7 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Accessories That You Can Buy

If you already own the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or plan to buy it, you must already know that it’s more than a fancy watch. From tracking your sleep and measuring your blood oxygen levels to letting you reply to messages and check notifications, you pretty much have a control center on your wrist. Adding accessories to the mix will only make it even more productive. After all, you will want to use it to the fullest.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Accessories That You Can Buy

So, here we are with our hand-picked list of the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. From the best sports earphones to sturdy cases, we have covered them all.

Let’s get going, shall we?

1. Earphones: Jabra Elite 75t

The best part about the Galaxy Watch 3 is that you can connect it to wireless Bluetooth earphones. This will help you carry your music along with you for your runs and walks, without lugging around your smartphone with you. If you fancy a pair of sports earphones, the Jabra Elite 75t will be the perfect fit primarily because of its punchy audio output and deep bass.

The best part is that the earphones are small and comfortable to wear. Jabra bundles three sets of ear tips, and all you need to do is find the right pair of ear tips for a proper fit. The fit is snug, and the outer body hugs the ear cavity. The earbuds will stay anchored to the ears and won’t move even when you move around a lot. However, if you sweat excessively, they tend to loosen up. Thankfully, these earphones carry the IP55 rating for some protection from sweat.

Though most earphones now have touch-based buttons, the Jabra 75t bundles physical buttons. They are soft & flexible and register your touch even when your hands are wet with sweat. Moreover, it packs plenty of quirks. For one, the Jabra 75t come with the HearThrough feature, and in October of this year, Jabra introduced ANC through a firmware upgrade. So, all you need to do is connect your earphones to your Galaxy Watch and get going.

The cumulative battery life is satisfactory. A full charge gives you a playback time of 28 hours. You can charge it for 15 minutes to get a playback time of an hour.

If you’re looking for a more robust pair of wireless earphones, take a look at the Sony WF-SP800N.

2. Sports Band: Fintie Nylon Replacement Strap

Size: 41mm

If you lead an active lifestyle and want to track every step and every exercise, the default leather band of the Watch 3 is not a feasible option. Not only does sweat accumulate under the band, but the slight stiffness of the leather gets in the way of work-out. The first time I went cycling while wearing the default band, I was majorly distracted by the band’s itchiness and stiffness. If your situation is similar, it’s time you invested in a sports band like the Fintie Nylon Replacement Strap. It sports a cool look and is highly flexible.

It comes with a standard watch-like buckle and two loops to hold the extra length of the strap. More importantly, this band is durable and comfortable to wear for long durations. The latter makes it great for daily wear as well.

This one has attracted several good reviews primarily for its durability, comfort, and its unique style. However, if the loud patterns and colors are not your thing, you can always settle for a muted color.

It’s available in 20mm size, making it ideal for the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3.

3. Metal Band: Fullmosa Quick Release Watch Band

Size: 41mm and 42mm

The Fullmosa stainless steel band is the one for you if you want a business look on your Galaxy Watch 3. This one resembles the traditional metal watchband, complete with the metal links and the turtle buckle. And the quick-release pins on either side of the band help secure the band properly to the watch. It has a great finish and is comfortable to wear. Provided you take good care of it, it’ll last you a long time, thanks to its durability.

The good thing is that the company also ships a link removal kit and two link pins. As you may have already guessed, the tool helps remove the links should the band be big for your wrist. Or, if it’s smaller, you can always use the additional links to add to it.

The Fullmosa steel bands have their share of fairly good reviews on Amazon and so far, they have accumulated more than 7,000 user reviews on Amazon. The best thing is that they are available in various sizes, making them best for analog and smartwatches.

4. Hard Case: Haojavo Hard PC Case

Size: 45mm

Let’s get a few things sorted out first. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, fitting a case comes with a slight catch — the rotating bezel might not work smoothly with a case on. But, if your smartwatch’s safety is vital and you can switch to swipes and gestures, the best deal is to get your hands on a case. Haojavo Store’s case is a hardshell case that wraps around the watch’s body and protects it from scratches, dust, and daily wear and tear.

At the same time, if you happen to bump your wrist against door frames or table ends, this case will do the job of bearing the brunts of bumps and drops. It’s slim and fits the Galaxy Watch 3 like a glove. Several users have backed this as part of their reviews on Amazon.

The open design at the back means you can charge your watch wirelessly without any issues.

If you are willing to spend a few dollars more, you can have a peep at the Spigen Liquid Air Armor or the Ringke Air Sports. Do note that you will have to part with the smooth rotation of the watch’s bezel.

5. Bezel: Ringke Bezel Styling for Galaxy Watch 3

Size: 45mm

Another accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that you can invest on is a third-party rotating bezel. Just like the first generation Galaxy Watch, the bezel on your current smartwatch can be replaced. The Ringke Bezel is designed for the Galaxy Watch 3 and you do not have to worry about the fit. More importantly, it gives a stylish and gorgeous look to the watch and ups its looks by many folds.

It’s made of metal and looks and feels premium and compliments the overall look of the watch. It’s adhesive-backed to make the installation process is simple and quite a few users have backed this claim on their reviews. And because the bezel is a little raised, it safeguards the screen from scratches and scuff marks.

So far it has received around 200+ reviews on Amazon with users liking it for its looks, scratch-resistant nature, and of course its adhesion.

6. Screen Protector: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Nobody likes a scratched up watch screen. Even though the Galaxy Watch 3 bundles a scratch-resistant Corning glass on top, it’s not 100% scratch-proof. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to get your hands on a quality screen protector like the one from Spigen. Stick them on top of the screen and that’s about it. The one mentioned here is for the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3 and is easy to install.

The fact that Spigen ships an installation kit with this screen protector sets it apart from the rest. Quite naturally, this screen makes installation an easy-peasy affair. So far, the user reviews are decent for this accessory, with users praising it for its fit and simple installation process.

Furthermore, the screen’s touch sensitivity isn’t affected, and you won’t notice any significant difference. At the same time, the screen appears clear with minimal glare.

Not Just a Smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch 3 is many things. You can purely use it to track your activity and fitness levels, or you can use it as a smartwatch. You can also take the middle road and use it as both, be it replying to messages or playing your favorite Spotify playlist. All you need to do is know all the tricks, accessorize it as per your preference, and have a smartwatch that looks and works great.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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