from slipping.

The rubberized feet have received respectable positive reviews from their user base.

Thanks to its low-profile look, it’s barely visible beneath the Mini. And that’s probably one of the best things. More importantly, it has a snug fit.

It is not without issues. The Cxmount stand has minimum padding on the insides. And if you are not careful, you might end up scratching the Mini.

Nevertheless, it has received its fair share of reviews primarily for its solid base.

3. Tinpec Aluminum Vertical Stand

Tinpec Store’s aluminum stand brings a stylish look to the table thanks to the arched design. It bundles all the essential features. For example, the feet of the stand is lined with silicone to prevent skidding. And the same can be said of the gap in the middle.

The distinctive design has earned it a fair share of praises from its user base. Users love it for its sleek look and space-saving design.

But at the end of the day, Tinpec Store’s aluminum stand is lightweight, and is not nearly as sturdy and stable as the ones above. It will hold up the Mini alright. But you’ll have to be careful while plugging/unplugging cables. Or else, it may topple down.

4. Hagibis Vertical Stand for Mac Mini

The Hagibis Vertical Stand for Mac Mini is slightly more expensive than its counterparts above, but offers a clever design. You can increase the width between both the channels up to 2.24 inches.

The latter means you can also fit a docking station like the Hagibis MC25 and the Mac Mini. Naturally, it’s a huge plus. You can adjust the width using the knobs on either side. Operating the knobs is straightforward.

Apart from the clever design, the Hagibis stand also looks chic. It is stable and doesn’t slide around the table at the drop of a hat.

5. TXEsign Desktop Stand & Wall Mount

The TXEsign mount brings several advantages to the table. You can either prop it up on your table just like a regular stand. Or, you can mount it on the wall. Yes, you read that right! This stand comes with a pair of wall brackets, a panel, and a set of screws.

The desk-top panel sports a simple look. This acrylic frame holds the Mac Mini snugly, while the flat panel at the bottom helps to balance the weight. This stand is sufficient if you have enough desk space.

However, if you are low on desk space, you can either mount it on the wall or the underside of your desk. Naturally, this will save you space. However, you will have to take cable management into account.

Prop Them Up

Despite its compact shape, the Apple Mac Mini takes a considerable desk space after plugging the HDMI, Thunderbolt, and power cables. The vertical stands like the ones mentioned above help you save money and space.

If you want a simple and versatile stand, you can opt for the JOKItech stand. But for a slightly low-profile look, you can’t go wrong with the one by Cxmount.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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