6 Best Soccer Apps for iPhone and iPad to Track Score and News

As huge football/soccer fans, we cannot live without a dedicated app that shows us scores, schedules, and everything else related to the game on our phones. However, it took us time to find a comprehensive app that was a perfect companion for the game. Luckily, we were able to find multiple good Soccer apps for iPhone and iPad that any fan would love to have, and we want to share that list with you today.

Following a sport is so much more than just knowing the score of the game. As fans, you’d want game analysis, ratings, player information, transfer news, etc. While apps like ESPN and Bleacher Report do a good job, we’d still recommend using an app that is dedicated to soccer. And that was our focus while preparing this list, so go ahead and take a look.

1. FotMob: Best Soccer App for Statistics

What bothered us when we used apps before landing on FotMob was that we weren’t able to see detailed, historical data of a player. If you are a die-hard fan, you will agree that wanting to know how many goals Messi scored in the 2012/13 season, in the middle of the night – is a perfectly normal thought. FotMob lets you do exactly that, with detailed stats for over every single player at your fingertips.

FotMob has a clean, material design interface to track all your games and scores. You can also set your favorite teams to receive notifications of score updates and news. You also have a detailed transfers page for every league and club, so you know who is in and who is out, and FotMob also curates and displays news from various popular sources.

Besides, we love the small details FotMob provides of the game it focuses on. So in our opinion, this is the best a soccer app can get. Another neat addition is that you can also listen to commentary of popular live games. This is helpful if you can’t find a stream of the game in your location.

A little downside, though, is that sometimes the notifications are spoilers for scores since there is a little delay in the live telecast. At times, we also felt the sheer amount of information and games on the main screen to be a bit overwhelming. FotMob also supports Apple Watch, but it only shows games that you follow. We would prefer to show all popular games or let us select a league and keep it active all the time on the Apple Watch.

Further, there is also a premium version of the application that does not feature any advertisements. Overall, we love that the app offers everything from stats and where to find matches on TV/streaming platforms to play-by-play notes and beyond.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $2.49/3 months onwards

2. OneFootball: Soccer App with Best User Interface

OneFootball is quite a popular app, and we found the app to have the best-looking user interface among all the soccer apps for iPhone and iPad. As soon as you enter the app, it shows you the upcoming or live match of your favorite team in a large highlighted card. We like this feature since we mostly open a soccer score app to check the game of the team that we are supporting.

OneFootball also shows you news and stories from popular media outlets on your homepage. Another good addition is that you can also integrate OneFootball with Siri so that you can get the scores of your favorite team when you speak out a phrase.

It also provides statistics of players, but only emphasizes showing the data of the current season the player is a part of. Hence, finding historical statistics is simply not possible. However, we like the highlighted statistics along with the rank of the player in that statistic in the league – helps you summarize the overall performance of the player at a glance.

OneFootball also sends out timely notifications, but we don’t get to see the player behind the result – whether it is a goal or a red card. Another downside that some users reported is the lack of quality news articles. There are a few grammatical errors making it difficult to understand the meaning. Besides, there is also a limit to the number of players you can follow.

There are ads present, but they are non-intrusive and you can get rid of them by purchasing a pro version of the application. Besides, OneFootball also claims a faster performance with minimized data usage in the pro version.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $0.99/month onwards

3. GOAL: Free iOS Soccer App With the Best News and Coverage

GOAL is a soccer app that mainly focuses on providing you with extensive coverage of all the news and the buzz regarding the game. Sure, it displays scores and coverage of live games but it mostly is an app that helps you read and catch up on everything that’s going on in the football world.

On the first page of the app, you see the most important event of the gameday, featured in a large card. This is then followed by all the other stories relevant to the next set of games that are taking place. You can also select your favorite players and teams to create a feed so that you see stories and news related to them on a single page. GOAL also does a good job of showing old data and statistics.

GOAL also has a page called ‘GOAL 50’ within the app, where you can vote for your favorite player and see a list of the top fifty players with the most votes.

A major complaint we have with this app is that it is sluggish in performance and the UI needs a lot of optimization. What makes it worse is the intrusive large-sized advertisement in the app, and there is no premium version to disable it. At times, users complained of listening to ad audio without the video which left them confused.

Both of these make for an unreliable user experience. However, we still like it and decided to feature GOAL on this list of best soccer apps for iPhone and iPad for the extensive coverage it provides of the game.

Price: Free

4. ForzaFootball: Minimal Soccer Scores App for iPhone

ForzaFootball is a simple soccer app with a minimal design that does the job well. It does not have a lot of added features but it gives you everything that you need – be it scores, news, and all the other important coverage regarding games.

Firstly, you get a tab where you can keep an eye on your favorite team and your favorite players. You will receive coverage exclusively for these in the home tab. We found the calendar tab to be quite useful for an overview of all the games that are scheduled across the world.

ForzaFootball also has a full-fledged app for Apple Watch and supports a wide range of widgets for the iPhone home screen. It also allows you to sync your settings to iCloud, and this makes it easier when you download it freshly on a new iPhone.

What’s interesting is that it has a dedicated tab for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Hence, making it easy for people who exclusively download the app for the world cup coverage. However, we felt that the search suggestions and the player and team statistics could be improved.

The app has advertisements, but do not interfere much with the important elements of the app and you also get to close an ad every time it pops up. Further, purchasing the pro version removes the ads, and also lets you contribute and help their youth academy in Cambodia.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $149/month onwards

5. BeSoccer: Lightweight Soccer App for iPhone and iPad

BeSoccer is also along the lines of ForzaFootball and follows a simple and minimal user interface to provide you with scores, news, and transfer updates in the world of soccer. Overall, it does a good job of providing scores and timely updates on all the active soccer games that are happening.

On the home screen, there is a ribbon on the top that looks much like the Instagram stories icons. These icons have a team logo, a player face, or anything related to the game that is generating buzz over the last few days. And once you click on it, you will be able to see detailed information regarding the same. This is a great way to showcase trending news related to the game.

Other than that, there is also a tab called ‘Explore’, that has all countries listed in alphabetical order forming an index. Once you select a country, you will be able to see all the local leagues and coverage regarding their national team. You also get a dedicated tab for transfers and news.

The app has advertisements and can get a bit annoying. You can purchase the plus version of the app to disable the same.

Price: Free; Plus Version: $2.99 onwards

6. Premier League: Best Soccer App for English Premier League

There’s no doubt that the Premier League is the most popular soccer league out there. And if you mostly follow English soccer, or as it should be called – football, this app is for you.

The best feature of the Premier League app is that it features the widely played Fantasy Premier League or also known as the FPL, where people go gung-ho every game-week. If you are active on social media following the accounts in the football and soccer space, we’re sure you are aware of the buzz, and the enthusiasm fans have as they play FPL.

The homepage of the app is dedicated to all the important updates and news regarding Premier League, and we love the detailed coverage, especially the expert analysis of tactics, player stories, and even the coverage regarding the youth clubs in English football.

If you want an encyclopedia of the English Premier League, this app is a must as it has every single stat since the league was introduced, and also provides a great tool to compare and keep track of stats pertaining to active games and players. However, a little improvement we’d expect on the FPL front is accessing it within the app itself instead of an in-app browser window.

You also have short videos regarding games, and all post/pre-match talks, basically providing you with every single detail of the league. However, the app does not provide any coverage other than English football and UEFA Champions League. We would prefer another tab that just shows the scores of all the other games that are happening, because as football fans, we’re should you would want to briefly know what’s happening in other leagues too.

Price: Free

Gear Up for FIFA World Cup 2022 With These Soccer Apps

And this was a list of the best soccer apps for iPhone and iPad that we could compile after downloading and trying out a lot of apps from the App Store. With the FIFA World Cup 2022 up and running in Qatar, we thought we’d help you with this list to track and stay updated with all scores, and news regarding the game!

Last updated on 22 November, 2022

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