6 Best Slim Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

When speaking of foldable phones, the two mainstream devices that come to mind are Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series and Z Flip series. Both of those lineups have just been refreshed for the year with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 being the more affordable of the two. If you’re planning to pick up the phone, it’s wise to get a case since foldables are slightly more fragile.

best slim cases for Galaxy Z Flip 4

While you’re at it, you should consider a slim case since the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is already quite thick when folded. To make your job easier, we’ve made a list of the best slim cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Depending on your requirements, you can get any of these to protect your phone while maintaining a slim form factor.

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1. Caredoctor Shockproof Case

The name may suggest that this is a shockproof case and hence, might be thick and rugged but that’s not really the case. It’s a slim snap-on cover by Caredoctor that has a matte texture and a stealthy look.

Here’s your typical matte black hard case made of polycarbonate. It snaps onto the back and front of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 so you’re protected on both sides. Since this is a hard case, you cannot expect much drop protection but that is to be expected from all slim cases.

The default color option is black but this case is also available in several other colors like blue, red, pink, purple, etc. Most generic cases can be boring so if you want to retain the fun and poppy look of your Galaxy Z Flip 4 while adding some protection, this is a good pick, especially for the asking price.

2. Caseology Nano Pop

Unlike the first case that uses a hard polycarbonate shell, the Caseology Nano Pop is a soft silicone case that adds a pop of color to your already colorful phone! Given that it’s a silicone case, you can expect better drop resistance while maintaining a slim form factor.

Silicone cases are known for their soft texture and drop-resistant nature so you’re getting a good mix of protection and premium in-hand feel with the Caseology Nano Pop. Besides, it comes with military-grade protection.

The case is both lightweight and comes in a color scheme that’s attractive, thanks to a dual-tone finish. There are three colors to choose from, and all of them give your Galaxy Z Flip 4 a unique look.

The texture of the case also makes it grippy so if you hold the phone for a long duration, there are lower chances of the phone slipping from your hand. This case is mainly for those who want their Galaxy Z Flip 4 to stand out with poppy colors and want a case that’s slim, lightweight, and protective at the same time.

3. Samsung Silicone Cover With Strap

Samsung unveiled this case with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and now they have a version of it for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 as well. It’s a standard silicone case that’s protective along with a neat little trick which is a strap on the rear to grip the phone better.

This is Samsung’s first-party case so you can expect the best compatibility with the phone. The Samsung silicone cover with strap is exactly what the name suggests — it’s a silicone case that has a strap attached to the back. You’re supposed to slide your hand through the strap to ensure the phone stays in place while using it. If you’re aware of pop sockets, this is something similar.

The strap has the Flip branding in bold letters and is available in several color options to match the colors of the phone itself. While the strap adds slightly to the overall thickness of the case, we would still consider this to be a slim case since it’s light and easy to handle.

If you want Samsung’s official case along with the strap to hold the phone firmly, you can pick this one up.

4. Spigen Air Skin

Here comes a thin case that’s actually one of the thinnest we’ve seen! The Spigen Air Skin is slim and happens to have a pastel back to match the color and design of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. It’s certainly not as thin as air but you get that the brand is aiming for a slim profile.

Spigen’s Air Skin cases are even thinner than their Thin Fit series so you are indeed getting a case that’s probably as thin as it can get. This is a hard shell case so it’s not going to feel as comfortable to hold. The available colors are nice and bright and you even get a clear option if you want to show off the actual color of your Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The idea of this case is to make users feel like they’re using a thin layer of protection almost like skin but in the form of a case. Of course, the case isn’t as slim as a skin, but you’re also getting better drop protection. Spigen Air Skin case is best suited for those who want their Galaxy Z Flip 4 to look like how it does without a case.

Do note that this case provides minimal drop resistance so if you’d drop your phone, especially with the main display open, you might end up with a damaged screen.

5. Otterbox Thin Flex

Otterbox cases are generally rugged and protective but this case for Galaxy Z Flip 4 is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It offers drop protection and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Otterbox Galaxy Z Flip 4 case is a part of the brand’s Thin Flex series meaning it’s thin and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. It’s a standard matte-finish case that doesn’t have any extraordinary features.

However, it offers a fair bit of protection despite being thin, thanks to its flexible, shock-absorbing nature. After all, Otterbox is primarily famous for its protective cases. If you’re not a fan of the standard black colorway, Otterbox also gives you some fun options like Pacific Reef and Sparkle Purplexing with a hint of glitter for the extra bling.

It’s a great option for those who want solid protection with a not-so-thick case. If there’s one case on this list we would trust to protect the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in case of a fall, it’s this one.

6. Spigen Thin Fit Ring

Spigen’s Thin Fit lineup of cases is popular for its slim cases. This particular case is specifically designed for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and maintains that thin form factor while adding a ring that makes it easy to hold the phone when using.

How is any list complete without a clear case that shows off the original look and design of the phone? The Spigen Thin Fit Ring is a clear case made up of polycarbonate with TPU sides.

So, while the sides might turn yellow with time, the front and back portions of the case will not. For the most part, the case looks like a generic clear case but a glance at the ring on top and you’ll know something’s different.

The Thin Fit Ring has a ring on top where you can put your finger to hold the phone. This ensures that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is securely sitting in your hand when you’re using it.

Samsung also makes a similar case but with a silicone exterior instead of a clear one. If you’re a fan of the ring for extra grip and security, this case is for you. The price seems slightly steep, though, for what it offers, especially when you consider that it doesn’t add much protection either.

Protect Your Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is an expensive device and since it’s a foldable phone, repair costs are also comparatively higher. So, get a good thin case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to ensure it stays protected while still being easy to handle and use.

Last updated on 19 August, 2022

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