5 Best Fingerprint Padlocks for Travel

Locking your luggage is a common practice when flying. If you’re checking your bag in, you need to ensure the contents are safe. While most bags generally come with a built-in number lock, you may want to add an additional layer of security. That’s why we decided to list the best fingerprint padlocks for your perusal.

best fingerprint padlocks

A traditional padlock with a physical key or even a number lock has started to feel slightly dated. So if you want to make unlocking your bags more convenient, you can consider the fingerprint locks that follow. However, do note that the fingerprint scanners on these locks aren’t as sophisticated as the ones on your phones or more expensive gadgets. Hence, you may face some niggles here and there. That said, here are the best smart padlocks with a fingerprint scanner. But before that –

1. MYPIN Fingerprint Lock

mypin padlock

The MYPIN fingerprint lock has a flexible locking mechanism. Thanks to this, you can use it for various purposes and not just for locking bags. Moreover, you can use the lock with differently-sized zips. You can even attach it to multiple zippers if your bag is particularly large.

Unlike standard padlocks, the flexible nature of the MYPIN lock means you can even use it for your door with a large latch or even something like a school or gym safe. Once locked, you can unlock the MYPIN padlock by scanning your fingerprint on the sensor.

While reviews say the fingerprint scanner is reliable most of the time, the brand also provides a backup key in case the scanner doesn’t work. The built-in battery lasts about three weeks and needs to be recharged via the USB cable provided in the box.

This can be a slight concern for some since you have to remember to charge the lock every now and then, or it won’t work. If you can remember to plug your lock in with your smartphone regularly, you should be fine.

What We Like

  • Flexible shackle
  • Small footprint

What We Don’t Like

  • Average battery life

2. MYPIN TSA-Approved Fingerprint Lock

TSA approved fingerprint lock

This particular lock also happens to be from MYPIN. However, it forgoes the flexible portion of the lock for a rigid, steel bar. But, it’s now TSA-certified, so you can use it even on international trips without worrying about the customs department damaging your lock.

While the design is considerably different compared to the first MYPIN lock, the functionality remains largely similar on this TSA-approved lock. Except for the fact that this lock has an actual keyhole for the TSA master key.

The MYPIN TSA-approved smart lock also runs on a built-in battery. But the good part is that this version of the lock has an LED that blinks red when the battery is low. Additionally, the battery lasts more than a month on this variant, so you don’t have to charge it that often.

As per reviews, the lock is reliable, but the fingerprint scanner fails to work if your fingers are even slightly wet or greasy. So if you plan on using it in the gym, your fingerprint will almost never work in the first few attempts.

What We Like

  • TSA-approved
  • Solid build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Fingerprint scanner isn’t too reliable

3. RODIISKY Keyless Bluetooth Lock

Roduusky fingerprint lock

The RODIISKY smart lock looks more like a conventional padlock at first glance. Look closer, and you’ll find a small flap in the bottom-right corner with a fingerprint scanner. As for the lock itself, it feels sturdy and has a nice weight to it.

Thanks to a larger form factor, the first major improvement on the RODIISKY lock compared to the previous locks is in terms of battery life. The built-in battery can last up to a year on standby or up to 2,500 lock and unlock cycles when used regularly.

While that’s reassuring, there are a couple of downsides to the RODIISKY lock. For one, the padlock needs to be linked to a smartphone app in order to set your fingerprint. This wasn’t the case with both the MYPIN locks mentioned above.

Apart from this, users have mentioned that the fingerprint scanner is unreliable at times, and you almost always have to scan your fingerprint multiple times to unlock it. In spite of this, the RODIISKY lock makes its way on the list thanks in parts to its tough and rugged build and long battery backup.

What We Like

  • Sturdy build
  • Good battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs app to register fingerprint
  • Unreliable fingerprint scanner

4. Anweller Fingerprint Padlock

Anweller padlock

Anweller’s smart lock is quite large and bulky, so get it only if you have a huge bag or you also plan on using the lock to keep your door or gate safe. Along with being large, it’s also sturdy and even comes with a pair of physical keys for backup.

Right off the bat, you should know that users speak highly of the Anweller lock’s fingerprint scanner. To wit, a handful of buyers have deemed it to be reliable. If not on the first attempt, it seldom fails to unlock on the second. However, you can also use the physical keys or hand them over to your friends and family if they also want to use the lock.

Another good aspect of the Anweller padlock is its long battery life. A single charge can last about 3,000 unlock cycles, so you don’t have to worry about charging it all too often. Most users seem to be happy with the Anweller lock since it works as intended. Note that the lock needs to be bound to an app on your phone in order to register your fingerprints.

What We Like

  • Reliable fingerprint scanner
  • Also comes with physical keys

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly bulky

5. Prezlock Smart Biometric Padlock

prezlock fingerprint padlock

Prezlock’s smart lock has a clean design with a single circular element on the front, which houses the fingerprint scanner. The lock is quite small but feels rather sturdy, as per reviews. You also get a set of physical keys with the lock to use along with your biometrics.

Just like the Anweller lock mentioned above, reviews for the Prezlock smart lock are promising. Users have mentioned that after trying several other locks, they found the Prezlock fingerprint lock to be the most reliable of the lot. However, that doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

The battery life is much lower at just 1,000 unlock cycles. So, you will have to recharge the lock periodically via its USB-C port. If that’s something you can live with, the Prezlock smart lock should be a great fit for your travel needs.

What We Like

  • Reliable fingerprint scanner
  • Good build quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Average battery life

FAQs for Fingerprint Padlocks

1. Are fingerprint padlocks safe to use on my luggage?

Yes, the fingerprint padlocks mentioned above are durable and come with several safety mechanisms.

2. Can fingerprint locks be unlocked using a physical key?

Some fingerprint locks also have the option to be unlocked using a physical key.

3. Are fingerprint padlocks TSA-approved?

Not all smart padlocks are approved by TSA. If you’re looking for one specifically approved by TSA, consider the MYPIN lock mentioned above.

Unlock With Ease

Getting any of the best fingerprint padlocks from the list above will ensure you can travel without worrying about losing your keys. Simply lock your bag and unlock it using your fingerprint. In fact, most of the locks above can even be used for multiple purposes, like securing your door or gym locker.

Last updated on 28 August, 2023

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