5 Best Soundbar Wall Mounts for Under TV

Getting a soundbar is the next obvious step if your TV doesn’t produce adequate sound. It amplifies the sound and helps to direct the sound toward the front so that you have an immersive experience. However, if you have a wall-mounted TV, a soundbar on the TV console below may seem out of place, especially with all the dangling wires. Soundbar wall mounts for under the TV will help solve all your woes.

Best Soundbar Wall Mounts for Under TVs

These soundbar mounts are installed on the TV’s VESA holes so the soundbar can hang from under the TV. This solution frees your TV console from the soundbar, and you can hide all the power cables and the connecting cables.

Besides that, you will be able to adjust the width of the base tray as per your soundbar’s width. However, check the VESA holes on your TV before you hit the Buy button.

Now that it’s settled, here are our top recommendations for quality soundbar mounts for under TV.

Let’s get started. But first,

1. WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount

The Wali Universal soundbar mount is one of the most affordable mounts on this list. Interestingly, it can be mounted under and above the TV. It fits most soundbars. But, you may want to check the dimensions beforehand.

So far, users have remarked that it’s easy to install. It’s especially true if you have worked with mounting TVs and monitors. The height can go as far as 13 inches. All you need to do is adjust the screws accordingly. For the record, this mount comes packed with tools and screws.

That said, this metal soundbar mount is durable. If we talk numbers, it can carry up to 33 lbs. However, make sure that the TV bracket can take the combined weight of the TV and the soundbar.

It’s rated well on Amazon. Users love the fact that you can hide the cable behind it. At the same time, they liked the fact that it’s sturdy and easy to install. It’s not without its limitations. For one, the width of the soundbar tray is fixed and can’t be modified. So if have a long soundbar, it’s best to skip this one.

2. USX MOUNT Universal Soundbar Mount

Another soundbar wall mounts for under TV is the one by USX Mount. It addresses one of the major limitations of the above mount—here, the width of the base tray can be modified as per the device’s width. You can adjust the width as far as 6.06 inches. But, it’s not suited for TVs with VESA holes smaller than 100mm.

It’s a quality metal soundbar mount and holds soundbars up to 13 lbs. Again, installing it is straightforward. As long as you have a compatible TV mount, you can attach the brackets to the TV wall plate. However, some users have pointed out that you may need extra hardware like screws and washers.

This USX Mount can carry the soundbar weight well. It’s durable and gives your TV setup a sharp and clutterless look.

It comes highly recommended by its user base for its mounting system and sturdy design. It’s well made, and the easy installation process is the cherry on top. If you would like a minimum-fuss mounting system for your soundbar, this is the one you should buy.

3. Mounting Dream Soundbar Mount

Mounting Dream’s Soundbar mount for mounting under TV is apt for you if you have a soundbar like the Sonos Beam. This mount has received love from its user base for its accurate fit for the Sonos Beam. The base holder has holes on the underside to fix the Sonos Beam.

It’s a universal soundbar mount and fits TVs with VESA holes between 200mm and 400mm. More importantly, it can hold heavy soundbars as heavy as 13 lbs.

Compared to the ones above, the TV bracket is wide to fit into bigger TVs. Thankfully, it fits TVs with VESA holes up to 200mm. However, the base holder can’t be modified and is fixed to the soundbar mount. It lacks a front plate to hold the soundbar. Instead, soundbars are installed via the holes at the base.

4. Sanus Soundbar Wall Mount For Under TV Mount

The Sanus soundbar mount looks a lot different from the mounting systems above. Instead of a base tray and vertical brackets, it comes with a horizontal bar that attaches to the VESA holes of TVs. For now, it’s compatible with TVs with VESA between 75mm and 600mm. As opposed to the industrial look of the ones above, this Sanus soundbar mount carries a sleek look and complements modern soundbars well.

Again, it doesn’t have a base tray for the soundbar. Rather you’ll have to attach the base bracket to the back or bottom of your soundbar. For now, it can shoulder weights up to 20 lbs. But some users have opined that it can’t hold soundbars in the upper ranges of the weight limit.

While its user base has attracted positive reviews, the installation process is challenging. On the bright side, the company offers the option for installation along with your purchase. It fits lightweight soundbars, especially the ones like the Sonos Arc. And for this reason alone, it has attracted good reviews from Arc owners. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

5. Vivo Steel Universal Dual Soundbar Wall Mount

The Vivo Steel Universal soundbar mount is the last accessory on our list. Unlike the ones above, these are independent mounts and don’t fit over the VESA holes of TVs. Instead, these mounts directly on walls. At the same time, you can adjust the width of the base plate as per the base’s width of the soundbar.

It’s incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is drill the holes in the right places below your TV. That said, the company ships all the hardware like screws, anchors, and dry-wall screws, along with the mount. Compared to the ones above, this pair of mounts are less expensive. However, you will need to drill holes below the TV, and that’s a major limitation if you are in a rental property.

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These were some of the best soundbar wall mounts for under the TV. The idea is to see if your TV bracket is rated for the cumulative weight. Plus, if your soundbar has a top-firing speaker, keep a little distance. More importantly, there should be enough space from the VESA holes to the soundbar tray to accommodate the audio device comfortably. So, make sure you do all your calculations before you hit the Buy button.

Last updated on 28 December, 2022

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