6 Best Smart Power Strips Compatible With Google Home

A power strip or a surge protector can be a convenient tool to power and charge multiple devices simultaneously. However, you may not want all connected devices to stay switched on all the time. Also, you’d want to control certain gadgets from anywhere in your house. That’s where a smart power strip compatible with Google Home comes in handy.

Best Smart Power Strips Compatible With Google Home

A phone charger may need to be switched on for about two hours until your phone gets completely charged. After which, it just unnecessarily stays connected to consume power. You can turn it off using a smart power bar. You may use the app or Google Assistant to set schedules and automatically turn on/off switches when required. We’ve made your job easier by accumulating some of the best Google Home-compatible smart surge protectors.

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1. GHome Smart Power Strip

This is one of the most basic smart power strips that you can get with Google Assistant support. It has three power outlets and three USB-A ports that can charge your gadgets and devices.

If you’re on a tight budget for a smart power strip just to test the waters, this can be a good option. It’s inexpensive but with limited sockets. You only get three sockets to connect your plugs, and to make up for it. The brand also gives you three USB-A ports that you can use to charge your smartphones and other devices.

You can connect a maximum load of 10A to the power sockets. The maximum output rating of the USB ports is 3.1A. The power strip connects to a smartphone app through which you can link it to your local Wi-Fi network. Once done, you can set it up with your Google Home and control it via voice commands.

2. Geeni Smart Surge Protector

This smart power strip has an in-built surge protector so you can be assured that your devices stay safe. You also get six different plug points to connect several devices simultaneously.

If three outlets aren’t sufficient for your usage, this power strip lets you connect six devices. It also has a narrower design which is a better fit on most desks since it takes up lesser space. Since the six outlets occupy the entire strip, there are no USB ports here.

The Geeni power strip also works the same way as the previous one. It links via a smartphone app to your Wi-Fi network and can then be connected to Google Assistant. You can then use your Google Home speaker or display to control the switches and set timers for the power trip. The length of the cable is 3 feet.

3. Tessan Wi-Fi Power Strip

The first option had less plug points but also had USB ports. The second one had more sockets but no ports. Well, this one’s a combination of both. You get six power sockets along with three USB-A ports on the side of this smart power strip.

This smart power strip from Geeni allows you to connect up to 9 devices simultaneously, making it a great purchase for places like offices or dorm rooms where multiple people would need to connect a lot of devices. You can use the six power outlets to connect plugs, while the three USB-A ports on the side can charge your smartphones and other similar devices.

The USB ports can deliver a maximum of 2.4A output voltage which isn’t all that fast but should get the job done. The attached cord is 6-feet-long which should be sufficient for most people. The strip connects via an app, which you can link to your Wi-Fi Network. You can then use voice commands to control the features via your Google Home device.

4. Meross Smart Power Strip

This is one of the few power strips that has support for Apple HomeKit too along with Google Assistant. So, if you also use Apple devices and want to control the power strip via them, you can opt for this surge protector.

While this power strip works with Apple HomeKit, a few differences make it stand out compared to other options on this list. It has four power sockets and four USB-A ports on the side to charge smartphones, tablets, and other accessories.

The power strip supports charging devices up to 15A output, which is a step up from some other options that max out at 10A. The USB ports can output a maximum of 4A combined, so the content will split if you connect devices to all of them. You get a 6ft cable attached to the smart power strip. You can use Google Assistant to control this power strip with an in-built surge protector.

5. Jinvoo Surge Protector

Liked the concept of the previous listing but wanted something that has a slightly different exterior instead of an elongated one? Well, this power strip is exactly that.

The Jinvoo surge protector has four plugs and four USB ports, like the previous option. However, the form factor is rectangular with a slightly wider area instead of a narrow strip. You get charging speeds of up to 2.1A via the USB-A ports.

You can use a smartphone app to connect the power strip to the internet and control it via your Google Home. Also, this smart power strip comes with two years of warranty.

TP-Link is a well-established brand especially when it comes to networking devices like routers and modems. This power strip is from a sub-brand of TP-Link called Kasa. This should be your pick if you want a smart power strip from a reputed brand.

This smart power strip from TP-Link is the most expensive one on this list, but that’s because you get peace of mind by using a product from a reputed brand. It’s not just about the brand name. This is the only smart power strip on this list with individual switches physically on the power strip itself. You can also control your devices individually via the power strip instead of the app.

The smart strip has six plug points and three USB-A ports on the side. The TP-Link app lets you connect the power strip to a Google Home device to control and monitor your energy consumption. Undoubtedly, this is the best smart power strip on this list, and if your budget permits, you should pick up this one.

FAQs for Smart Power Strips With Google Home

1. Can I control individual devices connected to the power strip using my voice?

Yes, you can turn on/off individual devices using the app or your voice via Google Assistant.

2. Are smart Google Home-compatible power strips also compatible with Alexa?

Some power strips in the list above are compatible with multiple smart assistants like Google Home, Alexa, and even Siri. So if you use different assistants, we suggest buying the relevant surge protector.

3. If a power strip has USB ports, can I control them using the app as well?

While you can control the output of the USB ports on some surge protector, you cannot manually turn on/off each port. You can either enable or disable all ports together.

Power Your Devices With Your Voice

Controlling a smart power strip with Google Home via an app and even your voice can be extremely convenient since you can power on or off a device remotely even when you’re not physically present near the switchboard. This can help both in terms of saving energy as well keep your devices safe.

Last updated on 31 July, 2023

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