5 Best Slim Wall Adapters for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Gone are the days when smartphones used to ship with wall adapters, earphones, and charging cables. Now, smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 only have a charging cable. So, you will have to source your charging adapter. And since the phone is slim and small, you’d want an adapter that matches the aesthetics of your phone.

5 Best Slim Wall Adapters for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Thankfully, there are quite a few slim wall adapters for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. They are powerful enough to charge the phone at 25W. And if needed, the extra port can come to your rescue in charging other devices.

So if you have pre-booked the Samsung flagship this year, here are our top recommendations for the best slim wall adapters for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Let’s take a look. But first,

1. Samsung 25W Wall Charger

The first wall adapter on our list is none other than from Samsung. It’s the best option if you want to stay in to Samsung’s product ecosystem. It’s slim, sleek, and provides the adequate juice to charge your phone fast and quickly. You can get your phone to 100% battery in just about an hour.

You’ll need to ensure that you are using the right USB-C cables for charging. It supports USB-C PD (Power Delivery) and you can also charge other compatible tablets and smartphones with it. Interestingly, incompatible phones, which do not support USB Power Delivery 3.0, can still draw 15W.

It’s a single-port charger. And the slim form factor makes it travel-friendly as well. Just note that the plugs are not foldable, and you may want to put this in a travel case or a pouch when traveling.

2. Anker PowerPort III 25W

Another slim wall adapter that you can check is the one by Anker. This one falls in the same price bracket as the one above. It’s a 25W charger, and the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) support allows it to charge the Galaxy Z Flip 4 at maximum speed.

The PowerPort III 25W charger is based on Anker’s own PowerIQ 3.0 tech. It is a fast charging tech and is compatible with almost all fast charging tech, including Qualcomm Quick Charge, USB Power Delivery, Apple Fast Charging, and Samsung Fast Charging.

It works as advertised and charges Samsung phones accordingly. It’s small, and the foldable prongs make it travel-friendly as well. Just remember to pair it with a robust USB-C cable.

3. Belkin Boost Charge PPS Phone Charger

The Belkin Boost Charge brings the advantage of dual ports to the table. This 37W charger bundles a USB-A port and a USB-C port. The former can deliver a full 25W of power to your Samsung phone. At the same time, the USB-A port can deliver up to 12W and is apt for charging low-power devices like earphones and smartwatches. The USB-C port supports PPS.

The main highlight of this slim wall adapter is its clever design. Here, the ports are at the bottom, and the plugs are on the sides. And this translates into a space-saving design. Furthermore, it’s easily portable, and the foldable plugs are the cherry on top.

It works as advertised and charges Samsung phones as intended. But note that iPhone can only draw 20W of power, should you want to charge your secondary phone. That said, it’s a popular wall adapter on Amazon, and users like its charging prowess, compact form factor, and affordable price tag.

If you are looking for a quality product and want the best value for your money (and an extra port), you can’t go wrong with the Belkin Boost Charge PPS charger.

4. Spigen ArcStation Pro

The Spigen ArcStation Pro is a 45W wall adapter. It’s the one for you if you want a versatile charger that can fuel your tablet, phone, and compatible laptop. It’s a GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger, which means it doesn’t run hot and is small & compact when compared to its silicone counterparts.

It’s a one-port charger, and the PPS support means that your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will charge at full power (25W). It’s worth to be noted that Spigen also supplies a USB-C cable with this adapter.

So far, it has earned a good name among its peers, primarily due to its sturdy design and compact form factor. If we talk numbers, this one measures just 1.91 x 1.09 x 1.82-inches and will easily fit into any travel accessory bag like The Pouch.

5. MINIX 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger

Last but not least, we have the Minix Turbo GaN wall charger. The highlight of this charger is its three ports. Two of them are USB-C ports and one is a standard USB-A port. All three ports can deliver 30W, 18W, and 18W respectively. These three ports give you the flexibility to charge your Galaxy Z Flip 4 and other devices. The first port delivers full power, and your Samsung phone will fast charging support.

The GaN factor translates into a small form factor, although it has three ports. The power segregation is also clever. For instance, you can use the USB-C PD port to charge your laptop at full power. However, the feature that wins the game is the travel adapters.

The company ships three travel adapters (EU, UK, and Australia) in the package. So if you often travel overseas, it’s the best pick. You’ll need to plug the compatible adapter in front.  The plugs are foldable.

The Minix Turbo is slowly climbing up the popularity ladder because of its versatility. And while it’s a tad expensive, it won’t burn a hold in your pocket. It works as advertised, and users love its small form factor and sturdy & solid build.

Charge ’em Up!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a small and sleek device, provided you buy the right slim case for it. And hence, the related accessories must also fall in a similar category.

If you are looking for a wall adapter for your phone, the one by Samsung or Anker will suit your needs just fine. But if you want to charge your other devices, a multi-port charger is your best bet. And the one by Minix or Belkin (depending on your power requirement) will prove to be a clever investment in the long run.

Last updated on 02 September, 2022

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