6 Best Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Cases and Covers

Namrata Gogoi

If you have recently bought the Samsung Galaxy A8+, odds are that you'd want to protect your new investment at all cost. The thing with smartphones is that even a moment of carelessness mistake can cost you badly and that's the reason it's wise to invest in a quality phone case.


Sure, most phone covers don't provide a 100% guarantee against screen cracks. However, if you ask me, that's a better chance than having zero protection.

Being the owner of the Galaxy A8+, you must have noticed that the phone is heavy and thick. So, it's only natural that you wouldn't want to add more weight to it by buying a bulky case. 

Here, we have listed out some of the strong yet light cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy A8+. Take a look!

1. TheGiftKart Ultra Slim Matte Case


The first case on our list is the TheGiftKart Ultra Slim Matte Case. As the name suggests, it's thin and doesn't weigh much. It comes with an anti-scratch coating and its raised bumpers keep the screen protected.

It's available in three different colors — Wine Red, Metallic Blue, and Jet Black.

2. Bounceback Anti Slip Transparent Cover


With an overall weight of only 68grams, the Bounceback Anti Slip Transparent Cover is the perfect shot. The case isn't fully transparent though. The edges, that are susceptible to dings more often are covered with a TPU bumper. 

The Bounceback Anti Slip Transparent Cover is available in three different colors — Charcoal Black,  Matte Blue, and Mystery Red.

3. BlueArmor Shockproof Back Case


If you are looking for a case with a textured back, your search ends with the BlueArmor Shockproof Back Case. This case sports anti-shock corners and web-patterns to provide 360°protection.

The BlueArmor Shockproof Back Case is available in two colors — Jet Black and Metallic Blue. 

4. 4 Season Leather Flip Cover


If you ask me, leather cases truly enhance the look of any smartphone and the 4 Season Leather Flip Cover is one such case. Along with the plastic hard back cover and a raised bumper, it'll give an all-round protection to your A8+.

Typical of any wallet case, it too comes with slots to keep your cards and cash.

5. Tarkan Royal Flexible Back Cover


The Tarkan Royal Flexible Back Cover is built to lift the look of your Samsung Galaxy A8+. It's a silicon case and weighs around 31.8 grams. Furthermore, its raised lips ensure that the screen remains safe from scratches.

6. Zynk Case Back Cover


Zynk Case covers are usually strong and last a long time. Unlike its armor cases, the Zynk Case Back Cover for the Galaxy A8+ is slim, yet it's fully capable to take on the elements of nature.

This case fits snugly to your phone. What's more? The perfect-cutouts ensure that nothing gets between you and your phone.

That's All, Folks!

So, these were some of the stylish and lightweight cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy A8+. At times, covering a phone with an extra layer of material may seem absurd. 

But with smartphones becoming expensive with each new iteration, getting a phone case is the only logical solution. After all, it doesn't take long for gravity to do its job when you are careless, right?

Which one of these covers will you get? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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