5 Best Standing Desks With Storage

Most of our work desks have many cables and gadgets on them. Managing all of them becomes challenging if you are looking to get a standing desk. In addition, some of the older (and popular) standing desks have bare-bones designs and do not have the necessary area for storage. Thankfully, things have changed, and now, there are quite a few standing desks with storage that lets you store stationaries and gadgets with ease.

Best Standing Desks With Storage

Apart from that, a few standing desks also come with built-in wire management trays to give your desk a clean look.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best standing desks with storage. So without further ado, let’s check them out. But first,

1. SHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk

  • Width: 40-inches | Maximum Weight: N/A
  • Maximum Height: 28 to 46-inches

The SHW electric standing desk provides good value for the price. Though it’s one of the cheapest options on this list, it packs quite a few storage options. For instance, you get a duo of hanging hooks to keep your headphones, a wire rack to manage your PC’s power adapters, and power strips. Then there’s a drawer at the center to keep everyday essentials like diaries, notebooks, etc.

One of the main advantages of this standing desk is its quiet motor. This is particularly useful if you decide to pull up the desk to its full height in the middle of a call. That said, it can go from 28-inches to 46-inches.

All the options for the height adjustments are in an easily accessible area. It also allows you to program four height presets, which adds convenience in the long run.

This standing desk is easy to put together, and several users have pointed this as part of their reviews on Amazon. So far, it has attracted a handsome number of reviews, with people praising its make, easy installation process, and affordable price tag.

The width is sufficient, and you can easily place two standard-sized monitors side by side.

2. Fezibo Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Width: 55-inches | Maximum Weight: 176lbs
  • Maximum Height: 27.7 to 46.6-inches

If you want a wide but slightly affordable electric standing desk with storage, then you can have a peek at the Fezibo standing desk. This one has a rustic look, thanks to its wooden laminate at the top. It’s 55-inches wide and gives you enough space to keep your dual monitor rig and a small laptop.

This Fezibo standing desk is sturdy, and several users have pointed this as part of their reviews. The good thing is that it’s designed to hold over 176-pounds of weight. Like the one above, it comes with a drawer, two hooks, and a wire rack for holding wires and power strips.

The wire rack and the hooks are sturdy enough to withstand the weight. However, the fabric drawer is flimsy and can’t hold heavy objects like keyboards or power adapters. At the most, it can hold small and light objects like calculators, scissors, and diaries.

That said, this Fezibo table is flexible and can go up to 46.6-inches, thereby making it apt for tall persons. Plus, the digital readout lets you know the current height of the desk for later reference. In addition, it supports four height presets.

The motor is not noisy and lets you go about your job smoothly. The installation process is straightforward. And if you know your way around tools, you should be able to install them in no time.

The Fezibo adjustable standing desk is quite popular on Amazon and has more than 5,000 reviews to its credit. People love it for its easy installation process and ergonomic design.

3. Cooperton Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Width: 30.75-inches | Maximum Weight: 48lbs
  • Maximum Height: 36.125 to 48.25-inches

The Cooperton standing desk from Wayfair is your best option if you have a small room. It is a small and compact standing desk can accommodate your laptop and a few stationaries at the top. The second shelf is also spacious and can hold stationeries like chargers, calculators, pens, etc. And yes, this table packs a hook as well.

You can easily adjust the height. The maximum height is around 48.25-inches, whereas the minimum height is around 36.12-inches. The latter means that you won’t be able to use this desk while sitting on a chair (standard desks are around 30-inches in height). But if you have a height-adjustable chair, you might be able to work without straining your neck and back.

That said, this one is a portable desk and comes with wheels. So you can easily move it around, and the small dimensions help its case.

The second shelf’s height is permanent, so you do not have to worry about power adapters or power strips’ wire getting caught in the middle. Though it has earned some great reviews due to its portability, sturdiness, and easy adjustability, it has a few limitations.

For one, there are no presets, but you can adjust the height mechanically using a small lever.

4. Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

  • Width: 48-inches | Maximum Weight: 150lbs
  • Maximum Height: 32.48 to 51.38-inches

If you are looking for a traditional desk with a modern twist, you must look at the Fezibo adjustable desk. Just like a traditional desk, this desk is also built on two levels. The upper part houses the monitor, whereas the second level has drawers and an open insert.

The table is wide enough to house an ultrawide monitor, and the drawer inserts are spacious enough to hold your belongings. More importantly, the table is deep enough to let you work without issues. If we talk numbers, you get around 23-inches from the edge to the drawers.

The installation process isn’t too challenging, and several users have pointed this in their reviews. As long as you follow the instruction manual, you should have the table standing in a short time.

The motor is quiet and fast. The latter means that you will be able to achieve the desired height easily. The best part about this table is that the entire table’s height can be adjusted, and not just the top shelf. Plus, the three-height presets make things convenient in the long run.

This Fezibo standing desk with storage is a little expensive than the ones above. However, it’s not wobbly and holds its place, and that’s a huge plus.

5. Flexispot Comhar Standing Desk

  • Width: 48-inches | Maximum Weight: 110lbs
  • Maximum Height: 28.3 to 47.6-inches

The Flexispot Comhar standing desk brings a sleek look to the table. Compared to the tables above, it packs a slim and sleek table, yet bundles several interesting features. For one, it has a USB-C charging port and a duo of USB-A ports for charging gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Secondly, the drawer is sturdy enough to hold your every essential like keyboards and mice.

The desk is strong and sturdy and can hold weight up to 110 pounds. This gives you the convenience to mount two monitors or a big ultrawide monitor.

The motor is smooth and quiet, and all you need to do is tap lightly on the panel to move it up and down. However, while the movement is smooth, the desk tends to wobble a little when you put your whole weight on it.

Nevertheless, it has earned its share of positive reviews thanks to its ergonomic and sleek design and easy installation process.

It’s a premium standing desk and checks off several boxes all at once. If you do not mind spending a few extra bucks, this standing desk is worth trying.

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A sedentary lifestyle is a slow killer, and getting a standing desk is one of the many options to improve the quality of our WFH lifestyle. If you are looking for ample space, the dual-shelf Fezibo adjustable desk is the best option. But of looks and functionality are both important, the Flexipost table fits the description.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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