5 Best Slim Laptop Backpacks for Men in 2023

With offices opening up, a lot of folks have to resume routine commutes to and from their workplace. Understandably, you’d want a comfortable and sleek backpack for work that won’t just weigh your shoulders down but is also capacious enough to stow your laptop. While you can find laptop backpacks for men willy-nilly, they are usually quite bulky. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best slim laptop backpacks for men, read on. 

Below, you will find five enticing options that have been segregated across different price brackets. We’ll take a closer look at the backpacks and dissect their pros and cons to help you make an informed purchase decision.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best slim laptop backpacks for men. But first, you might want to read about-

Now, let’s take a closer look at the backpacks.

1. Lenovo B210 Casual Laptop Backpack

  • Compatibility: Up to 15.6-inch laptops | Weight: 0.99 lbs 
  • Material: Polyester | Water Repellent Fabric: Yes 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 5.91 x 17.93 x 13.4 inches
Lenovo B210 Slim Laptop Backpack

Lenovo has a brimming portfolio of Windows machines and the company’s laptops are quite popular among the masses. To no one’s surprise then, the brand has a handful of laptop backpacks under its belt too. After all – who better to make a laptop backpack than a company that dabbles with notebooks of all shapes and sizes? 

To that end, the Lenovo B210 Casual Laptop backpack is a sleek and affordable bag that can house fairly sizeable 15.6-inch notebooks. The backpack is made out of water-repellent, snow yarn polyester which should keep your laptop and other belongings safe on the off chance you step out in the rain. What’s more, the unit offers a padded laptop compartment that should keep your device protected from accidental bumps and dings. 

More notably, the B210 backpack comes with a host of pockets that can be used to stow your mobile phone, business cards, journals, and more. You’ll get adjustable shoulder straps with the backpack, along with a quick-access pocket towards the front for some extra storage. As for the design, the backpack sports a minimalistic design ethos and will blend well in an office setting.

Needless to say, the B210 from Lenovo has amassed stellar ratings, with the majority of buyers applauding the backpack’s sleek form factor and inexpensive price tag.

2. Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15

  • Compatibility: Up to 15.6-inch laptops | Weight: 1.23 lbs 
  • Material: N/A | Water Repellent Fabric: Yes 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 12.4 x 5.5 x 16.7 inches
Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 Slim Laptop Backpack

Dell’s XPS lineup offers stupendously sleek laptops that can go the distance and crunch through a user’s workflow. Naturally, you’d expect the manufacturer to come up with equally stylish and sleek backpacks to complement its notebooks too. Enter, the Dell Pro Slim backpack, which is geared toward office-goers looking for a functional backpack with a slender frame.

The Dell Pro Slim backpack is a great choice for eco-conscious buyers. We say this, as the unit is made from a solution-dyeing process that overturns 62 percent less CO2 emissions. What’s more, the bag’s manufacturing generates 90 percent less wastewater as well. Despite that, the Dell Pro Slim backpack doesn’t cut any corners in the functionality department. For one, the backpack comes with a water-resistant coating that should keep your devices out of harm’s way during the rainy season. 

More notably, the backpack features a ton of pockets, including dedicated compartments to house up to a 15-inch laptop and a tablet. You’ll also be greeted with other smaller pockets to store your mouse, chargers, and diaries. Moving on, the backpack features S-shaped shoulder straps that map to your shoulders for added comfort.

You will also get a breathable, mesh back panel which is a must, especially if you reside in warmer climates. It goes without saying then, that the Dell Pro Slim backpack is among the best slim laptop backpacks for men. It’s popular on Amazon and has more than 1,600 user ratings.

3. Hk Multifunctional Backpack

  • Compatibility: Up to 17-inch laptops | Weight: 1.65 lbs 
  • Material: Oxford Fabric | Water Repellent Fabric: Yes 
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 3.15 x 18.9 inches
hk Multifunctional Slim Backpack

So far, we’ve taken a look at sleek laptop backpacks that can house up to a 15.6-inch notebook. But, what if you’re rocking a bigger laptop with say, a 17-inch display? Well, that’s where the hk Multifunctional backpack comes into the mix. 

The backpack employs Oxford waterproof fabric for its construction and can hold its own in stormy weather conditions. What’s more, the unit comes with a host of other amenities, including anti-theft pockets and YKK zippers, that are revered for their quality and dependability.

More notably, the laptop’s carrying capacity can be extended from 15L to up to 27L, which doesn’t just make the backpack ideal for work, but also makes it a godsend for frequent travelers. 

Speaking of which, the hk Multifunctional backpack also ships with a luggage strap. Moreover, the backpack gets a slot to access a USB port, thereby allowing users to charge their devices seamlessly when they’re on the go. And, if the customer reviews are anything to go by, then the backpack offers oodles of storage too.

To that end, many customers have reported that they were able to carry a bunch of stuff, including a laptop and a Nintendo Switch safely with the hk Multifunctional backpack. Needless to say, buyers looking for the best slim laptop backpack for men that can house a 17-inch behemoth will find plenty to like here. 

4. Mark Ryden Slim Laptop Backpack 

  • Compatibility: Up to 15.6-inch laptops | Weight: 1.98 lbs 
  • Material: Nylon + Oxford | Water Repellent Fabric: Yes 
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 11.8 x 16.5 inches
Mark Ryden Slim Laptop Backpack

Up next, is the Mark Ryden slim laptop backpack for men which, from where we stand, is arguably the best-looking backpack on the list. For one, the backpack looks superbly minimalistic and is void of any gaudy decals or stickers. Now, it does feature the company’s branding on the front. But, the text seemingly merges with the backpack’s textured lining. 

Coming to the meat of the matter, the backpack can house multiple gadgets at once. The primary laptop compartment can house up to a 15.6-inch device and you even get the option to stow say, an 11-inch iPad in a separate slot for tablets. The backpack also ships with wet and dry pockets to house your everyday essentials like a toothbrush or deodorant. What’s more, you get additional small housings to store power banks, journals, and other tidbits like a wireless mouse or a controller. 

As for the build quality, the backpack employs a mix of Nylon and Oxford fabric for its construction. The unit is somewhat impervious to moisture and splashes of water as it comes with a waterproof coating. You’ll also be greeted with high-quality YKK zippers that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. That’s not all as the backpack also comes with a USB charging port to seamlessly top up your gadgets when you’re out and about.

You can even plaster the backpack onto your luggage as it comes with a luggage strap. Add to that a quick-access card pocket on the zipper and the Mark Ryden laptop backpack is among the best slim laptop backpacks for men. 

5. BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack 

  • Compatibility: Up to 15.6-inch laptops | Weight: 1.5 lbs 
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon + Microfiber Leather | Water Repellent Fabric: Yes 
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 4 x 11 x 17 inches
BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

BOPAI has struck a chord with budget-conscious buyers. To that end, the company’s backpacks are spoken in the same breath as Tumi’s pricier offerings. In fact, the backpack’s review page is riddled with customer insights lauding the unit’s design and build quality. So, what gives? 

Well, the BOPAI Slim laptop backpack is quite capacious and can seamlessly house a 15.6-inch laptop. The laptop compartment comes with a soft flannel interior that should keep your devices scuff-free. The backpack also features an array of pockets that can be used to store your personal belongings comfortably. You’ll also get a neat housing for two USB connectors, including a USB Type-C port.

As such, you can place a power bank inside the bag and route the cables to the backpack’s USB ports and charge your devices effortlessly. Moving on though, the BOPAI Slim Laptop backpack is travel-friendly too. In fact, the backpack gets a luggage strap and anti-theft pockets to store your wallet and other important belongings. You will also benefit from a breathable, high-density sponge that makes up the back of the unit.

Consequently, the backpack will not stick to your back during the summer. Coupled with a thickened shoulder strap and an elastic water bottle pocket, BOPAI’s offering is right up there with the best slim laptop backpack for men. 

Travel Light

And, that wraps up our list of the best slim laptop backpack for men. From where we stand, the Mark Ryden backpack offers a host of features in a handsome package. That said, buyers looking for a functional backpack that is light on the pockets will find plenty to like about the Dell Pro Slim backpack as well. 

Last updated on 03 May, 2023

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