4 Best Slim Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a foldable phone for the masses. While the clamshell design surely makes it unique, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is still a thick phone since it’s almost like 2 phones stacked on top of each other. So, a slim case is a way to go if you want to protect it. But, what if you want to add a hint of class with a premium material like leather?

Galaxy Z Flip 4 leather cases

Well, that’s possible too. The solution is to get a leather case that’s also slim enough not to add a lot of thickness. If you’re wondering where you can find them, we’ve made your job easier. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 slim leather cases.

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Let’s get to the cases now.

1. Foluu PU Leather Hardshell Case

Hardshell cases are generally slimmer when compared to silicone cases since they snap onto the body of the phone. This is a hardshell case with a PU leather exterior, making it the perfect amalgamation of a premium feel along with a thin form factor.

The Foluu PU leather case gives you the goodness of leather in terms of looks while retaining a slim form factor that does not increase the thickness of the phone much. Note that this is PU leather so while it looks like genuine leather, it does not feel as premium.

However, this is a compromise that’s worth making if you consider the price point and the slim nature of the case. It’s clear that this is the case for those who want the look of leather without splurging. The only concern going by the reviews is that the case can pop off if you fling open the Galaxy Z Flip 4 vigorously instead of doing it carefully. If you operate the phone carefully, you shouldn’t have any issues.

2. FYY PU Leather Case

Here’s another PU leather case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Unlike the previous one, though, the PU leather used on this case looks slightly better and soberer with a simplistic design. The cutouts for the ports also seem better in this case.

While this case seems similar to the Foluu hardshell case, there is a slight difference in terms of the way it is designed. Firstly, it fits snugly when compared to the Foluu case, so you shouldn’t have issues with the case coming off by itself. Apart from that, the design of the leather covering is simpler and looks more elegant.

Apart from the generic black variant, the case is available in 4 more colors so if you want your Galaxy Z Flip 4 to stand out, the red leather pops pretty well! Users say that this case is also pretty lightweight so it adds minimal bulk to the phone. The FYY leather case is a good product that most people should be happy with, especially at its asking price.

3. Kezihome Genuine Leather Case

Don’t like the look of faux leather? Prefer the real deal instead? Then, this case will serve you well. Here’s a genuine leather case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 that completely changes the look of the device and makes it looks classier than ever.

A hard polycarbonate case with PU leather may be affordable but it surely doesn’t feel as premium as genuine leather wrapped around your phone. Well, this case gives you the premium feel of leather at a price that’s not too steep either. The Kezihome case has a soft TPU frame for structural integrity along with genuine leather on top.

It’s available in 9 different colors so you’re getting a wide range of options to choose from. Since it’s genuine leather, you will observe some patina with usage which will add to the overall rustic look that you get with this case. The reviews also seem excellent with emphasis on the fact that the craftsmanship on this case seems great with good care being taken about the small details.

If you have the budget, we recommend getting this genuine leather case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 over the PU leather options mentioned above.

4. Maxdara Case with Hinge Protection

This is a slim case that focuses on protection while maintaining a thin form factor. You’re not getting genuine leather here, though, which can be a bummer but the hinge is also protected along with a guard to protect the outer screen and cameras too.

If you’re fine with a case that has PU leather and is made up of soft TPU, this case will serve you well. Instead of a hard polycarbonate shell, this case features TPU which is better at absorbing shock. There is a faux leather layer on top of the TPU. This makes it look and feel like a leather case.

Moreover, the highlight of this case is the hinge protection which no other case on this list offers. If you drop your phone with this case on, chances are that the hinge will not suffer any damage. You also get additional protection for the outer display and the cameras with this case which is a bonus.

If protection is your priority, you can get this case. For premium looks and a true feel of leather, we would recommend the case with genuine leather.

Show Off Your Phone in Style

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is already a looker and adding a leather case to it will only make it more attractive. Get any of these Galaxy Z Flip 4 leather cases depending on your usage and preferences and it’s going to protect your phone while making it look more aesthetic.

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

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