6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Cases That You Can Buy

If you have bought the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, you must know that it brings home a slew of new features such as Vo2 Max, ECG monitoring, and SpO2 monitoring. Moreover, the rotating bezel also makes a comeback. Yay, right? However, this smartwatch is also susceptible to scratches, bumps, and dingles if you are not careful.

Top Best Galaxy Watch 3 Cases and covers

Because the watch is a little thicker than its older cousins, it tends to stand out slightly on top of your wrist. There have been many instances when I would accidentally bump it against the edges of door frames and tables.

While the going has been good so far, truth be told, I wouldn’t want to test my luck, especially when the watch costs north of $300. Hence, it’s always better to dress the Galaxy Watch 3 in a protective covering.

Here are some of the best options if you are looking for new cases and covers for your new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Let’s get started. But before that,

1. Fvlerz Soft TPU Case

Size: 41mm and 45mm

If you are looking for an affordable case for your smartwatch, the Fvlerz case makes for a good buy. It clips on to the top of your watch and shields the sides and the watch lugs from harm. It’s a soft TPU case, meaning you shouldn’t have issues fitting it to the top of your watch.

The cutouts are in the right place for the Home button and the Recents key, and you won’t have any issues in accessing them: neither will you have any issues in showing off the detailed grooves on the buttons.

The fit is snug, and the watch doesn’t juggle inside the case. Since it’s a clip-on case, it also doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

It’s a two-pack case, and the affordable pricing means that you can swap between the colors seamlessly.

2. Tensea Shock Absorption Cover

Size: 41mm

So, what’s special about the Tensea case? Well, if you own the Watch 3 in the Mystic Gold variant, I am sure you wouldn’t want to clip a black case around it. That’s where this case comes in. It comes in an attractive Rose Gold color to complement the gold of the Watch 3.

Like the case above, it fits over the watch. All you need to do is gently push it in and you’ll have the protective cover on your watch in no time.

The cutouts are precise and don’t obstruct the usage of the rotating bezel or the buttons.

It’s available in three other colors as well.

3. Haojavo Hard PC Protector

Size: 45mm

Another case that protects the watch’s sides and the lugs from scratches and damage is the one by Haojavo. This is a hardshell case, and the crux of this case is its slim form factor and fitting—it fits like a glove, and several reviewers have backed this on Amazon.

Aside from that, it absorbs the brunt of impacts and bumps. The buttons aren’t covered, meaning you will get full feedback when you press the buttons.

Again, charging the smartwatch wirelessly is not an issue at all with the Haojavo case. More importantly, it’s easy to fit in the case, even though it’s a hard-shell case.

4. NANW Scratch-Resist Protective Bumper

Size: 41mm and 45mm

Do you love switching between different colors and looks? If yes, you can’t go wrong with the NANW Protective Bumper cases. A single case consists of four cases in different colors, thereby giving you the option to switch between various hues seamlessly.

And that’s not the end of the story. They make their bid in safeguarding the watch against the elements of nature. So, be it an accidental bump against a table end or rubbing against sharp objects, you can rest assured that the watch inside will be in immaculate conditions.

Though the makers claim that the case is waterproof and fingerprint-resistant, I would take that with a pinch of salt. It’s made of TPU.

5. Ringke Air Sports Case

Size: 45mm

Unlike the ones above, the Ringke case does things a bit differently. It doesn’t fit over the lugs like the covers above. Rather, this wraps around the watch body and keeps it away from harm’s way.

Quite naturally, it requires certain effort and skill to lock the case in position. It adds a negligible heft to the watch, but the good news is that you’ll be able to access the ports, bezels, or press the buttons without any issues.

Also, it gives an elegant finish to the watch and doesn’t undermine the watch’s premium look.

6. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Size: 45mm

Another case with a tad different perspective is the Spigen Liquid Air Armor. This case wraps around the watch body, and protects the rotating bezels as well. So, how will you get through the different menu items? Well, there’s a cut out on the left side, which lets you rotate the bezel conveniently.

The cover is textured, which gives it a nice finish. Aside from the above, this case defends the Galaxy Watch 3 from all the usual elements and can bear the brunt of minor bumps and scratches without breaking a sweat.

So far, the Liquid Air Armor has a mixed amount of reviews primarily because of the design. While some love the idea of a covered bezel cover, others are not much in favor of the primary feature being hidden.

Wrap Them Up

These were some of the best covers and cases you can get for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Before you click on the Buy button, do make sure to double-check the watch size.

At the same time, note to match the color of the watch cover with the bands of your watch.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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