7 Best Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Cases and Covers That You Can Buy

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro truly wireless earphones bring several significant features to the table, such as Active Noise Control and 360 Audio. The best part is that the buds and the case look incredibly beautiful. If you want the case to stay in pristine condition, the odds are that you will have to put on a cover at some point, if not sooner. After all, you wouldn’t want to see tiny scratches on top of the cover. Besides lending a different look, protective cases also help to shield the earphones or the charging cases when dropped.

Top Best Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Cases and Covers That You Can Buy

The best part is that the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Buds Live look identical, both in shape and size. This means cases designed for the Buds Live would fit the Buds Pro just as well.

So, here are some of our recommendations for the best protective cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. But before that,

1. Spigen Urban Fit Case

The Spigen Urban Fit comes with a promise to uplift the look of your Galaxy Buds Pro earphones. This neat little case has a knit fabric cover that enhances the case’s looks by several folds. The soft fabric is further accompanied by two bold lines at the top, which breaks the case’s monotony. It’s a well-designed case and fits the charging case beautifully.

Simultaneously, it walks the fine line between thin and thick cases, thereby making it easy to carry. It also supports wireless charging (see best desk lamps with wireless charging).

Speaking of charging, the Urban Fit case bundles a neat slit along the back which facilitates easy charging.

However, it’s not all hale and hearty for fabric cases since they are prone to dust and dirt. If you do not take care of them well enough, they tend to lose their sheen pretty early. Nevertheless, if you want your Buds Pro earphones to stand out (and not mind paying a premium for a cover), the Urban Fit makes for a good buy.

It’s available in two colors—Bronze and Black.

2. ilmobile Leather Case

It’s safe to say that leather adds a certain degree of elegance to things, be it a humble phone case or a laptop bag. If you want to add a dab of elegance to your Buds Pro, say Hi to the ilmobile Leather Case. It has a unique design since it’s designed like a pouch to keep the charging case (and the buds) away from harm’s way. And hey, there’s a neat metal keychain as well, should you want to clip to your bag.

The primary advantage over snap-on cases is that the closed design keeps the cover from accidentally opening, thereby preventing the earbuds from getting lost. Simultaneously, the fit is snug and secure, and several reviewers have backed this as part of their reviews on Amazon.

Aside from that, this leather cover is thin enough to facilitate wireless charging. Lastly, many users have praised the material, and over time, it develops a unique look that is synonymous with most leather cases.

3. Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor brings double protection to your earphones’ case. Not only does the ruggedness of the product helps to protect the contents from drops and scratches, but the matte cover also ensures that you can grip the cover easily. Like most charging cases’ covers, the Rugged armor also packs a carabiner.

This is a snap-on case and comes in two pieces. The fit is on-point, and the Buds Pro’s charging case easily slips onto the cover. And several users have backed this claim.

Like its phone cases, Spigen also bundles air-cushions at the corners to help bear the brunt of falls and drops.

Do note that these features will comes at a price, and in this case, it’s the heft. Though it’s not too thick, the Rugged Armor case adds a little bulk to the case.

4. elago GB5 Case

The elago GB5 Case is likely to take you on a nostalgia trip. This silicon case is shaped like a mini Game Boy gaming console and it looks adorable. It ensures a snug fit. While it does add a little heft, it also adds to the safety of the device. Like most of its counterparts, there’s a metal keychain that you can attach to belt loops or loop it around your finger.

And there’s more. The rear of the case has a light texture which helps you grip the case better.

The light gray of the protective case sits well with the Phantom Violet of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, which is a huge plus. Do note that it’s a simple snap-on case and it prevents the charging case from opening when dropped.

The elago GB5 case doesn’t have a cutout for the charging indicator, although some users have claimed the material lets the light pass through.

5. Ringke Hinge Case

The Ringke Hinge Case is a clear silicon case and lets the original color of the earphones shine in all its glory. However, it’s not just another run-of-the-mill clear case. In fact, the hinges at the back give the case a rather unusual look. Unlike some silicon cases, here you do not have to depend on sticky adhesive strips to keep it in position. It fits tight like a glove and wraps beautifully around the charging case.

The hinge offers another advantage since you won’t have to worry about losing or missing a part. Simultaneously, the area around the hinge has been designed to be completely clear, thereby letting you access the charging port without any issues.

So far, it has received some impressive user reviews, with many users liking it for its sturdy nature and the quality of the material used.

6. Witzon Hard Case

If you are looking for an affordable hard case, you can check out the Witzon Hard Case. It’s a sturdy and lightweight case that duly wraps around the Buds Pro case to give it a snug fit. The hard shell protects the contents from external damage and also gives the earphones case a solid look. In short, it brings the looks of the Spigen armor case in a much affordable price range.

Quite a few users have praised this case for its durability and fit. At the same time, it does its job as advertised and protects the case from external damage. Out of the 80+ ratings, it has managed to do fairly well with people appreciating its sturdiness and durability, as noted earlier.

There’s ample space at the back to fit in the USB-C charging cable, and even if the cable has a large head, the Witzon Hard Case will be able to accommodate that.

7. Alquar Shockproof Silicone Protective Cover

Are you a fan of the Black Panther? If yes (see the best Black Panther wallpapers), you can’t go wrong with the Alquar silicone case. This one is a low-profile case that doesn’t add much weight to the charging case’s overall profile. Of course, the shape gets a tad changed, but that’s the trade-off you will have to make for a slightly oblong case.

It attaches via adhesives and stays anchored. It provides its share of drop protection as well, thanks to the odd shape.

Reviews for this product have been decent so far, with people commending it for its looks and durability.

Wrap It Up

It goes without a doubt that the Galaxy Buds Pro earphones are packed in a beautiful charging case, and as it happens, it does the job quite well in safeguarding the buds from surface damage. However, if you are constantly on the move and take your earphones with you virtually everywhere, a protective cover is exactly what you need to keep them out of harm’s way.

Besides the case, the metal carabiners and hooks fill the gap by letting you loop them with your car keys or backpacks.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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