5 Best Smart Lights for Hol­i­days That You Can Buy

Namrata Gogoi

The holidays aren't complete without fairy lights and string lights, be it on your porch or Christmas tree. However, the task of switching them on in the evening and then turning them off again in the morning can be challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule. That's when smart lights come into the picture.

N Best Smart Lights for Holidays That You Can Buy

It's almost 2022, and smart lights are not just limited to the lone LED light. There are smart lights available in many forms. So from string lights to Alexa-compatible LED strips, you have got them all.

So, if you want to smarten up your house this holiday season, here are the best smart lights for holidays that you can buy.

Let's get started, shall we? But first,

1. TJOY 50ft Smart LED Strip Lights

TJOY 50ft Smart Led Strip Lights

The TJOY smart lights are affordable and are a good pick if you do not wish to stretch your budget. These are two separate 25ft LED strip lights that can be controlled through Alexa, Google Assistant, or the in-box remote. What's more, they bundle a microphone that syncs to the beat of ambient music.

Like most LED strips, they also have an adhesive back. However, the adhesive is weak and if you are looking for long-term use, the best option would be to stick some quality double-sided tape in between.

That said, these lights respond well to voice commands. You can either connect them to Alexa/Assistant or use the companion app. The music control can only be managed by the companion app.

The lights are decent and manage the color easily. However, the setup process is a little challenging. Plus, it lacks a connector, and you will have to invest in one if you do not have one handy.

2. Govee H6159 Smart LED Strip Lights

Govee H6159 Smart LED Strip Lights

Another smart LED strip that you can peek at is the one by Govee. It's almost in the same price bracket as the one above. However, the length is shorter at 16ft. This one boasts Alexa and Assistant compatibility and a music sync feature.

Govee is popular for its performance and durability, and this LED strip is no different. The setup process is simple and connects easily to the Alexa app or Google Home. And yes, there's the Govee Home app as well. The smart feature means you can set the Start time and End time as per your liking.

These are indoor lights, and you can stick them to walls or railing directly. The adhesion is decent, and the lights are bright.

These are popular on Amazon, and users like their easy-to-use nature and brightness.

3. XODO DL1 Indoor/Outdoor String Lights

XODO DL1 Indoor/Outdoor String Lights

The XODO DL1 smart string lights are waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. These have an IP67 rating, thereby making them safe from rain and dust to some extent. At the same time, the 35ft length makes it easy to wrap them around Christmas trees. What's more, you can connect up to 4 strips together.

This smart string light counts several assistants under its roof. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. Get the Smart Life app and link the lights to Alexa under skills for Amazon.

They respond well to voice commands and you can easily change the colors via voice or through the app.

4. Govee Outdoor String Lights

Govee Outdoor String Lights

The highlight of the Govee string lights is that you can set individual colors on the LED lights. It's a huge plus and since it gives you more room to play with the colors. It has several customization options and lets you play around with 40 scenes. Woah, right.

This is an Alexa-ready smart light, and you can control them via Voice or through the app.

The setup process is simple. The only demerit is that the mountable clips are not durable and may break over time.

On the upside, the lights are not overly bright. The colors are uniform across the string.

5. Twinkly Smart LED String Lights

Twinkly Smart LED String Lights

The Twinkly smart LED lights are the ones for you if you want your house to be the center of attraction. It has a length of around 157 ft (47 meters) and has around 600 light bulbs. The highlight of these lights is that you can set different colors for different string lengths.

These smart lights have a clever design. The lights have just an inch of space between them. Furthermore, the plug is located in the middle of the line, and the string branches off in both directions.

These smart lights work with Alexa, and the companion app lets you play around with time, effects, and on/off time. The companion app has many holiday-related effects like Candy Cane and Sparkles.

These Twinky smart lights are have amassed a surprising number of positive reviews, with users appreciating the brightness and the easy-to-use nature of these holiday lights.

6. Melpo Led Flood Light

Melpo Led Flood Light

The Melpo LED flood light lets you project color on the outer walls of your house. These spotlights also let you cycle between colors like any other LED light. These are normal 15W lights and are bright enough to light a considerable portion of walls on their own.

These lights do not support Alexa or Google Assistant, and you get the luxury of switching them on/off through voice commands. However, you can set the color, time or sync the light through music via the compatible app.

As you may have expected, these are protected against water and dust and have a rating of IP66. However, the lights are not connected, and you'll need to connect them individually to power sources.

Magical Time of the Year

Smart lights ease a ton of things. You have to worry about switching them on/off regularly. You also get to play with a million colors. Plus, the fact that you can reduce the intensity of the lights is the cherry on top.

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