5 Best Sports Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series

While the new Apple Watch Ultra with its dual GPS technology is the latest smartwatch in town, let’s not forget the Android users out there. The Galaxy Watch 5 series was also recently unveiled and it’s a great accessory for working out. However, the included bands can start feeling uncomfortable.

Galaxy Watch 5 sports bands

Luckily, both the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have replaceable bands. You can get a standard 20mm band of your choice and switch it up for extra comfort and style. We’ve gone through several options and shortlisted some of the best Galaxy Watch sports bands you can buy. You can use these bands on both, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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1. Geak Slim Silicone Strap

Silicone straps are generally good for running and working out so this pack of 4 slim silicone bands should surely be in your consideration. Slim straps are usually preferred by women but of course, nothing is stopping all you men out there from using them. They’re light and comfortable which is important for working out.

These slim silicone straps give a minimalistic look to your Galaxy Watch 5. They make the watch appear smaller than it is and since you’re shaving off some parts of the band, it’s also lighter and easier to wear. You get a pack of 4 different colors that you can switch to match your outfit.

The locking mechanism on these bands is better than the default band as well, making them easier to put on and take off. Users have also reported that this band makes the watch less bulky. As per the reviews, you might experience some redness on your wrist if you wear the band too tightly since there are no holes for breathability.

2. Meulot Stretchy Nylon Bands

Nylon bands are undeniably one of the most comfortable bands to wear not only for working out but also for daily use. They are soft and stretchy and give you the feeling that you’re not wearing anything on your wrist even when used for long durations.

Not everyone likes silicone bands as they can cause some friction on your skin. So, if you’re looking for a more comfortable option, consider getting these nylon sports bands for your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This is a pack of 5 nylon watch bands with different colors and textures. You can change them according to your outfit for the day.

The advantage of getting a nylon band is that you can wear it all day and not just while working out. There’s also no buckle, so you can wear these like a bracelet. If comfort is your topmost priority, you can pick these up. One downside of nylon bands, though, is that when you sweat while working out, the material absorbs the water and becomes wet. This can get annoying if you wear the band all day.

3. ZSMJ Breathable Silicone Band

Remember how we mentioned in the first listing that the bands aren’t breathable, and hence, cause some skin irritation? Well, this band solves that issue by giving ample holes for your skin to breathe through. If you’re looking for silicone straps and don’t mind the larger size, opt for these.

The silicone bands included in this pack of 3 straps are reminiscent of the Apple Watch Nike bands in terms of looks and design. They have a colorful pattern with one color on the underside of the band and another on top. This creates a nice contrast and looks appealing. The band has several holes all over for the buckle to slot in, but these holes also allow your skin to breathe through the silicone when worn.

The material is also thicker than the default strap so you can expect these bands to be more durable. You get 3 different bands in one pack so if you choose to wear them even after working out, you can change the bands depending on your attire.

However, some users have said the material used is stiffer than usual so the watch might appear slightly bulged when worn on your wrist. This gets better with time as and when you use the band.

4. Nereides Nylon Woven Loop Sports Strap

Are you looking for a rugged sports band that can sustain some external force without snapping? If yes, this is the band you should get. This is yet another nylon band but with a completely different design and build quality. Highly recommended for a rugged look.

The previously mentioned nylon straps did not have a mechanism to fasten the bands in place on your wrist. This one, though, has a loop along with velcro for a precision fit around your wrist. This is something sportspersons or people who work out will surely appreciate. The nylon is comfortable as ever on your wrist, so you can use it throughout the day.

The band has a typical rugged look that a lot of users will like. It’s available in several color options but the army green looks the best in our opinion if you want a band that stands out.

You won’t face any irritation on your wrist with this band, but the point we mentioned earlier about the material absorbing sweat and getting wet stays true to this one too. You still sweat lesser around the wrist with this band compared to silicone ones, though, so that’s an advantage.

5. Spigen Rugged Band

This is your classic sports band that has a rugged look along with carbon fiber accents, similar to Spigen’s rugged armor cases. It’s not as sticky as a silicone band but is still soft and flexible while being rugged enough to sustain some pulling or tugging. If you want a band that resembles the one you get with digital watches like a G-Shock, this is your best option.

If you want to make your Galaxy Watch 5 look like a standard sports watch with a stealthy band, you cannot go wrong with this strap from Spigen. It has a black exterior with some attractive elements like ridges and different textures. While it is a durable strap, some users have said that it accumulates a lot of sweat near the buckle which can get uncomfortable if not cleaned periodically.

The nature of the band is such that it leaves some gap near the dial which may look odd to some users, so this is something to consider as well. Despite being rugged, the strap is lightweight which is surely a bonus if you work out a lot.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to bring back the retro Casio look to your Galaxy Watch 5, this is a good purchase.

Get Sporty

If you are a fitness enthusiast and work out regularly, you can pick up any of these Galaxy Watch 5 sports bands to make your smartwatch more comfortable when worn. Which of these bands did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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