6 Best Silicone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22+ are beautiful phones and you’d want to keep them without any scratches and dings. And the best way to do that for your Galaxy S22 series phone is to invest in a quality silicone case. These cases are lightweight, and the slim design preserves the original form factor of the phone.

6 Best Silicone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus

Besides keeping the phone away from harm’s way, silicone cases for Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ also add the needed grip to the phone.

So, if you are in the market looking for quality silicone cases for your new Samsung S22 phone, here are our top recommendations. But first,

1. ESR Clear Case (S22)

If you want to flaunt your phone’s original color, the best bet would be to buy a clear case. The ESR clear case is affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s slim and lightweight and maintains the original form face of the Galaxy S22. The company also claims the case to be yellow-resistant.

It has a snug fit and bundles essential features like raised lips and the camera module to protect the screen and camera lenses from scratches. At the same time, the case has a grippy exterior to help you hold it properly, especially during hot and humid weather.

2. Ringke Onyx (S22+)

If you want slightly better protection for your phone, you can have a peek at the Ringke Onyx case. It’s a hard case and comes with bells and whistles like textured edges, button covers, and raised lips. More importantly, the slim form factor doesn’t bulk to the phone.

The best part is that the company also advertises military-grade drop protection. And for the price, it’s a handsome addition.

It fits well, and several users have opined this as part of their reviews. At the same time, the textured edges aid in a better grip. And this is a good addition, especially if you have sweaty hands.

3. Caseology Nano Pop (S22)

Do you want your phone to stand out from the sea of similar-looking phone cases? If yes, you may want to see the Caseology Nano Pop silicone case for the Galaxy S22. It brings a colorful combination of black and yellow to the table and gives the phone a trendy look. And it is not just better in terms of looks.

It has military-grade protection, and the combination of TPU and PC absorbs the brunt of falls and drops. Besides that, the fit is snug, and several users have commended the fit in their reviews. And hey, the TPU adds its share of grip as well.

The Caseology Nano Pop is available for all the variants of the Galaxy S22 lineup and is available in two colors—Blueberry and Yellow.

4. Samsung Galaxy Silicone Cover (S22+)

The Galaxy S22+ silicone cover is for you if you want a simple and sober case. This case is apt for professional surroundings, and the slim form factor adds to the experience. It’s a full-fledged case and covers the camera module except for the lenses.

And since it’s an in-house case, you don’t have to worry about the fit and the access to ports and buttons. For the record, you get covered buttons.

It’s a simple cover. It will protect the phone from everyday wear and tear and the occasional scratch and drop. But it would be best not to expect the world out of this case.

If you think the Black of this case is too plain for your taste, you can opt for the Yellow or the Blue variant.

5. Cyrill Color Brick (S22+)

Another silicone case that you can check out is the Cyrill case. The highlight of this phone case is the accent ring around the camera module. Apart from highlighting the camera module, the raised module helps to stabilize the phone.

This Cyrill case has all the qualities of a good protective case. For example, the air cushions at the corners bear the brunt of falls and drops, while the outer TPU layer lets you grip the phone properly.

The good thing is that it’s not expensive despite the slim look and the protection. If you are looking for a quality, affordable case, it’s a clever buy. The only limitation is that the colors are a tad boring.

6. Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap (S22)

Up next, we have the Silicone Cover with Strap from Samsung. As suggestive of its name, this case has a built-in strap at the back that helps you hold the phone well. At the same time, you can also hang the phone with it, should the need arise. And needless to say, it will add the necessary flare to the otherwise plain case.

Apart from the strap, this silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 is simple. Like the one above, the camera module and the buttons stay covered. At the same time, the fit is snug which ensures that the insides are safe from dust and lint.

Since the strap is in the middle of the case, you will have to take it off to initiate Wireless Power Share or wireless charging. And if you often charge through wireless chargers, this is a huge drawback.

Cover the Phone

The right case or cover not only protects the phone from scratches and dings but also helps to give it an attractive look. If you want your phone to have a distinctive look, the Nano Pop is a good buy. Otherwise, you can go for the Cyrill silicone case or the Rinke Onyx.

Last updated on 11 April, 2022

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