Top 11 Best Small Apps for Android ( Less Than 1 MB)


Most of the new phones now come with at least 2GB RAM and 16GB memory. However, many old phones or even some new low-budget phones continue to have lesser RAM and even lesser internal memory.

Small Apps For Android

The popular apps that are available on the Play Store are usually designed for medium or high budget devices leaving the owners of old Android devices in the lurch. This post is about helping those users, or anyone who's interested in useful apps that have a small footprint.

We have handpicked top 11 small-sized apps, each of which have a size less than 1MB.

Last year, Google launched the optimized version of its Android Oreo for low budget phones. The optimized version goes by the name Android Go. It comes pre-installed with the default Android Go apps. These apps are lighter or toned-down versions of their main apps. Even Facebook and other platforms have launched lite versions of their main apps for devices running low on memory.

Whether you are looking for small apps for Android Go devices or any other device, you will find the best tiny apps here. We haven’t covered the default Android Go or lite apps in detail here as you might be aware of them already. In case you aren’t, don’t worry, we have listed them at the end of this post.

Let’s get started.

1. ColorNote Notepad Notes To do

With a size of just 700-800KB, ColorNote is one of the simplest yet powerful note-taking apps out there. As the name says, this app lets you organize notes by color. You can create either a text note or a checklist.

Top Small Apps For Android 1
Top Small Apps For Android 2

In addition to that, the app also supports reminders and password lock. Other features include a search, archive, calendar view, and online backup and sync. You can also view your notes on PC, thanks to its Windows app. I have been using this app for a long time now. It is among one of the first few apps that I install on any device. You should try it too.

2. Via Browser - Fast & Light: A Geek's Best Choice

A feature-rich browser with a size of just 400-500KB, the Via Browser is a good alternative to memory hogging Android browsers. You have the incognito mode, night mode and even an option to view desktop version.

Top Small Apps For Android 3
Top Small Apps For Android 4

Additionally, you get tools like save the web page, translate, view source, and network log. You can also block ads and images using this browser. Further, it also includes add-ons like QR code scanner and download manager. Quite a package I must say.

3. Vanilla Music

If you need a simple music player that perfectly does the job of playing songs, Vanilla Music is a good choice. It lists songs by albums, artists, tracks, genres, and playlists. You can create playlists and also change the theme of the player. The app weighs around 600-700KB.

Top Small Apps For Android 5
Top Small Apps For Android 6

4. Gallery

If you want a tiny photo gallery app with built-in editing features, use the Gallery app. Confused? Well, that’s what this app is called … “Gallery.” Talk about simple names!

Top Small Apps For Android 7
Top Small Apps For Android 8

The Gallery app has a size of 400-500KB and displays folders in a horizontal layout. You can view slideshows too. The app feels quite snappy. And if you want to edit photos, you get basic features like rotate and crop.

5. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Sometimes we might want to keep a certain portion of a song as our phone’s ringtone. While some phones come with a built-in ringtone creator, all aren’t so lucky. The MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker app lets you create ringtones from any song.

Top Small Apps For Android 9
Top Small Apps For Android 10

You can also record a new song and edit it using this app. The app has got a pretty nice interface to cut music. You can set start and end time for the clip. Alternatively, you can use the touch interface too. It weighs around 600-700KB.

6. J Touch

The J Touch app adds an assistive touch button on the screen. You can perform many actions by tapping or swiping the button. The actions range from opening the recent apps, last used app, notification panel etc. It’s a small app with size ranging between 800-900KB. I wish there was a screenshot action too.

Top Small Apps For Android 11
Top Small Apps For Android 12

7. Instadict

A dictionary with a size of just 600-700KB. Sounds unbelievable but here it is. The Instadict dictionary app. You would need the Internet for this app to work though. You can, however, download offline dictionaries if you want to.

Top Small Apps For Android 14
Top Small Apps For Android 13

To view the meaning of a word, you have to shake the phone after copying it. The app will display its meaning at the bottom. This app comes in handy when you don't want to leave the current app.

8. Open in Whatsapp (Click to Chat)

We have all been in a situation where we wanted to text someone on WhatsApp without saving their number. By default, it is necessary to save a number to text them. However, WhatsApp also has a separate feature called Click to chat that lets you initiate a conversation without saving a number.

Top Small Apps For Android 15
Top Small Apps For Android 16

This feature requires a link where you have to change the contact number. Although it works fine, you have to use the link every time to create new chats. Improving on the same feature, the developers have made the small Open in WhatsApp app. All you need to do is input the number in this app and you can then chat with that person.

9. Lockwatch - Thief Catcher

Want to know who tried to unlock your phone in your absence? Use the tiny Lockwatch – Thief Catcher app. This app secretly takes a photo when someone tries to unlock your device with a wrong password. The app then emails you the photo of the intruder.

Top Small Apps For Android 20
Top Small Apps For Android 19

In case your phone is stolen, this app will help you catch the thief too (kind of). Besides the photo, you also get the location of your phone in the same mail.

10. DiskUsage

Now that you have installed so many apps, you would want to check the disk usage of your phone. We present to you a very, very light storage analyzer app that just weighs 100-200KB.

Top Small Apps For Android 17
Top Small Apps For Android 18

Interestingly, the app goes by the name DiskUsage only. It shows a visual representation of storage of various directories proportional to their size. You can easily find out the folder taking the maximum space.

11. Revo Uninstaller Mobile

In case you want to uninstall your old apps now, we have a solution for that as well. With a size of just 500-600KB, the Revo Uninstaller Mobile app lets you batch uninstall apps. It lists all the installed apps along with their respective sizes. You can uninstall either one app or multiple apps at once with just one tap.

Top Small Apps For Android 21
Top Small Apps For Android 22

Popular Android Go and Lite Apps

Here are some popular Go and Lite apps.

  • Google Go
  • Gmail Go
  • YouTube Go
  • Files Go
  • Facebook Lite
  • Messenger Lite
  • Skype Lite
  • Twitter Lite
  • LinkedIn Lite

Check some of the comparisons we've done below.

Although the above-listed apps are less than 1MB in size, they are quite powerful. Don't judge them by their size. Let us know what you think of these apps in comments below.

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