4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console comes with a new design, but the latest design iteration makes it run a couple of degrees warmer. If you want your PS5 to stay cool while you play Far Cry 6 or Ghost of Tsushima, there are a couple of cooling stands you can consider.

Best Sony Play Station 5 Cooling Stands

They help to regulate the flow of air within the console. And the best part is that they also act as the charging station for the controllers. Besides that, these cooling stands also help you achieve an organized look on your gaming desk.

So if you are looking for PlayStation 5 cooling stands, here are our best recommendations. But before that,

1. Kootek Vertical Stand

The Kootek stand for the PS5 is a simple stand horizontal stand. Apart from holding the PS5, this stand also houses two DualSense controllers. And that’s not the end of the story. This stand also bundles a couple of USB ports that you can use to connect your keyboard or wired mouse.

The fans are at the bottom and help to cool the PS5. And as we noted earlier, it also acts as an organizer for your gaming desk. But, it’s not an independent device and draws its power from the PS5.

Like any cooling station, this is not an entirely noise-free product. The fans do create a slight buzz, which you might not hear while gaming (or if you put on your noise-canceling headphones).

2. Auarte Vertical Stand With Cooling Fan

Another inexpensive cooling stand for the PS5 is the one by Auarte. This one has a similar make & build to the one above. Like the one above, the air blows from the bottom. However, this stand comes with three USB ports and gives you a little extra room to connect your peripherals.

It also charges via the PS5 via USB. While it seems like a good arrangement (less cable clutter), the fans refuse to budge when the console goes into rest mode or is switched off.

The low price tag is certainly tempting, but this product has seen mixed reviews. Quite a few users report that the charging ports were not working after a few months. On the upside, the makers promise a replacement or a refund if you receive a faulty product.

If you are looking for something short-term, then this is a decent option to pick.

3. Mes Merry Vertical Stand with Headset Holder

The Mes Merry cooling stand for the Platy Station 5 is a little expensive than its counterparts above, but it brings an interesting ensemble of features. Not only does it house two DualSense controllers, but it also has the stand to keep headphones and the remote Cool, right?

It works similarly. That means the fans will stop working when the power to the PS5 is cut off. The good news is that the fans will run if you connect them via the USB-C adapter. And yes, there are four USB-C adapters. Now, that’s cool.

Apart from keeping the gaming console cool, this horizontal stand is the holder for some of your accessories. It’s a popular product on Amazon and has seen more than 300 user reviews. People like it for its low price tag and stylish look.

4. NexiGo Vertical Stand

Last but not least, we have the stand from NexiGo. This one is popular for its quiet fans, even though it bundles dual fans. The former ensures that you are not distracted while you are gaming. At the same time, the stand is easy to put together and works as advertised.

This stand is more about organizing your accessories. For one, it has a headphone stand and space to keep the DualSense controllers. What’s more, the sides have wedges to hold game CDs. Now, that’s a plus.

One of the limitations of this stand is that it doesn’t attach directly to the PlayStation. And at times, it may cause the console to wobble. This cooling stand has received favorable reviews from its user base primarily for its ease of use and easy installation.

As Cool as a Cucumber

The Sony PlayStation 5 doesn’t overheat easily, even when playing a high-intensity game and downloading other games in the background. However, if you still want a cooling stand for the peace of your mind, these four are some of your best options.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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