6 Best Standing Desk Converters With Keyboard Tray That You Can Buy

If you want to avoid sitting at your desk for long hours, it’s wise to invest in a quality standing desk. That’ll help your back, and also save you from hours of sitting in the same position. The best part is that most of the standing desk converters that we see today can be turned into a conventional desk. So you can alternate between standing and sitting while you work. On top of that, some of them even come with a dedicated keyboard tray. Sounds great, right?

Best Standing Desks With Keyboard Tray

Apart from helping you keep your desk clutter-free, a dedicated keyboard tray provides a better ergonomic posture. Yeah, your wrists will thank you.

So, if you are in the market for some functional standing desk converters with a keyboard tray, here are some of the best options that you can consider buying.

Let’s take a look.

1. VariDesk Pro Plus

With a width of 36-inches, the VariDesk Pro Plus is a premium standing desk converter that gives you ample space to play around. It’s sleek, solid and doesn’t wobble even when you type away furiously. The keyboard tray is quite spacious and gives you plenty of space to keep your keyboard, mouse along with a few other stationery items. The highlight of the VariDesk Pro Plus is the 11 different height settings that you can use to your advantage.

Setting it up doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, as per many reviewers.

Speaking of ergonomics, many have praised this desk for its great ergonomic design. As we mentioned above, the desk lets you switch between 11 different positions as per your comfort and height. If we talk numbers, the maximum height that this desk yield is 17.5-inches. To add to it, the spring boost mechanism eases the job of lowering and lifting the desk.

This premium desk accumulated around 87% positive rating at the time of writing. A huge chunk of the users has commended this desk for its easy assembly, ergonomics, and sturdiness.

If you can ignore the premium pricing, this is one of the best options.

2. Vivo Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter

Vivo is a well-known name when it comes to ergonomic solutions. The company offers a range of functional standing desks and the Vivo Stand up Desk Converter is one of them. It’s priced considerably less and provides almost the same solutions. It is 36-inches wide and comes with gas springs. However, the keyboard tray is a tad different. Nonetheless, it’s spacious.

The table weighs around 42.4 pounds, which makes it sturdy and stable enough not to slip or slide. Plus, the spring lift lets you adjust the height easily with just a squeeze of the handle.

This desk converter rises to a height of 17-inches and can go as low as 6-inches. Assembly is easy and usually wrapped up within half an hour for most users.

Like its counterpart above, the Vivo Stand up Desk Converter has collected impressive reviews with users praising its solid build and ergonomic design.

Do note that the mouse may not fit the keyboard tray if you plan to use a conventional keyboard like the Logitech G915 Lightspeed.

3. The House of Trade Standing Desk

If you want an affordable standing desk converter, you can check out the one by The House of Trade. Unlike the ones above, this one comes with a sliding keyboard tray which adds to the experience. With a width of 32-inches, the base variant has plenty of room to fit standard-sized monitors. It comes with 5 height settings and the desk can raise 16.5-inches from the base and can go as low as 6-inches.

The wide keyboard tray means that you can keep your keyboard and mouse along with a coffee mug.

The main selling point of this desk is that it comes fully assembled. On the reviews front, it has done pretty well. It’s well-made, durable and the sliding keyboard is the cherry on top.

However, some users did have difficulty in raising and lowering the unit. So you might want to take this point into consideration.

4. G-Pack Pro Desktop Standing Desk Converter

Another option that you can check out is the standing desk converter by G-Pack Pro. The highlight of this desk is the smooth vertical movements, all thanks to the gas springs. It doesn’t have fixed positions for height adjustments, meaning you can stop at any point you like. Plus, the keyboard tray is removable should you want to switch to a sitting position.

Assembly is easy. You simply need to attach the brackets for the keyboard tray and that’s about it.

Owing to the sturdy build, wide space, and value-for-money proposition, this desk has earned its share of positive reviews.

5. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

With great finish and clean lines, the TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter is an affordable and stylish option. This one raises to a height of 20-inches and goes as low as 3-inches. At around 34 pounds, this desk is light compared to its peers. At 37-inches, this desk has ample space to house two standard-sized monitors and the keyboard tray provides ample space too.

A distinguishing element of this desk is the two hand-grips at each side for lifting the desk. Speaking of the gas lift, it’s pretty smooth and lifts easily with just a little guidance to control the speed.

Other than that, this one is a solid inexpensive option. More importantly, the desk is sturdy and doesn’t wobble.

6. Mount-It Workstation Standing Desk Converter

Last but not least, we have the simple Standing Desk Converter from Mount It which is compact and bundles two monitor arms with VESA mounts. The desk has a width of 24-inches which makes it pretty easy to fit one more screen on the desk.

This standing desk converter can handle two 27-inch monitors. But, the only catch is that they must have VESA mounts at the back.

Overall the desk quality is good for the price, and the same has reflected in users’ reviews of the desk.

However, some users have noted that assembling the desk can be a little difficult.

Bask in the Comfort!

Be it the conventional standing desks or the standing desk converters, these products prove to be a tiny little investment for a healthier back. The good thing about these desk converters is that you can easily switch back to a sitting position whenever you are tired or when you need to focus on important work.

At the same time, keep taking breaks while you work. If you find it difficult to keep a tab on time, you can check out these Chrome extensions which will remind you of the same.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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