6 Best Smart Locks With Handle

If you are into smart home devices, you must know the advantages of smart locks. These nifty locks make life more convenient and easy. And at the same time, maintain the security just like a normal lock would (or more). Smart locks with handles let you bring in the best of both worlds. You must punch in the code (or press your finger against the reader) and turn the handle. That’s it.

6 Best Smart Locks With Handle

Plus, you get other advantages like auto-unlock, door sense, and temporary key-code generation.

So, if you are in the market looking for quality smart door locks with handles, here are our top recommendations. But first,

1. Sifely Smart Lock

The Sifely Smart Lock is an affordable smart lock. It brings many features such as fingerprint recognition and a touchpad. Furthermore, it also has a traditional key insert. The best part is the slim and sleek look.

The Sifely Smart Lock brings home a nifty set of features like auto-lock and keycode access. This lock is compatible with iOS and Android phones. The companion app lets you explore a few additional options like temporary codes for guests and auto-lock time. Interestingly, you won’t be able to unlock/lock the door remotely. You will have to purchase the Sifely Gateway, which will cost another $30.

It has a few security measures in place. For instance, it’ll lock itself after a bunch of failed attempts.

The installation process is simple and easy, and many users have pointed out this in their reviews. It’s popular on Amazon and has received many positive reviews. Users have praised its fast fingerprint recognition, among others.

It has its flaws. For instance, extremely cold weather can freeze the lock. Secondly, it doesn’t support voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant if you do not buy the Sifely gateway.

On the upside, it boasts good customer service. Many users mention that the customer service is prompt to respond and answer queries.

2. Ultraloq UL3 BT (2nd Gen) Smart Lock

Another affordable and popular smart lock is the one by Ultraloq. The UL3 BT boast of 5-in-1 entry, an ultramodern design, and an OLED display. The best part about this smart lock is that the touchpad comes bundled with ‘anti-peep’ tech, which allows users to put in their PIN and a series of random numbers.

This affordable lock packs several nifty features. For now, it lets you unlock via fingerprint, PIN, or via a mechanical key. And yes, there’s the option of unlocking/locking through your phone via Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

The UL3 BT lock works as advertised and locks/unlock easily. It lets you create individual codes or temporary codes for easy and convenient access.

This Ultraloq smart lock is quite popular on Amazon and has received several positive reviews. Users have praised its customer service, easy installation process, and easy mechanical part replacements. On the downside, some have reported the fingerprint ID to fail in the long run.

3. Schlage Connect Camelot

The Schlage Connect Camelot is a tad different from the smart locks above. It’s an independent, smart lock with a touchpad. And interestingly, you can pair it with the in-house handle to give it a more elegant look. One of the features that help it stand apart is the Vacation Mode. When enabled, it disables all the digital codes.

Aside from that, it has a motion-sensing alarm that will alert you in case someone is trying to break down the door. It packs essential features such as a smudge-resistant keypad and a key insert. However, it lacks a fingerprint reader though.

The Connect Camelot packs a bulky look and occupies a large space compared to the ones above. But if looks do not matter much to you, this is a good buy. And hey, you can select from four different finishes.

But, the Connect Camelot is expensive. It will set you back by several hundred bucks along with the handle. Also, it doesn’t support Alexa or Google Assistant. However, it’s compatible with Z-Wave and works with most Z-Wave devices.

4. Lockly Secure Pro PGD628WMB

The Lockly Secure Pro sits between affordable and premium smart home devices. This one carries all the essential features such as a Wi-Fi bridge, smart voice support, and the ability to unlock via key codes and fingerprint. Woah, right?

Another feature that stands out is the keypad. Not only does it light up, but it also shuffles the keys around so that others won’t be able to make out the passcode.

The Wi-Fi bridge brings several smarts into the picture. It lets you access the logs through your phone. Plus, you can always enable features like Auto-unlock and Door Sense to get the most out of it.

Unlike the Schlage Connect Camelot door lock, you needn’t invest in a separate handle. Here the handle is built-in.

So far, it has received respectable reviews from its user base—people like it for its easy-to-use nature and installation process.

5. Yale Assure Lever

If you do not mind spending a few hundred bucks on a smart door lock with a handle, the Yale Assure Lever is one of the best picks. It supports Google Voice, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit for easy voice control. It’s designed for non-deadbolt doors and works like a charm.

The good part is that you can opt for either touchscreen module locks or for acrylic pushback buttons. Both versions work like a charm.

The Yale Assure Lever lock needs a smart module to bring in all the smarts. For now, it bundles nifty features like automated locking/unlocking, voice lock, and of course, geofencing. You can check the lock’s status remotely, which is huge. In short, it packs a few more features than the ones above.

Like most smart locks, it also lets you add a series of codes both for temporary and permanent use. If you want to set up access for house guests, the former comes into the picture.

It’s easy to install and it shouldn’t take you long if you follow the instructions.

Lock Smart

These are some of the smart locks that you can buy. The mantra here is to gauge your requirement and make the purchase depending on them. For example, if you want a simple lock that you can lock/unlock via keycodes (and nothing more), you needn’t invest in pricey locks with a bevy of features that you won’t use.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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