5 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Screen Protectors

Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are Android’s answer to Apple iPad Pro tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is an ideal Android tablet for media consumption, drawing, and productivity. The giant 14.6-inch AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate is the real star of the show. And to protect it from daily scratches and wear, you can install a screen protector on the screen. Here are the best Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra screen protectors.

You shouldn’t get any random screen protector for your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. After all, you will be using the tablet with an S Pen, and you might face latency and touch problems with low-quality screen protectors. Also, you’ll need to be careful while applying screen protectors. We recommend you to sit in a closed environment to prevent any air or dust from getting inside during installation. If you know an expert, get help from them.

1. iCarez Matte Screen Protector

While most Tab S8 Ultra screen protectors offer a glossy finish, iCarez comes with a matte one. Instead of a notch cut out at the top, it carries a U-style cut out for the front camera.

iCarez is offering two matte screen protectors with the purchase. A matte screen protector is ideal for outdoor use. If you plan to use your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra in coffee shops or a garden, the matte finish will prevent light glare on the screen, and you can see the text and other content clearly. The company claims to offer a paper-like experience when writing with S Pen. The official hardness is rated at 3H-4H (Pencil Hardness Scale). That means, while it protects the tablet’s display from wear and tear, it won’t stand a chance against falls. Also, this is a matte screen protector, which makes the overall colors appear slightly hazy.

2. Supershieldz Screen Protector

As we mentioned, iCarez matte screen protector is not ideal for the best display experience and protection against accidental falls. If you are on a tight budget and want a glossy screen protector, go with Supershieldz.

Supershieldz claims to use high-quality Japanese PET film for easy installation that leaves no residue when removed. Unlike matte screen protectors, you should expect better touch sensitivity and maximum resolution experience.

The company includes three pieces with your purchase, and they should be good enough for a couple of years at least. Apart from a scratch-resistant layer, Supershieldz has added an HD clear coating on the top to deliver a better display viewing experience and a precise notch cut out at the top. That might create screen glare during outdoor use.

3. PYS Screen Protector

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra packs an S Pen with low latency. If you plan to get a Tab S8 Ultra for writing and drawing purposes, you should consider getting PYS paper-like screen protector.

PYS offers paper-style matter texture on the surface. When you write down notes or draw on your tablet, you will feel a paper-like experience. PYS also offers an anti-glare coating to minimize light reflection and maintain screen vibrancy. The screen protector is 0.3mm in thickness and delivers better touch sensitivity than rivals. The texture coating also resists fingerprints, skin oil, smudges, and objects like keys, wallets, and earphones.

While the texture coating offers protection against daily wear and tear, it makes noise when you start using S Pen to write or draw. Also, this is just a screen protecting layer, and it doesn’t protect against falls or bumps.

4. ZtotopCases Screen Protector

When you share your Galaxy S8 Tab Ultra with kids, you should consider investing in a screen protector that promises maximum resistance against hard falls. ZtotopCases offers tempered glass film with 9H hardness.

Although the pricing is on the higher side compared to other screen protectors on the list, ZtotopCases makes up for it by offering better quality and hardness. It doesn’t sacrifice touch input and S Pen compatibility either. Even with 9H hardness and glass material, the ZtotopCase screen protector is only 0.33 mm thick. The package includes two screen protector packs, and you may need to use a squeezer to remove any air bubbles during installation.

The company also includes cleaning supplies such as a couple of wipes. The glass material also makes it easy to clean the display after an extensive gaming or writing session.

5. Spigen Tempered Glass

Speaking of Tab S8 Ultra screen protectors, how can we leave Spigen out of the list? If budget is not an issue, you should go with Spigen for maximum protection and quality.

Similar to Ztotop, Spigen tempered glass durability is rated at 9H hardness. With other screen protectors, you might have difficulty installing them on a tablet. Spigen tackles the issue by including an auto-alignment kit for fail-proof installation. The company also offers an oleophobic (most companies don’t include it due to cost) coating for glare and daily fingerprint resistance. An oleophobic layer mostly comes on displays of smartphones and tablets. So it’s good to see Spigen offering the same on a screen protector.

Protect Your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

A high-quality screen protector is the first thing you should get for your Tab S8 Ultra. For most users, we recommend Supershieldz, and if your wallet allows, you can go with Ztoptop and Spigen. How’s your experience with Tab S8 Ultra so far? Share a mini-review in the comments below.

Last updated on 27 June, 2022

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