6 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel 6a

Got yourself a brand new Google Pixel 6a? While you enjoy the amazing phone, it’s best to protect it and keep it safe from usual wear and tear with a suitable case. Most importantly, if you want to enjoy that screen in sunlight and even at night, put a good screen protector on it.

best screen protectors for Pixel 6a

A solid screen protector can save your display from scratches that might happen during daily usage. To ensure you don’t have to compromise on your phone’s viewing experience, we’ve shortlisted some of the best screen protectors for the Google Pixel 6a. From glossy tempered glasses to matte-finish films, we’ve covered them all.

But, before we get to the screen protectors for your Pixel 6a, here are a few things that might interest you –

1. IQ Shield Clear Film

For the basic usage, a clear film from IQ shield covers the entire display. Since it’s a thin film, you won’t get any drop resistance with this protector. However, it’ll ensure that the Pixel 6a’s screen won’t get scratches easily.

IQ Shield’s clear film has a water-based application method to apply on the screen. By default, it covers the entire display along with a film for the camera module on the rear. The bundle comes with 2 units of film, which means you can replace the old, dusty one with a new.

IQ Shield’s clear film boasts of a self-healing technology that heals a scratch in a day or two after it occurs on the screen. However, this film is good for basic protection, but it cannot sustain drops. So you Pixel 6a’s screen can easily shatter if it falls from your hands.

2. Skinomi Matte Screen Protector

Skinomi’s Matte screen protector gives that textured feeling whenever you swipe and type on the displa. While it can be non-reflective, it does impact the true colors of the display and can appear washed out over time.

Skinomi bundles a screen protector with a matte finish, which covers the display and the camera lens at the back. The only difference between this and film from IQ Shield is the matte-texture feel.

Good thing is that you get a pack of two protectors. Skinomi also promises the self-healing properties of the protector and also promises you anti-bubble application of it on your Pixel 6a. Again, this is just a film that offers no screen protection against drops or falls.

3. iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector

We’ve now moved to the more protective options – tempered glass screen protectors. Starting with the iVoler tempered glass that comes in a pack of 3. You also get an alignment tray for easy application.

It is an inexpensive pack of tempered glass screen protectors for the Pixel 6a. You’ll get 3 of them in the pack, which helps in replacing whenever the existing one suffers any damage. iVoler is also kind enough to provide an alignment tray inside the package to help you apply the tempered glass easily.

Since this screen protector is made of glass, it provides better protection compared to the screen protector films mentioned earlier. So, if you drop your phone face-down, there’s a good chance the tempered glass might shatter but your display may be safe.

4. LK Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Protector

LK’s Tempered Glass Screen is a perfect option who want more protection for the screen. Besides that, it comes bundled with a camera protecto.

Besides protecting the Pixel 6a’s screen, you can guard the camera lenses from random scratches. This tempered glass won’t let you worry much about your camera lenses since the package bundles one for it.

This is a pack of four tempered glass protectors – two for the screen and two for the camera module. It’s a good option if you wish to protect your camera lenses without getting a case. Also, if you are often careful with your phone, you might need a simple clear case to go with it.

5. Caseology Snap Fit

Caseology Snap Fit tempered glass is a full-coverage screen protector for the Pixel 6a. This screen protector ensures full protection of the screen, including the edges.

The tempered glass screen protectors mentioned earlier only cover the display portion of the front leaving the sides and edges exposed. This can be a rough experience while you’re swiping around and performing gestures on the phone. A good way to avoid that is to get a full-coverage tempered glass like this one.

What Caesology has done here is it has added black borders on the edges of the glass that extend right up to the edges of the display. This ensures that the sides of the display are also covered and protected. You also get an alignment tray in the box for easy application. It’s more expensive than the previous options and you only get one in the pack, the quality is definitely better.

6. Spigen AlignMaster

The Spigen AlignMaster tempered glass is widely regarded as one of the best quality tempered glass screen protectors around. The design is similar to the Caseology one with black borders along the sides.

Spigen’s tempered glass covers the entire front of the phone and leaves just enough gap for a case to fit on the chassis without any issues. There’s an alignment tray in the package to help you apply the glass.

You can expect the glass quality to be more premium compared to the standard tempered glasses. That’s why it is on the pricier side since it costs more than the ones which pack three tempered glasses. However, you end up paying a bit more for quality and protection of the display.

Keep Your Display Clean and Shiny

A good screen protector can go a long way in extending the life of your Pixel 6a and even retain its resale value over the years. Since the display is the component you interact with the most while using your phone, ensure you get a good screen protector to maintain the sheen over time.

Last updated on 01 August, 2022

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