3 Best Smart Rings for Fitness and Sleep Tracking

Smartwatches can help you keep a tab on your health and fitness levels. However, there are two major pain points of smartwatches that can bother you — battery life and comfort. Most smartwatches need to be charged overnight. This also means you can’t wear them to bed to track your sleep. Even if the battery lasts long, wearing a large watch to bed isn’t the most comfortable experience. To tackle all these issues, we’ve made a list of the best smart rings for fitness and sleep tracking.


A smart ring is less intrusive since it isn’t bulky. Simply slip it on your finger, and you can track your steps, calories, and sleep, too. Unlike smartwatches, though, there aren’t a lot of reliable smart rings on the market. So to make your job easier, we’ve made a list of the best health-tracking rings you can buy. But before that –

1. RingConn Smart Ring

  • Battery life: 7 days
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Subscription: No
ringconn smart ring

Ringconn is the newest entrant in the smart ring space. Despite that, the Ringconn smart ring nails most basic functions like fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. It also has some nifty additions, like a skin temperature sensor for detailed sleep monitoring.

Along with tracking your health, a ring is a big part of your attire, so you would want it to look good. While the Ringconn smart ring isn’t the slimmest ring on this list, it looks quite appealing. You can pick up the ring in three colorways — Black, Silver, and Gold. We personally like the black variant, but of course, it boils down to your personal preference.

As mentioned previously, the Ringconn smart ring isn’t the thinnest, so you may need a few days to get used to the ring sitting on your finger all the time. After a few days of usage, though, the ring gets comfortable, as per reviews.

Moving to functionality — the major highlight of the Ringconn smart ring is its sleep-tracking abilities. The ring can categorize your sleep into different stages and point out differences in sleep quality. Several reviews mention that Ringconn’s tracking metrics are accurate when compared to other products like the Apple Watch.

The Ringconn smart ring is more than adept at tracking your fitness and monitoring your stress too. The brand claims up to seven days of battery life, and users seem to concur. You can charge the ring using the included case. Thankfully, Ringconn doesn’t expect you to pay any subscription fee. As such, you can access all the stats via the app after purchasing the ring.

If you’re looking for an affordable fitness ring tracker that has all the features you get on more expensive versions, the Ringconn smart ring is an excellent option. Hopefully, Ringconn can trim the thickness by a few millimeters with its next iteration.

What We Like

  • No subscription fees
  • Reliable metrics

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly on the thicker side
  • The outer surface picks up scratches easily

2. Oura Ring Gen3

  • Battery life: 7 days
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Subscription: Yes
oura ring

The Oura Ring is what comes to mind when you think of smart rings. The brand has been making smart wearables for a while now, and the Oura Ring Gen3 is a culmination of the brand’s expertise in this field.

Oura’s expertise is primarily in terms of its software algorithms. The brand is renowned for its accurate data reporting both in terms of fitness and sleep tracking. Just like the Ringconn smart ring, the Oura ring also has a built-in skin temperature monitor for reliable sleep-tracking.

The Oura ring is available in two variants — Heritage and Horizon. The Heritage version is the more affordable one and hence, sports a thicker design with a plateaued top. If you want a more premium-looking design, you should opt for the Horizon version. It’s slimmer and completely circular, like a conventional ring.

More notably, unlike the Ringconn smart ring, the Oura ring can generate an activity score. The score can be used to plan a workout or take a rest day. Oura also repurposes the temperature sensor to track and predict menstrual cycles.

As mentioned earlier, design is extremely subjective. Personally, though, we prefer the shiny, chrome look of the Oura ring — especially the Horizon version — over the Ringconn’s slightly muted look. Moreover, the Oura Ring Gen3 is also more comfortable to wear.

In spite of everything that the Oura Ring Gen3 has going for it, the biggest shortcoming is Oura’s recurring subscription. Right out of the gate, the Oura Ring costs more than the Ringconn smart ring. On top of that, you have to shell out money every month in order to get access to your fitness data.

Whether that recurring fee is worth it or not depends on how much you value the better design and slightly improved fitness metrics compared to the Ringconn smart ring. That said, if you want a ring with a slender frame and all the goodness of the Oura Ring — albeit at a slightly higher one-time cost — check out the Ultrahuman Ring Air below.

What We Like

  • Attractive design
  • Excellent health data metrics
  • Menstrual tracking

What We Don’t Like

  • Recurring subscription fee

3. Ultrahuman Ring Air

  • Battery life: 6 days
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Subscription: No
ultrahuman ring air

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is the most sophisticated piece of tech on this list. Despite being a small startup, the brand’s R&D has resulted in a product that’s slim while being packed with features. It’s the best example of style meets substance.

Cutting down on excess bulk is never a bad thing. Especially for a wearable that’s meant to be on your finger all day. And Ultrahuman has done exactly that. The latest smart ring from the brand is one of the slimmest smart rings on the market. And mind you, it comes with the same set of features as found on other smart rings.

Ultrahuman has smartly integrated all the required sensors on the ring’s underside. Thanks to this, there are no protruding sections on the ring like you might’ve seen on Ringconn or Oura’s offerings. Needless to say, the Ultrahuman ring scores big on comfort.

Along with standard fitness tracking, Ultrahuman’s expertise in this field has enabled them to include features like a Phase Response Curve to determine intricate parameters that affect your body clock. While it misses out on menstrual tracking, the temperature sensor on the Ring Air is used to determine your body’s response when you’re stressed or ill.

One area where the Ultrahuman Air ring lags behind slightly is in terms of color options. Since it’s an accessory you would wear every day, we would’ve liked to see more SKUs in popular colors like gold and silver. The only two finishes available are Aster black which is glossy, and Matte black.

The Ultrahuman Air gets most things right and is the slimmest, most comfortable smart ring you can buy. While it is the most expensive of the lot, the biggest advantage is it’s a one-time purchase. Ultrahuman doesn’t sell any sort of subscription service, so all your data is accessible for free.

If you don’t have any budget constraints, the Ultrahuman Ring Air should be your obvious choice. Of course, provided you don’t mind having a black ring that sticks out like a sore thumb.

What We Like

  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Accurate health data
  • No subscription fee

What We Don’t Like

  • Only available in a single color

FAQs for Smart Rings for Fitness and Sleep Tracking

1. Is a smart ring better than a smartwatch?

A smart ring may not offer as many features as a smartwatch due to the limitations of the form factor. However, it can be less intrusive and more comfortable to wear on a regular basis.

2. How comfortable is it to wear a smart ring?

If you’ve already been wearing a ring for a while, a smart ring won’t feel all that different. However, if it’s the first time you’re wearing a ring, you might need some time to get used to how a smart ring feels on your hand.

3. Are smart rings accurate?

All the smart rings mentioned above have accurate fitness and sleep tracking metrics. They’re comparable to smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Track Your Health With Comfort

Thanks to smart rings for fitness and sleep tracking, you no longer need a bulky smartwatch to keep a tab on your health metrics. A ring is arguably more comfortable and doesn’t need to be charged every day, making it a better device for sleep tracking. Not to forget, if you’re a fan of conventional watches, a smart ring lets you keep your wrist free for your favorite G-Shock or Rolex!

Last updated on 18 August, 2023

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