6 Best Slim Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel 7 Pro with a glass back is prone to scratches, and adding a case is a good idea to keep it in a pristine condition. Cases help in absorbing the brunts of falls and drops and lend a better grip. However, if you want to preserve the original form factor of your Pixel phone, you should get your hands on a slim case for your Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Best Slim Cases and Covers for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Thankfully, there are several slim cases and cases for Google Pixel 7 Pro. Our list below has something to suit all tastes and budgets. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the best cases and covers for Pixel 7 pro.

Let’s get started. But first,

1. Foluu Silicone Case

Want a slim case without emptying your pockets? If yes, you might want to check out the Foluu Silicone Case. This case shields your phone from scratches and scuff marks and protects the corners and lenses from falls and drops. It’s slim and won’t add weight to your Pixel 7 Pro.

It’s also soft and grippy enough to let you hold the phone better, especially if your hands get sweaty often. The best part is that the raised edges around the horizontal camera module prevent micro scratches on the camera lens. That means your phone won’t sit flush on its back.

On the upside, the volume and power buttons are covered. Meanwhile, the charging port and speakers have precise cut-outs for easy access.

This Folu slim case is inexpensive. It won’t protect your Pixel 7 Pro the same way as an armored case. But if you are confident that you won’t drop your phone, this silicone case is enough to keep it safe from marks and scratches.

2. Anngelas Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Anngelas’ clear case will let you flaunt the original color Pixel 7 Pro. It wraps beautifully around the phone and provides the necessary barrier against dings. It comes with reinforced corners that deflect the effects of minor drops. More importantly, the case has cut-outs at all the right places to make the ports and speakers easily accessible.

It’s a thin case, and like its counterpart above, the area around the camera module and the screen are raised to prevent untoward micro scratches. The buttons are covered, but they may not be as tactile as the original buttons.

But at the end of the day, TPU cases tend to get yellow over time. However, it won’t be an issue if you plan to switch cases often.

3. Caseology Parallax

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has an impressive design, but would you like to amp it up even more? If yes, you should certainly check out the Caseology Parallax. This TPU case bundles a neat design at the back that gives a slight edge to this Google phone. And that’s not all. The cubic pattern at the back also helps you grip the phone better. Moreover, the dual color shade helps make this Pixel 7 Pro case stand out from the rest.

It also bundles light textures to help you hold the phone better. And the added reinforcement at the corners protects the corners during drops. Caseology advertises military-grade protection. The case is thin and lightweight but adds a little bulk to the original form factor.

While the edges are raised, you can easily add a screen protector to the mix without the case hampering it in any way. Buy this case if you want your phone to look stylish and stand out in a sea of similar-looking cases.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen cases are known for their durable build, and the one for the Pixel 7 Pro is no different. The Ultra Hybrid combines TPU and PC in a clear casing to reflect your phone’s original color. At the same time, it has a solid build and can survive minor falls and drops. More importantly, staying true to its name, it’s slim and lightweight.

It has the usual bells and whistles, like raised bumpers and edges around the camera module. Interestingly, this Spigen case comes with a Blue Resin PC back, which slows down the yellowing of the case.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Pixel 7 Pro isn’t too expensive, and if you plan to stick to a single clear case for a long time, you can’t go wrong with this one. Do note that the Ultra Hybrid is a hard-shell case.

5. Humixx Shockproof Hard Back Case

The Humixx Shockproof Case combines the best of both worlds. Here, the edges and the area near the camera module are made from TPU, while the rest of the case is made from a transparent material. This design allows your phone’s color to shine in all its glory. At the same time, the TPU bumper does the duty of shielding the phone from the effects of falls and drops and adding the necessary grip.

This Humixx case has drop protection up to 8ft, which is a huge plus. But at the end of the day, it’s a slim case, and we wouldn’t ask you to rely solely on the advertised data.

It’s a little more expensive than its counterparts above. However, if you want to protect your premium phone from the elements, then this Humixx case is a worthy pick. And did you know that the oleophobic coating at the back prevents ugly fingerprint smudges and stains?

6. Spigen Thin Fit

Last but not least, we have the Spigen Thin Fit. This case marries both protection and a slim profile. And guess what? The matte texture on the back gives it a slightly distinctive look, especially when compared to its counterpart above. Again, it’s a hard back case, adding to its durability.

It fits the Pixel 7 Pro like a glove, and the slightly raised covers on top of the buttons help deliver tactile feedback. While the raised module protects the protruding rear camera, it doesn’t help the phone sit flush against tables or any flat surfaces.

Lastly, the Spigen Thin Fit is lightweight and won’t add weight to your phone.

Keep it Light!

These were some slim cases you can buy for your Pixel 7 pro. The idea is to invest in a case that prevents scratches & marks and has sufficient drop protection. Again, a slim case is not the best pick if you habitually drop your phone. In such cases, you should invest in a premium rugged case.

Last updated on 19 October, 2022

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