6 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases With Cardholders

Phone cases with cash holders are no longer thick and ugly. When you have a premium phone like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you’d want the case or cover to be equally stylish. Thankfully, there are several cases with cardholders for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

These cases let you hold a couple of your cards with ease. And at the same time, protect the phone from ugly scratch marks. 

So if you are in the market looking for quality Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases with cardholders, here are our top recommendations. But before that,

1. Vofolen for Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you do not want to spend money on a wallet case, you should check the Vofolen case. This case is a mix of TPU and PC to exude a sharp look. The highlight of this case is the sliding pocket at the back for credit cards. It gently slides to the right, thereby making it easy to access the said cards.

The Vofolen case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra can hold 2-3 cards. However, if your cards are heavily embossed, the carrying capacity might differ.

That said, this case is not one of the slimmest out there, owing to the pocket at the back. But on the upside, the uniform back helps give the phone some stability. As you may know, the thick camera module on the Galaxy S22 doesn’t sit flush with the phone causing it to wobble at times.

Aside from that, the case has a snug fit, and you will be able to access the ports and buttons seamlessly. The only limitation is that it adds a significant amount of bulk.

2. Kowauri Leather Wallet Case

The Kowauri leather case addresses one of the major limitations of the above case—Thickness. This one is slim and manages to preserve the original form factor of the phone. It’s a faux leather case, and the combination of leather and TPU gives it a stylish look. More importantly, the cardholder is thin and doesn’t add bulk to the overall design.

The open design comes with its share of pros and cons. For example, the cards are easy to take out. However, you have to be extra careful lest one of the cards slip out. For the record, the cardholder can keep 2 thin cards.

The case has a snug fit and does its bit in keeping the Galaxy S22 Ultra safe from scratches and marks. It has a slightly ribbed texture on the side which adds to the grip.

So far, the Kowauri case has received a decent number of positive reviews. People like its fit and slim nature. The only limitation is that the cardholder appears to be a little tight initially. Thankfully, the material eases after a few weeks.

3. LakiBeibi Wallet Case with Cardholder

The LakiBeibi wallet case comes with a slightly different look. Instead of a pull-out wallet or a built-in pocket, this leather case has a flip wallet at the back. Yep, no kidding! It comes with a foldable flip wallet that can house cards and cash. Furthermore, the magnetic button at the bottom locks the wallet into place.

Unlike the Vofolen case, this wallet doesn’t sit flush with the rest of the case. That means you will have a slight wobble when you keep your phone on flat surfaces like tables and desks. Moreover, the thickness of the wallet means you will have to give up on wireless charging.

That said, this Galaxy S22 case with a cardholder is stylish, thanks to the sleek design and the double-edged stitches at the back. If you carry quite a few cards and want an all-in-one solution, the LakiBeini wallet case is a clever pick.

4. Spigen Slim Armor CS

The Spigen Slim Armor CS has a closed cardholder. It gives you the sense of security that your credit cards won’t slip out. Secondly, the lightly textured case aids in a better grip.

More importantly, it has a solid construction. The addition of air cushions at the corners absorbs the brunt of falls and drops, while the raised lips on the edges prevent the screen from getting scratched.

This Spigen case holds up to 2 cards. Here, you simply need to slide the cover to take out the cards, just like the Vofolen case. The only difference is that this case is slim and lets you charge the phone wirelessly.

The Slim Armor CS for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is popular on Amazon and has received several positive reviews. People love it for its durability and slim design.

5. VRS Design Damda Glide Pro

The Damda Glide Pro is a little expensive compared to the cases above. However, if you want an armored case with a cardholder for your Galaxy S22 Ultra, it’s worth a peek. It comes with all-around protection for screen and the camera. The best part is that the cardholder can easily hold 3-4 cards at a time.

However, this case adds significant heft to your phone. But on the upside, you get features like raised lips, anti-slip pads on the back, and textured edges for a proper grip.

Finally, it fits the Galaxy S22 Ultra like a glove, and several users have backed this claim as part of their reviews. The cardholder is easy to open/close, and the rugged case does its duty of keeping your phone safe.

6. Mous Black Leather Phone Case

The Mous leather case is one of the most expensive phone cases on this list, not just for its looks but also for additional features. It includes the in-home AiroShock tech to absorb the impact of falls and drops. And well, the shock absorption tech works as advertised and prevents major damage. Apart from that, it has all the essential features like raised lips, a durable design, and a slim look.

Mous cases are known for their magnetic backs, and this one is no different. The Mous card wallet attaches to the back of the case via the built-in magnets. It’s slim, and like the phone case, it’s made of genuine leather.

The only catch is that the cardholder is a separate buy, which adds to the cost. Nevertheless, if you want a fully functional phone case that adds to the premium quotient of your smartphone, the Muos leather case is a good pick.

Alternatively, you can check out the Otterbox Strada.

Stack the Cards

Phone cases with cardholders give you the flexibility of just grabbing your phone on the go. And the availability of features like  Samsung Pay adds to the experience. 

So which of these wallets will you buy?

Last updated on 08 March, 2022

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