5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans That Work With Alexa

Smart home devices are the flavor of the season, and from Christmas lights to smart door locks, almost every other home device has smartened up. And ceiling fans are no exception. Like any smart device out there, their companion app can control these smart ceiling fans. And the Alexa compatibility adds the voice command functionality. So, if you have smart assistants like the Echo Spot or the Echo Show, you can voice the command instead of getting out of bed to switch off the fan.

5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans That Work With Alexa

Apart from making switching on/off the fans incredibly convenient, you also get to taste other smart features like Timer and Routines. Not to mention that these smart ceiling fans also pack a neat LED light with a customizable color temperature.

So if you are in the market looking for smart ceiling fans that work with Amazon Alexa, here are our top recommendations. But before that,

1. Mocha Indoor and Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

The Mocha fan is a good pick if you are not looking to spend a fortune. It is a 54-inch three-blade ceiling fan with a companion app and a Bluetooth remote. It packs a 1600 Lumen LED light. More importantly, you can use this ceiling fan indoor and outdoor.

Its motor doesn’t make much noise. When it comes to the smart features, you can schedule the on/off time and group them with other smart home products. Apart from Alexa, this fan is also compatible with Google Assistant and Samsung Smart Things.

This fan has received mixed reviews. While it has worked well for some people, a few have reportedly received damaged goods. Plus, the Alexa pairing can be a tad challenging.

2. Ovlaim 60 Inch DC Motor 6 Speed Ceiling Fan

The Ovlaim smart ceiling fan brings the best of both worlds. For a smart home product, it’s affordable and efficient. The smartness is limited to the fan and extends to the built-in LED light. You can use voice commands or a remote to adjust the light’s brightness and fan speed.

The Ovlaim fan sports a sleek and elegant design, and that’s probably is one of the first things that will catch your attention. The DC motor is also incredibly quiet, and several users have verified this claim.

You can switch between three brightness settings and the six fan speed. Furthermore, you can pick between a bright white light or a warm white light. Cool, right?

Plus, it’s easy to link the skill to Amazon Alexa. The companion app is also a great addition. And on those rare no-internet days, you can use the remote to control the fan speed.

This fan has received positive feedback for its performance and quiet function. However, several users have noted that the installation instructions are not clear.

3. Ceme Ceiling Fan with Lights

The Ceme smart ceiling fan brings a rustic look to your home. It’s a standard three-blade fan, and the walnut finish on the blades gives the fan a rustic look. It packs fully customizable LED lights at its center like its counterparts above. You can change the color and the temperature.

However, the feature that sets this fan apart from the rest is its 10-speed setting. And guess what? It has a name for all the speeds.

That said, it supports voice commands once it’s paired to Alexa. So from the fan speed to the brightness of the lights, all can be controlled through voice commands. Beyond that, you can also set schedules and timers from the app.

The Ceme smart fan has received plenty of positive reviews from its user base, primarily for its performance, solid build, and easy installation process. And not to mention that it boasts of clean design.

4. SMAAIR Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan With Remote

The SMAAIR air stands out from the rest of the Alexa-compatible smart fans and bundles a total of 5 blades. It installs on angled and normal roofs. And compared to the ones above, this is a major plus. At the same time, the wooden blades ensure that they fit well in most homes.

It shares quite a few features with the smart fans above. For example, you can dim the light and adjust the temperature. It has 10 different speeds that can be easily adjusted either via the in-house remote, companion app, or voice commands.

It is quiet and doesn’t distract you from your work, even when running at its maximum speed. The smart commands are easy to execute. At the same time, the remote bundles the basic functions. However, you will have to turn to the app for smart functions like Sleep and Schedule.

So far, it has amassed an impressive number of positive reviews—users like it for its classic looks, quiet function, and smart home features. Apart from Amazon Alexa, it’s also compatible with Google Assistant and Siri.

5. Minka Aire F868L-BN Sleek Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F868L-BN brings an elegant look to the foyer, all thanks to its slim and contemporary design. Unlike conventional fans, the blades do not look like blades. Instead, they bear a flowing design that will add a distinctive look to your living room. And the two-color tone is the cherry on top.

It’s a tad expensive than its counterparts above. However, you get a good bargain for your price. For one, it has a solid build quality. Secondly, you can easily control the fan from the remote or the app.

This one comes with Bond Home tech and pairs well with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. The DC motor is quiet, and the blades provide sufficient airflow.

It’s not without its limitations. For instance, you’ll need to use the app to dim the light and it doesn’t work from the remote. That means your phone needs to be in the vicinity to make those adjustments.

Smart Air

One of the best things about these Alexa-compatible smart ceiling fans is their DC motor. Not only does it ensure a quiet environment, but they are also economical choices since they consume less energy. At the same time, some fans come with a reverse function which makes them apt for both summers and winters.

If you are looking for the best deal, the Ceme and the Ovlaim fans are two of the best picks. They are not too expensive and deliver an impressive performance.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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