5 Best Sleeves for 14-inch MacBook Pro: Slim and Compact

The 14-inch MacBook Pro strikes the perfect balance between form factor, display, battery, and power. To that end, it’s not as cumbersome to use as the 16-inch MacBook. Despite that, it offers adequate power and a beefy battery backup, thanks to Apple’s M-series CPU. However, the laptop is priced on the higher side, so we recommend getting the best sleeves for a 14-inch MacBook Pro to better safeguard your purchase when you’re on the go.

You can always get a case for your 14-inch MacBook Pro. But if you want to flaunt your MacBook’s looks, then a dedicated sleeve is the way to go. It’ll also keep your MacBook scratch-free and tuck it nicely in your travel bag.

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1. INVZI Sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

INVZI’s sleeve for the 14-inch MacBook Pro offers an elegant look. At the same time, the sleeve will not put a dent in your wallet. Don’t be fooled by its cheaper price tag, though as it’s right up there with other expensive sleeves on the market.

INVZI’s sleeve is made up of classic PU (polyurethane) leather. It looks and feels premium, and the ultra-thin design doesn’t take up too much space in your bag either. The sleeve is superbly functional too and it can be used as a stand for your laptop. As such, the sleeve can help you attain a comfortable typing experience. And, seeing how it lifts the laptop, the sleeve also helps in dissipating heat, which is great.

The sleeve is compatible with 12-14-inch MacBooks and laptops. A strong magnetic closure ensures strong protection without unnecessary zips or flaps. It comes in two color options – Saddle Brown and Black. Do note that some buyers have complained about their MacBook Pro starting by itself when in the case. So, when you do put the laptop in the sleeve, make sure to close the MacBook’s lid properly.

2. tomtoc Protective Case for MacBook Pro

While INVZI’s sleeve offers a modern look, it may not protect your MacBook Pro from accidental drops. That’s where tomtoc’s sleeve comes into the picture, which should be high on your list if you want the best protection for your MacBook.

tomtoc’s sleeve case for a 14-inch MacBook Pro is functional and protective and it comes with an accessory pouch to store your power adapter, cable, microSD cards, and other accessories. The sleeve makes use of the company’s CornerArmor technology and features high-density soft padding to absorb impacts and shocks.

You can also keep your iPhone, pen, notebook, and hard drive in the outside pockets. The accessory pouch has two dedicated slots to store your wireless mouse, power bank, and other essentials. The tomtoc protective case may look bland, but it’s highly functional, and you can get one in several shades.

3. Vandel Sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

Vandel’s puffy sleeve for a 14-inch MacBook Pro is ideal for women as it is easy to grip and looks trendy. So, if you want a laptop sleeve to complement your fashion sense, Vandel’s offering should be your pick.

Do note that the sleeve’s aesthetics will attract eyeballs willy-nilly. What’s more, apart from the different color options, you can get the sleeve with unique prints too. These include sleeves with leopard/cheetah spots and stars etched on them. More importantly, the sleeve comes with a soft plush lining that ensures your MacBook doesn’t pick up on any scuffs either.

Do note that the sleeve doesn’t come with any slots to house your MacBook Pro’s charger or cable. As such, you must carry relevant gadgets in a separate pouch. It’s not a deal-breaker considering the price tag, but still worth pointing out.

4. hecho Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

hecho is known for its high-end leather accessories, backpacks, and shoulder bags. The company’s 14-inch MacBook Pro bag is no different and it offers ultimate protection from accidental damage.

tomtoc sleeve looks dull and the Vandel one is more suitable for women. If you want a premium-looking sleeve without compromising on the MacBook’s protection, look no further and get hecho’s leather sleeve. It is made of durable full-grain cowhide leather and features a seamless envelope closure.

The leather sleeve develops a special patina over time and makes the shade darker and more personal. It’s only available in one color option. Although the pricing is on the higher side, go with this one if you prefer a classic touch to protect your MacBook Pro. Unlike other sleeves on the market, this one is specifically made for a 14-inch MacBook Pro, so you shouldn’t use it to store a 13-inch or a 15-inch laptop. Make sure to select the relevant model before you hit the buy button.

The actual product may have a small color variation and an oily surface. But, that’s the case with most, if not all genuine leather products. The cherry on top is that the company offers a 5-year warranty and a 30-day return policy on all its products.

5. INCARNE Leather Sleeve

INCARNE sleeve for 14-inch MacBook Pro

INCARNE’s leather sleeve is – as its moniker suggests – yet another high-quality leather cover for your 14-inch MacBook Pro. Unlike hecho’s sleeve, INCARNE’s offering is compatible with a 13 or 14-inch MacBook and it can be snagged in multiple color options.

You may mistake INCARNE’s sleeve as an official MacBook as it features an embossed Apple logo. It’s slim, looks professional, and is crafted with utmost precision. As such, the sleeve offers a snug fit. What’s more, the sleeve is brimming with character and from the cutting leather to sewing and packaging, you can notice little details and effort that went into crafting the unit.

The sleeve comes with magnetic buttons that allow you to secure your laptop seamlessly. Aside from personal use, this one can be the perfect gift for your loved one too. INCARNE leather sleeve for MacBook Pro is available in Brown, Black, Cognac (our favorite), and Grey colorways.

Keep Your MacBook Pro as New as Day One

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is an expensive machine. As such, the device warrants good care if you wish to use it for years to come. So, it’s best you wrap up the laptop in a cushy sleeve. From where we stand, INVZI and Vandel have great affordable sleeves for your MacBook. That said, INCARNE and hecho’s sleeves offer a distinctive look owing to the use of leather in their construction.

Which sleeve do you plan to pick up from the list? Share your preference in the comments below.  

Last updated on 24 May, 2023

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