5 Best Smart Kettles for Your Kitchen That You Can Buy

Smart home gadgets have moved way beyond just lights and thermostats. You can now make your entire kitchen smart to assist with cooking. Whether you want your toaster to turn off automatically or your oven to cook at an exact temperature, it’s all very much possible. One such gadget that can help you in the kitchen is a smart kettle.

best smart kettle

A smart kettle is great for boiling water and making tea or coffee. Since it comes with a host of smart features, you don’t have to manually monitor the liquid inside. How many times have you shut off your kettle manually only to realize that your tea hasn’t been brewed properly?

If you want to get rid of such problems and automate your kitchen, start with some of the best smart kettles with temperature control, routines, and timers.

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Let’s get to all the smart tea kettles now.

1. Sekaer Portable Electric Tea Kettle

  • Capacity: 0.38 Liters
Here’s a small portable kettle from Sekaer that can be carried around with you wherever you go. The biggest advantage of this kettle is that you can prepare your beverage inside it and also use it as a water bottle to store your drink.

The way the Sekaer smart kettle works is similar to just about any electric kettle. Plug it into a wall outlet and your beverage starts heating up. What makes it smart though is a built-in temperature sensor that displays the temperature of your water, coffee, or tea.

Inside the kettle is a stainless steel layer where the liquid is stored. The external layer is made of plastic. You get all the important safety features like auto-shut-off and boil-dry protection. Think of it as a personal kettle that lets you brew your favorite coffee probably in your car or even on your desk at work. Those are the exact use cases which the Sekaer kettle is great for as mentioned by users in the reviews section.

2. Krups Smart Electric Kettle

  • Capacity 1.7 Liters
The Krups smart kettle is one of the most elegant-looking smart kettles that you can buy. Apart from the feature set which we will get to in a minute, you must consider getting the Krups smart teapot if you want to add a classy appliance to your kitchen.

You get a completely black exterior on the Krups kettle with an LED screen right behind it. This makes it seem like the display is integrated with the outer plastic chassis of the kettle itself. The display itself shows the temperature of the liquid inside the kettle.

There are five preset temperatures that you can set for different beverages that you want to brew. As far as the capacity is concerned, the stainless steel boiler inside can hold up to 1.7L of fluid. The Krups smart kettle also has a keep warm feature which keeps your beverage warm even after the kettle has been turned off.

3. Govee Smart Electric Kettle With Alexa Support

  • Capacity 0.8 Liters
Govee’s smart kettle is probably one of the best kettles that you can buy both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It’s the first kettle on this list that has Wi-Fi control with the ability to be operated via Alexa using voice commands.

The biggest highlight of the Govee smart kettle is that it’s truly smart. You can use the app to set precise temperatures, monitor the current temperature of your beverage, and even choose presets to boil or brew specific beverages. The built-in keep-warm feature maintains the temperature of the water inside for 2 hours, which is impressive.

Coming back to the smart features, you can turn the kettle on/off using Alexa. Furthermore, you can set Alexa routines that help you to turn the kettle on every morning as soon as you recite a certain phrase or sentence. This is certainly handy for those who want their cup of tea ready as soon as they’re out of the shower.

Most reviews for this product are positive with a lot of users also mentioning that it sits beautifully on the countertop and looks more expensive than what it costs.

4. Hamilton Beach Smart Electric Tea Kettle

  • Capacity: 1.7 Liters
The Hamilton Beach smart kettle is quite similar to the Govee Bluetooth kettle in a lot of ways. The functionality and the ability to connect to Alexa remain the same. The primary difference is in terms of design.

While the Govee smart electric kettle has a gooseneck design for the outlet, the Hamilton Beach kettle has a standard pour-out design like a jug. Design is always subjective, so if you’re deciding purely in terms of looks, you can use this parameter to make your pick.

As far as the features are concerned, everything from app control to auto-shutoff and keep-warm is present. You can also control the Hamilton Beach electric kettle from a remote location. So, if you’re on your way home and you want your coffee ready by the time you reach, the kettle is equipped to do just that.

5. Korex Smart Kettle With App Control

  • Capacity: 1.7 Liters
The Korex smart kettle is the most sophisticated electric kettle on this list. Besides Alexa, you can also connect it with Google Assistant for voice commands and routines. It also has a fully transparent glass housing so you can see the beverage inside.

All the other smart kettles on this list apart from this one have stainless steel walls inside the kettle. Korex, on the other hand, has opted for a kettle made out of glass. You still get all the same safety features though like auto-shutoff and overheat protection.

Korex also claims that you can use this smart kettle to boil milk which gives it an edge over the other options. You get app control, voice commands, and the ability to program custom routines and schedules. As per the reviews, the Korex smart kettle is well worth the money as it works without any annoyances.

Smarten Your Kitchen

It’s never too late to add a dash of tech to your kitchen. Whether it’s a smart display like the Echo Show or a smart kettle like the ones mentioned above, these gadgets will surely aid you in making cooking simpler and more efficient.

Last updated on 23 March, 2023

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