4 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers With Alexa Control

Automated smart sprinkler systems ease several things. From scheduling and weather forecast-based functioning, they take care of several things to keep your garden lush and green. Add another factor like Alexa-based voice commands to this mixture, and you have the perfect recipe in your hands. These smart sprinkler controllers with Alexa bring several things to the table, including water scheduling, app controls, zone-based irrigation, voice commands, and weather integration.

4 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers With Alexa Control FI

While installing the hardware is not too challenging, you may want to take the help of a sprinkler contractor for the job, especially if your municipality mandates that.

So if Amazon Alexa powers your smart home and if you have plans to upgrade your garden, here are some of the best smart sprinkler controllers with Alexa control. Let’s check them out. But before that,

1. Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller

If you do not want to spend a bomb, you can have a look at the Netro Smart Sprinkler system. This one is for yards and lawns with six zones. The device sync with the Netro cloud service and helps manage the sprinklers effortlessly. The highlight of this system is the Water Restriction feature. The controller will automatically tweak its settings per the local water restrictions.

The device is small and easy to set up, and several users have pointed out this in their reviews. You’ll need to install the device on the wall and then connect the sprinkler control wiring as per the zones.

For its price, the Netro 6-zone smart sprinkler controller is smart. The Weather Aware feature ensures that the sprinklers don’t run when the ground is wet, or when it’s raining. Secondly, you can set up smart scheduling on the app. With this, you can set up an interval between each session as per the solid. So if you’re soil can’t absorb water quickly, you can customize the watering interval accordingly.

The Alexa integration is decent for the price. You can issue commands like, “Alexa, water zone 3 for 10 minutes”, and it will do the needful. So far, the Netro smart sprinkler has amassed a good number of user reviews, with users praising its affordable price tag and easy installation process.

2. Orbit B-hyve XR Sprinkler Controller

The B-HYVE XR is a step above the Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller. This one is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled controller and comes with an IP65 rating. The latter means that you can install the hardware outside as well. It’s an 8-zone controller with features like WeatherSense, smart watering restriction, and a timer. And yes, it has a unique design, and the small hexagon-shaped LEDs at the front display the status over time, of overtime.

The installation process is not too challenging. However, you may want to use a sprinkler contractor’s help to install it. Once done, the device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, after which you can configure the Wi-Fi. Do note that a few features like WaterSense only works over Wi-Fi.

Unlike some water sprinklers, this one doesn’t come with dedicated water or moisture sensor. Instead, it relies on the local weather stations. And if there are chances of rain, it delays the watering schedules.

While you can issue voice commands via Alexa, note that the Alexa setup is not the smoothest.

3. Rain Bird ST8I-2.0

Rain Bird is a popular maker of sprinkler controllers, and the ST8I-2.0 is the 2nd generation device of the company’s smart sprinkler devices. It is the one for you if you want to control multiple controllers with a single phone. Like most Rain Bird devices, this one also comes with a slew of buttons and controls at the top.

This feature means you do not have to rely on the phone app to do the job solely. It also bundles bells & whistles like local weather monitoring and seasonal adjustments.

It’s not a weatherproof device and you’ll need to install it indoors. The installation and the subsequent setup process are easy. However, the Wi-Fi integration can be wonky at times.

That said, it’s a popular product. However, if you are someone who will rely more on the app and the smart display rather than the hardware interface, it’s best to skip this one.

4. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio 3 is the more expensive smart sprinkler controller system on this list. As you may have guessed, this one brings a slew of controls to the table, including dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility, weather intelligence, smart schedules, and a flawless app. If you want a truly smart controller, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

It’s an 8-zone controller and comes with a responsive and smart app. You can see all the lined-up jobs and the history in a few simple steps. Like the one above, you can identify the zones with photos. You can also program the zones as per the sun exposure and soil type.

The Alexa integration is the best in this sprinkler system. You can call Alexa to water your lawn as per the zone number. The good thing is that it’s also compatible with Google Assistant and some IFTTT applets.

But the feature that helps it stand apart from the rest is its hardware design. It sorts a beautiful smooth exterior with an LED line running straight through it. If the device is functioning properly, the line glows firmly. However, if it faces issues with connection, it blinks to warn you of the same.

More importantly, the Rachio 3 performs flawlessly. The folks at PC Mag could run it successfully without missing commands or delays. And it responded well to commands and weather forecasts.

In short, if you want a truly smart water sprinkler system that integrates well with Amazon Alexa, then the Rachio 3 is the one you should pick.

Let the Grass Grow

Maintaining a nice-looking lawn is not easy, especially if you live in a hot and dry climate. And the above smart sprinklers, with their automated water schedules and weather station features, should help you get there.

Last updated on 19 September, 2022

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