5 Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone

While a selfie stick isn’t as trendy as before, it’s still a must-have accessory for iPhone users. Whether you are a photographer, frequent traveler, or take occasional group selfies during functions and potluck parties, a selfie stick makes it easy to snap mesmerizing pictures on the go. With hundreds of options on Amazon, picking a top option for your iPhone can be confusing. Read along to find the best selfie stick for iPhone.

Top Selfie sticks for iPhone

Your next holiday trip is incomplete without a selfie stick. You can always take selfies by yourself, but nothing beats the dramatic angles that you can achieve by using a selfie stick. A selfie stick with a tripod also lets you snap time-lapses of say, a busy traffic signal or a starry night. Of course, you should be aware of a selfie stick’s length, Bluetooth connectivity, overall size, tripod functionality, and more before you snag one up. 

Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork so let’s check out some of the best-shortlisted options. But first, you might want to breeze through the following articles if you are planning an upcoming summer trip-

1. Tupwoon Selfie Stick for iPhone

Tupwoon selfie stick for iPhone

Apart from taking pictures from your iPhone’s front camera, a selfie stick can be used to record vlogs too. And, if you are a night owl, then you’ll find much to like about Tupwoon’s selfie stick. We say this, as the device comes with a dedicated light at the top that allows users to shoot vlogs at night or in dimly lit environments.

Selfie sticks with a detachable fill light are quite popular among vloggers. Charged via a USB cable, a dedicated light is more powerful than your iPhone’s screen flash, and it doesn’t drain the phone’s battery life too. You can even tweak the brightness levels based on the surroundings.

Whether you are in a nightclub or resting on a beach during evening hours, the Tupwoon selfie stick can help you snap stellar photos in poor lighting conditions. The stick also gets a detachable wireless remote control, which is a godsend for buyers with shaky hands. It comes with a 120mAh battery, and your purchase includes a spare battery too.

Tupwoon selfie stick offers 360-degree rotation and a tripod. It weighs 0.37lb and can fold into 7.6 inches. Needless to say, the selfie stick is an ideal gift for your loved ones too. Apart from iPhone, it’s compatible with a range of Android phones as well.

2. Vproof Selfie Stick

Vproof selfie stick for iPhone

Most selfie sticks get damaged after a couple of trips. If you want a long-lasting, sturdy selfie stick for your iPhone, consider Vproof’s offering from the list. It features a metal damping knob and the unit makes use of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for additional support. It has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation coating and as such, is lighter and more durable than other options on the list.

Measuring 6.5 inches (when collapsed), the Vproof selfie stick is stylish and slides into any travel bag without occupying much space. It offers Bluetooth connectivity to take selfies with a shutter button. Correspondingly, you don’t need to deal with gestures, timers, or wired connections here.

The selfie stick comes with a 65mAh replaceable battery that easily lasts 20-25 hours off a single charge. It also offers a standby time of more than 30 days, which is great.

If anything, the Vproof selfie stick doesn’t come with a built-in tripod. Furthermore, the unit can only be picked up only in a Black colorway.

3. Fugetek Selfie Stick

Fugtek selfie stick for iPhone

If you don’t want to compromise on build quality and tripod functionality, Fugetek’s all-in-one selfie stick can be the ideal pick for you. You can get one with a tripod as well as quadrapod to snap buttery smooth videos.

Vertical videos have risen in popularity, thanks to social media apps like TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. As such, content creators need a feature-rich selfie stick to excel at shooting videos and photos. Fugetek’s Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick fits the bill and the device is compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones, and even select point-and-shoot cameras. Needless to say, the device makes a good buy for novice users as well as professional photographers.

Spec-wise, the selfie stick comes with adjustable legs, anti-slip feet, quick flip locks, and adjustable heads. You can keep the selfie stick at 19-inch, 31-inch, and 51-inch heights.

It’s ideal for photoshoots as well as landscape group selfies. The wireless Bluetooth remote works from up to 100ft and has a standby time of three years. If anything, the selfie stick is quite bulky, which might scare away some prospective buyers.

4. Bluehorn Portable Selfie Stick

Bluehorn selfie stick for iPhone

Bluehorn offers a sleek-looking selfie stick with a tripod. The company’s offering is made of high-quality materials, offers wireless remote control, and wide compatibility with all the top smartphones, including the iPhone.

Bluehorn selfie stick comes with several mounting options. The selfie stick’s length ranges from 14 inches to 40 inches and consequently, the device offers superb range to snap selfies on the go. What’s more, the Bluehorn selfie stick is compact, lightweight, and has a dedicated screw to keep your iPhone secure from accidental falls.

Many buyers have praised the selfie stick’s flawless pairing, long-lasting battery life, and solid build quality. What’s more, you can even use the selfie stick to prop up your smartphone for video calls, which is great. Do note that we recommend a more professional setup for work calls.

5. TONEOF Selfie Stick with Tripod

Toneof selfie stick for iPhone

TONEOF has a stylish selfie stick up for grabs too. That’s not all, as the company’s offering doubles up as a tripod too. Add to that the unit’s built-in telescopic handle and foldable legs and the TONEOF selfie stick is a must-have accessory for your holiday trips.

Unlike some cheaper alternatives, TONEOF uses sturdy corrosion-resistant tripod legs for a seamless video recording experience. The telescopic pole is made of aluminum and should easily last you years to come.

The separate charging remote has a built-in 50mAh battery, and it supports USB charging too. Unlike other selfie sticks, TONEOF’s offering can be snagged in several trendy colors as well. On that note, you can buy the selfie stick in a Black, White, Blue, Purple, or Green avatar. Do keep the length in mind before hitting the buy button as the selfie stick length is quite tall at 12.5 inches. As such, it may not fit in your handbag.  

Snap Trendsetter Selfies

The next time you plan a vacation, don’t forget to grab a selfie stick. If you want to capture time-lapses or try astrophotography, you should get one with a tripod. Make sure to keep the stick size in mind to avoid any inconvenience if you’re traveling with a small bag. With that out of the way, do let us know which selfie stick you will you pick from the list above in the comments below.

Last updated on 09 June, 2023

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