5 Best Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

Samsung recently took the wraps off its flagship Galaxy S23 Plus smartphone, and the handset is off to an excellent start. The same can be accredited, at least in parts, to the phone’s slender chassis which looks stunning, to say the least. As such, we won’t blame you if you want to use your Galaxy S23 Plus smartphone without a case. But, if you just can’t shake off the feeling that you might drop the phone, then opting for a Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus thin case is your next best bet.

A thin case will add a degree of protection to your smartphone, ensuring you don’t have to rush to a service center for repairs. At the same time, a Galaxy S23 Plus thin case will not add any unnecessary bulge to your phone either.

So, read on to get a glimpse at some enticing cases for your shiny Galaxy S23 Plus. But, before we list down the cases, you might want to read about- 

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some thin and sleek cases for the Galaxy S23 Plus.

1. ESR Boost Kickstand Case

ESR Boost Kickstand Case

The ESR boost kickstand case frees multiple birds with one key. For starters, the case is superbly sleek and yet comes with MIL-STD 810H military-grade certification. The same can be attributed to the unit’s Air-Guard corners, which supposedly cushion the most vulnerable parts of the phone.

That’s not all, as the case also comes with raised edges for the camera bump and the display, which should keep them from getting scuffed too. Furthermore, the case comprises a scratch-resistant acrylic back, which will not yellow like most other transparent TPU cases. The icing on the cake is that you can wirelessly charge your Galaxy S23 Plus even with the case slapped to the phone.

Moreover, more, the unit features a built-in kickstand that allows you to prop up your Galaxy device at two different angles. So, if you wanted to watch a movie on the phone’s gorgeous OLED display, the ESR boost kickstand case has got you covered. Rest assured, ESR’s offering brings a lot to the table and is easily one of the best thin cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. 

2. TORRAS Shockproof Case

TORRAS Shockproof thin case

TORRAS has struck the ball out of the ballpark with its guardian series of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. We say this, as the case comes with a dual military-grade certification that is facilitated by the company’s patented X-shock technology. To that end, the company claims that they tested the case by dropping it over 8,000 times from a height of 10 feet. 

Furthermore, the case is relatively sleek too, and shouldn’t add too much bulk to the Galaxy S23 Plus’ svelte chassis. The unit also offers a tidy touch surface that doesn’t show any fingerprints. Further, the case’s soft silicone edges pave the way for a luxurious in-hand feel. The company also states that the case doesn’t come in the way of the Galaxy S23 Plus’ wireless charging chops.

You’ll also get three button sets with the case which include two additional power buttons and volume toggles. So, if you fancy a bit more color, you could swap out the case’s black buttons for orange or lime ones. Add to that the company’s 180-day warranty and the TORRAS shockproof case is among the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus thin cases on the market. 

The Torras Shockproof case has gained popularity among its user base since its release. So far, people like its in-hand feel and sturdy design.

3. Ringke Onyx Case

Ringke Onyx thin case

Ringke’s Onyx case puts a greater emphasis on the design than some other options we’ve seen so far. To that end, the case comes in three gorgeous colorways including Black, Deep Purple, and Dark Green. It supposedly features military-grade protection, however, there’s no MIL-STD rating.

Be that as it may, the case ships with a sturdy TPU shell that should stand the test of time. In fact, a handful of customers swear by Ringke’s cases and can be seen singing praises for the Onyx case in the reviews too. What’s more, the case comes with a hive pattern etched on it which shouldn’t just add to a user’s grip, but will also keep it from picking up stains and fingerprint smudges. 

And, if you like using a lanyard with your phone, then you’re in luck as the Onyx case comes with two QuickCatch holes on either side. As such, you can run a small charm, a lanyard, or a hand strap through the case to stylize it that much more. Rest assured, Ringke’s Onyx case is a solid buy for Galaxy S23 Plus users. 

4. Spigen Liquid Air 

Spigen Liquid Air

If you’re looking for the best form-fitted case for the Galaxy S23 Plus, then you must give Spigen’s Liquid Air case a go. The case is available in two different hues, namely Abyss Green and Matte Black. The unit features a stunning geometric pattern towards the back that doesn’t just benefit a user’s grip but also accentuates the looks of the case tenfold.

More notably, the case features the company’s Air Cushion technology that should keep your phone scuff-free on the off chance you accidentally drop it. The unit also comes with raised bezels that protect the screen as well as the camera module from picking up dings. That’s not all, as the case envelopes the smartphone’s buttons too, and layers them with textured, rubberized toggles that are easy to press.

Lastly, you should know that the Spigen Liquid Air case allows you to wirelessly charge your Galaxy S23 Plus smartphone. In fact, you can even use the company’s PowerShare feature to top up a pair of earbuds by placing them on the phone’s back with the case installed. 

5. Caseology Parallax Case

A little-known fact about Caseology – the company is an official partner with Samsung. Understandably, the company’s cases will fit your Galaxy S23 Plus seamlessly. Further, the company brings its own spin to the case biz with unique and robust designs. Take the Parallax case, for instance, which combines a bunch of 3D textures in one tasteful package.

It comes with bells and whistles like raised bumper over the camera module. As such, your phone’s camera lenses stay well protected on the off chance you drop the device. What’s more, the elevated bumper doesn’t come in the way when you’re clicking photos with the phone. That’s not all, as the Parallax case has a couple more aces up its sleeves. To wit, the unit has been drop-tested 26 times without any harm to the smartphone.

Furthermore, the case doesn’t take anything away from the Galaxy S23 Plus’ wireless charging chops. It is even compliant with the smartphone’s PowerShare tech, which is great. Pool everything together, and the Caseology Parallax case is among the best thin cases for your Galaxy S23 Plus handset. 

Your Knight in Shining Armor 

These were some of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus thin cases. Given that the Galaxy S23 is an expensive proposition, you’ll want the smartphone to stand the test of time. A thin case for the Galaxy S23 Plus will safeguard the device from any unwarranted scuffs. At the same time, these cases won’t take away from the smartphone’s sleek appearance either — a win-win, if you ask us.

Last updated on 17 February, 2023

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